Measure of Redemption For Tom Shields in 100 Fly at Moscow World Cup Stop

Tom Shields of the United States by Patrick B. Kraemer

Tom Shields paced a strong day for the United States by winning the 100 butterfly ahead of South African Chad Le Clos.

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Tom Shields paced a strong day for the United States by winning the 100 butterfly ahead of South African Chad Le Clos.



Event videos here:


Aren’t the world cups normally swum SC? When did they change to LC racing for the World Cup?


Verram, it has changed to LC for this year supposedly to improve the exposure of the series (which might be another way of saying they want to attract stronger fields). The World Cup meets also act as qualifying events for the Olympics. Whether it will continue in this format after 2016 is another question.


Sedov is a guy to watch.He is coming of a back injury, and already 21.84.It looks like Dressel will have some company in near future.


Thanks for the heads up Ger.. I much prefer LC…it gives a better gauge as to who he is proceeding well towards the Olympics


I must say, I am slightly disappointed that the World Cups are not short course.

The reason for that is because all the swimmers who have just come from Kazan, will still have some good form, and going from a LC meet into a SC meet is a great mental boost.

We may have seen some phenomenal performances, ie: Chad WR in 100 fly, Katinka WR 200 medley (and a few more I am sure)

I do agree that this LC format will be good for the sport, sponsors, attracting more top level athletes, and ultimately a good racing platform for next year.

If Hosszu had to swim SC now, I would have to say she would break WR on 100 back (given her form in Kazan) 200 medley and probably 100 IM as well…

I also couldnt help but laugh when i heard CLC say “S**t” after that 100 free. Clearly he didnt expect that. Judging from his swims in the 100 fly, he has already gone back into work mode..


DDias – I agree with you Sedov is a superb swimmer, definitely one to watch over the next few months.


Dressel already has some company.

Chalmers who is 2 years younger than Dressel already split 47 twice.


If only Australia can have Magnussen back again, we could have 3 guys potentially go 47s by Rio next year… And drop D’Orsogna for Abood instead



I agree with you. I am in the camp of those who support that Moscow and Paris World cup should be in SCM.

As the rest of the WC series, have them in LCM.

I remember the Word cup series that were held after Barcelona, they were in SCM, many top swimmers participated and broke ridiculous number of WRs.

I really don’t see the point of having Moscow and Paris in LCM. Top swimmers are already tired and they have swum in LCM already. Saying it will increase the number of olympics qualifying events is silly. ALL the top swimmers have just swum their best LCM of they year just last week.


I agree with having these stops in SC. I can’t quite see the point of having another LC meet straight after Worlds. Are the top guys there just to get some cash? At least SC would be a bit of fun to watch too. Surely these World Cup events aren’t very popular? (Meaning, I’m emotionally exhausted after watching Worlds and don’t have the interest in this meet :))


Think we’re getting a wee bit ahead of ourselves re Chalmers. Relay splitting 47 – yes; 47 off blocks – lets just see how he fronts up for the next AUS season. These 47high relays splits, creditable as they are, equate to 48mid which is what he did at Trials ; still quite a jump to break 48 !

Magnussen returning to full fitness AND anywhere near his previous level is still very much an uncertainty. With him plus McEvoy, Abood & Chalmers; they have a competitive relay albeit with no back-up

Without Magnussen; Rio qualification becomes marginal if not problematic. The Kazan heats debacle cost them automatic qualification & how they need to post a time before early July (cut-off for qualification) & hope its in the 4 fastest nations not already qualified.


Chalmer was 48.69 (RT 0.66) in Aoril.

Last week he was 47.86 (RT. 0.21) which translates to 48.31 using the same RT of 0.66.

It is quite an improvement in only few months. Also, don’t forget he was faster in his second swim than his first one. If only Australian coaches had swum him in mixed free relay…

Don’t forget he is only a couple of months into his 17 yo, still have tons of time to make further improvement..


We’ll just have to wait & see. If this is his final year of school, then that may be helpful for his preparation. If not, its a case of whether he defers or how he balances the dual demands.

We cannot take it for certain that he will progress or at what rate ….. or what may happen. There have been plenty of swimmers who had brilliant debuts in international competition …… and then were never heard of again. Early meets next year may give us a clue either way.


Commonwobat, you are a glass half empty sort of guy. While I can’t disagree with what you say. I can understand the other posters being excited about a 17 year old swimming a 47 relay swim, with the potential to go faster.
Plus yes, Magnussen may not get back to where he was, but then again he may be even better as now free of injury, yes uncertainty, but I prefer the latter.
Then again I’m a half full type of guy. With Magnussen, McEvoy, Chalmers & Abood, I’m hopeful that some of the young uns, Graham, Percy or Jones can also step up to give them some depth.


Robbos, what I am is someone who looks at things dispassionately & without the rose coloured glasses of “fandom”.

Many of us have given stick to Americans on other sites for their building up Simone Manuel (and her prospects) into something she’ll most probably never be …… but aren’t we possibly in danger of doing the very same thing with Chalmers ? Granted, I think he may actually be slightly further progressed than her but the point is still valid.


Aswimfan, when you translate relay start you have to consider not only difference in reaction time that allows swimmer to leave block earlier , but a presence of momentum as well. The jump in relay case is stronger.


One can easily notice that a swimmer uses completely different technique to start intermediate relay legs than when he does it in solo race. He gets an advantage of about one quarter of a body length that transforms depending on style to the 0.15-0.25 sec. So it is very possible that Chalmer didn’t show improvement at all.

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