Meagan Nay, Aussie Queen Of Delhi 200 Back, Waves Farewell To Her Racing Days

Meagan Nay by Patrick B. Kraemer

Meagen Nay, the Australian backstroke ace in a nation blessed with a generation of specialist speedsters, has announced her retirement from elite swimming

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Meagen Nay, the Australian backstroke ace in a nation blessed with a generation of specialist speedsters, has announced her retirement from elite swimming



I don’t know Meagen personally but I wish the absolute best in life, I don’t even want to know what it would be like to have suffered what she has. I do know Michael Bohl and what he has done for her and its far more than being a coach which is what alot of coaches are for their swimmers. I remember a few years ago my squad were sulking about a certain set and I read Meagens life story to them. That ended the sulking very promptly.

paolo rubbiani

A moving story, indeed…
I also wish the absolute best in life for a great swimmer and person.


Meagan has certainly had a number of obstacles land in her path, both in her swimming career & in life in general. The manner in which she has handled them & the success which she has attained speak eloquently of her character.

Best wishes for whatever path she may choose in her future.


Meagan will always be a part of the Aussie backstroke resurgence in the 200m especially.. she’s right there contending with Hocking and also Joanna Fargus (anyone remember her??) back in the day when going sub 2:10s for Australian ladies was tremendous achievement already.


AUS women’s backstroke was caught in somewhat of a “rut” for about a decade post Nicole Livingstone’s retirement in 1996. No one broke her 100 mark until Rooney in Athens then followed on by Edington.

The rut was even more pronounced in the 200 with the 200 mark standing until Jo Fargus (a dual Aus/Brit who changed back) broke it in Melbourne in 2006. Fargus was in turn superseded at 2008 Trials by both Hocking & Nay who smashed through the 2.10 barrier taking the AUS record down to 2.08

Lee Clark

Well done Megs, Fantastic career, now for the future,. Ive known Megan and her family her entire life. Robbie was actually my coach and lived in my parents home when they relocated from the south coast to the gold coast. He was inspirational in my brother and my swimming, surf life saving and surfing, Megs brother Amos was a close mate and a bit of a larrikin. I’ve seen their family go through hell and back. Megs you are an inspiration to many, I’ll miss sitting up to all hours to see you swim but in saying that> Congrats on your awesome achievements and the well adjusted and beautiful person you grew into, all the very best to you in the future, whatever you choose to do I’m sure you will be successful. Robbie, Mossy, n Pop I know are proud of you, as we all are… Good luck Kiddo. x

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