Michael Phelps On Way to Pro Series in Orlando; Katie Ledecky, Missy Franklin, Too

Michael Phelps, by Peter Bick

Michael Phelps is expected to be in attendance at next week’s USA Swimming Pro Series in Orlando, along with female aces Katie Ledecky and Missy Franklin.

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Michael Phelps is expected to be in attendance at next week’s USA Swimming Pro Series in Orlando, along with female aces Katie Ledecky and Missy Franklin.



Ledecky said in Austin that she would not compete in Orlando but will swim in Mesa in April. Have her plans changed?
I’m very interested with what is going on at women 100 freestyle. Will we see Manual competed against Weitzeil and Franklin?
How certain you are about Schmitt’s participation. Her skipping Austin makes me worry if she is OK. I do want to see the world record at W4x200 to be broken.


Craig, who else are swimming? The whole Brazilian olympic team + Cielo will go there, there is a chance we might see any more international olympians?

Craig Lord

Not sure, Rafael. John will be watching out for the psyche sheets – nothing yet … I think it a touch too close to trials season for most Europeans, including some out that way training now but soon to return home but you never know…


I hope Daniel Tranter, who is training with Mr. Bowman, will complete in the medley races. As I recall, he’s also quite competent in the 200m butterfly as well as in breaststroke.


Whether Tranter’s link-up with the Bowman stable will bear any fruit remains to be seen. If he is to make the AUS Olympic team it will be via the IM route, particularly the 200 where he has a PB approximately 1sec inside the AUS QT. You can forget the 200fly; he isn’t even in the top10 AUS alltime and is at least 2-3sec outside the QT.

If he is going to compete in Orlando, it will probably be his farewell to US with AUS Trials later that month.


Psych sheet doesn’t have Franklin at any events.


Franklin is also scheduled to swim at a meet in Florida, march 10-13. Maybe she decided to just focus on that one.


It looks like this step of Arena pro series will be less intense than the previous one in Austin. Nevertheless for swimmers who’s progress is expected it will be interesting to check where they are at the moment: Dressel, Manuel, Schmitt, Ruck …
No more long distances for Ledecky – freestyle sprint and IM. She probably won’t go again under 1:55 at 200 racing against Schmitt, but 100 can happen to be the race of ambitions: Manuel, Herasimenya, Coughlin and Ledecky who has the best season time by far among Americans. So the American “who is who” list in sprint is under review now. In January it was race with Franklin, Weitzeil and surprisingly Ledecky. Now it is Manuel, Coughlin and Ledecky again. Herasimenya* may add some intrigue as Sjostrom did pushing Weitzeil for personal best in Austin.

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