Meilutyte Lives Her Next Dream With A 1:04.35 WR

Sheer delight: Ruta Meilutyte reacts to her WR swim [Photo: Aniko Kovacs]

Another shiny suit standard has fallen: Olympic champion Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) cracked the 100m breaststroke mark with a 1:04.35 blast, off a 29.97 split, to book lane 4 for the final of the world title fight in Barcelona tomorrow evening

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Another shiny suit standard has fallen: Olympic champion Ruta Meilutyte (LTU) cracked the 100m breaststroke mark with a 1:04.35 blast, off a 29.97 split, to book lane 4 for the final of the world title fight in Barcelona tomorrow evening


Lennart van Haaften

It will be very interesting to see what she can do in other events the coming years. The 200IM is be very promising if it’s not too long.


The powers that be ought to be breaking her arm to swim for GB. She’s make a fortune from her success as a brit – look at Becky A!
Any chance of that you think Craig? Would transform the Medley Relay outlook too.


200 IM is too long for Ruta.

Remember, Ruta is a sprinter and is still swimming 50/100 free.

Craig Lord

No, alas for Britain, I think not… Lithuania have been very good to her and Jon Rudd – there’s good support there – the home connection is strong


Yep, Graig is right. Meilutyte represents Lithuania proudly. Just check what kind of parties started in Lithuania after her Olympic victory (youtube of course). Just see her standing in front of some presidental palace and having a huge parties arranged just for her (youtube of course). I also remember she has said it before that she represents Lithuania and will continue doing so. Okay, of course I don’t forget her excellent coach.

I can’t see British people supporting her in a such way.

And Lithuanian television broadcasts swimming these days. Ruta is doing good for swimming in Lithuania. Over 90 000 likers in facebook. Of course some are from abroad but majority of them seem to come from Lithuania. That’s quite a bunch of people if we remember there are a bit under 3 million inhabitants in Lithuania.

Ruta has achieved almost everything after these Worlds provided the fact that she wins in the evening. I hope she doesn’t lose her motivation. Trying new events may offer some help to keep the motivation up.


She is our “golden fish” and all lithuanians are really really proud of her. Only few years ago all we could think about was basketball, but then Ruta comes along and changes everything. We do acknowledge the importance of her coach and the fact she has a much better training facilities in UK (which she would never have in lithuania), but the fact that to all questions if she would swim for UK, she answers no, and that she is proud to represent Lithuania, makes us love her even more.. there was a joke going around, when she first won gold Olympic medal: “my son was born, i will name him Ruta”.. i think it explains all the craziness lithuanians have for this girl… we simply adore her…

Craig Lord

Quite right too 🙂


Excellent article. However, the summary of progress is wrong: she actually did a 1.09 long course in the summer of 2010 at 13.

I agree with aswimfan. She could be a good 200IM swimmer, but what makes her special is raw, explosive speed. The start to that WR swim is very interesting. A lot has been made about the speed of her reaction, but if you watch closely, what gets me is that when they are called to their marks she stays much more upright than the others; instead of having to push back and inward to create that potential for a spring forward, she is able to keep her weight forward and yet somehow just explode off the blocks. Like all the greats she’s got something a bit different and a bit special.


What a warrior she is.

She might not be filing nationality papers any time soon, but GB swimmers can probably learn a thing or two from her approach that’s for sure. A certain Aussie male sprinter with a similar level of talent and speed should also take note.

Craig Lord

Yes: 14 was an estimate… i made it specific: “in summer of 2010, still 13, had cracked that mark, on 1:09.95 at British age group nationals”. Thanks


Feliztzu highlighted the right thing. The most impressive thing of Ruta’s start is not her reaction but her ability to launch herself from the blocks like a rocket. She makes others look weak. You can almost hear the force.


Ruta has earned $25,000 for breaking the WR. Am I right in thinking that if she breaks it again this evening, she’ll bag another $25K? Great article!

Craig Lord

Yes, each record … but will check if there is a cap on the amount…

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