Matthew Stanley Makes Kiwi Cut For Rio 2016 With 1:47 In 200 Freestyle Heats

New Zealand's Matthew Stanley [Photo: Ian MacNicol]

Matthew Stanley booked his ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with a 1:47.68 in the heats of the 200m freestyle on day 2 two of the 2016 New Zealand Open Swimming Championships.

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Matthew Stanley booked his ticket to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games with a 1:47.68 in the heats of the 200m freestyle on day 2 two of the 2016 New Zealand Open Swimming Championships.



Will the KIWI’S take a men’s 4/200 relay.


If the American based swimmers step up, not with that junk from tonight


They did not enter one at last years Worlds & therefore haven’t automatically qualified one. In fact NZL has not auto-qualified any relays having not entered only entered a M4XMED in Kazan (16th in QF).

NZL Olympic Fed tends to set fairly firm guidelines to the relevant sports so unless there is clear evidence that any relay team CAN qualify & be competitive; they won’t send one.


Well I wasn’t going to chip in, but the 200Fr in both Mens and Womens was REALLY average. Where do I start?

Firstly, the W200Fr was embarrassing. No one under 60 secs – seriously? With Lauren Boyle deciding not to swim the 200Fr (very wise decision) they needed to get at least two under the ‘A’ time (1:58.96) to consider a relay. No doubt they will try and fudge it (selectors’ discretion!!) because in order to make an application for the remaining 4 relay places up for grabs in Rio, they have to better the 12th placed time last year in Kazan which was an 8:01.48 – not particularly fast at all considering a deduction of 2.4 secs for relay takeovers. It is my understanding (and I may be wrong here) that they have to form a relay team at trials this week with the 4 fastest swimmers and swim the time as a team. The 4×200 is on the last day, Friday. But it still doesn’t get around the fact that they have no ‘A’ qualified swimmers, unless they talk Lauren into swimming an opening leg in the relay, and fudge the requirement that they MUST have two ‘A’ qualified individuals.

And THEN if they still don’t make the criteria, there is a provision to send a potential relay team to either the Fran Crippen Meet at the end of April or the Arena Pro meet in Charlotte in May, to try and qualify.

The M4x200 is possibly different in that Matt Stanley has made the ‘A’ cut. Again, they may form a relay team to swim on the last day and have Ewan Jackson swim the opening leg to give him another chance of making the ‘A’ time of 1:47.97 – a big ask for him.

But, SNZ have designated two primary qualifying events to accommodate NCAA swimmers – this week’s NZ Opens and next week’s Canadian Champs. So for example, both Corey Main and Matthew Hutchins are due to compete there. Hutchins is entered to do the 200, 400, and 1500 next week, although again a big ask for him to do the ‘A’ time in the 200 as he is better at 400. So again, they may decide to fudge it with only one ‘A’ qualifier and the others bettering the composite time of 7:13.72 which was the 12th time last year at Worlds. And they will also need to do that time in an actual relay event if they don’t do it at the primary qualifying event of NZ Opens.

Its all a bit embarrassing when so far there are more paralympic swimmers qualified for Rio than able-bodied at the moment.

Still, three more days of watching the SNZ machine spinning for all its worth and heaping more burden on poor Lauren’s shoulders.


*errata 3rd line

” … No one under 2 min …”

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