Matt Grevers Offers 100 Back (53.48) Retort; Missy Franklin Caps Backstroke Sweep

Matt Grevers, USA, by Peter Bick

Matt Grevers will be in a dogfight in the 100 backstroke at the Olympic Trials, and his 53.48 tuneup suggests he’ll be ready.

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Matt Grevers will be in a dogfight in the 100 backstroke at the Olympic Trials, and his 53.48 tuneup suggests he’ll be ready.



My current picks for 100 back qualifiers are Murphy and Plummer.
If that happens, Grevers wil duke it out with Pebbley for second 200 back spot behind Murphy.


Misty is still not filling me with confidence!!!! Maybe in 3 weeks I will be proved wrong!!!!


I am still confident that Missy can swim 2:05high in 200 back annd 1:55mid in 200 free.

Even if she swim only 2:06 mid, she’ll qualify. But 200 free is problematic. Not only Allison Schmitt is getting stronger, she has another new equally competitor in Leah Smith. Good for 4×200, not good for her individual chances.

100 free is very hard to read right now. There are the sprint specialists Manuel and Weitzeil swimming at 53 mid to high, but there is another new addition to the mix, Vollmer whom I believe is making serious intention that she wants that additional individual 100 free berth, not just relay alternate. And then there’s Ledecky. I think the top 2 will come from these 5 swimmers. I think the sprint specialists will prevail, but let’s wait and see.

Eugene Chc

At 100 free almost all american women has problem with stroke.


Save a big surprise, USA 4×100 will have a tough battle even for silver with Netherlands.
I still have a fear with Ledecky swimming 100free.Yes, she can blast a great time, but I always wonder how far she get from her normal “distance swimmer training schedule” to practice 100free.Not only with swimming, but with dry land too.

kevin roose

It wont matter who makes the team for America in womens sprinting the Campbell sisters will blow them off the park 50/100 free and 4 x 100 free relay ……


@DDias: it indeed can be a battle for the silver medal at W4x100 free. By far Americans are leading on paper just by one second only. I think that Dutch sprinters were not tapered yet as well, so the comparison is more or less fair. The only difference is that Americans have ten swimmers to select from for six tickets and Dutch have only four. Heemskerk and Franklin are huge question mark. Both of them are slower their bests by about one second this season and who of them will improve that much is hard to predict. Ledecky was under 54 just once and the only reason to include her into equation is because she is Ledecky. If she is not targeting the #1 in order to be the part of medley relay then there would be no need for her to be specially prepared for trials and we have to wait until Rio to figure out what she is capable for at 100.

P Adl

I think Natalie’s run might be coming to an end…Smoliga looks like she is going to get the backstroke spot and Vollmer will make a run for the 4×100 relay spot…wonder how her career will end.

Cal SwimFan

It ain’t over ’til it’s over. The great ones step up when they know the pressure is on. Regardless of how things go in Indy – she’s had an amazing career.

Craig Lord

Quite so, Cal SwimFan


I think US girls will have to step up their game a bit to be in a ‘safe’ position for bronze.NED made 3.33.8 with their girls not tapered(probably rested). I can see both teams fighting in a 3.31 range, but expecting for all the slots doing well.
My fear for Ledecky is the risk of injury.She is testing her limits challenging a invisible wall between sprinting and distance swimming.

Alicia Williams

Interesting comment about Ledecky’s 100 training come from Frank Busch “It’s not something she would train to be particularly good at, but it just so happens she’s got a fastball. And no one knew she had a fastball.”

Ledecky and her coach said a million times their training are base on 400m, they will go up to 800 and go down to 200.
Maybe she really didn’t train specific for 100free, yet she intends to challenge all her US sprint teammates. I guess that is the reason she only got 1 54sub this year.

BTW, a months ago, Bruce said he wish they had another six months to train Ledecky for the 100, but they don’t. The time is really ticking now, we may not see a “mature” 100free from Ledecky(whether Omaha or Rio).

Craig Lord

“no-one knew she had a fastball”? really 🙂 I bet Katie and Bruce did.


I agree with the previous comment. Despite the seaming transparency we know less about Ledecky than about Chinese swimmers. That’s why her stunning once per year performances come as a huge surprise. With her working attitude and seeing that level of confidence each time she steps up the blocks I know that whatever is coming was well rehearsed.
I think that information of using 400 as the base is the old one. The 200 is used instead. That is the major challenge of this year and 100 is the second one by importance. Unless she is in perfect mood I don’t expect her wasting energy on 800 new record. But I was thinking similar way after she broke the world record in prelim 1500 at WC last year. I was wrong. That is how unpredictable she is. Don’t pay much attention to what Gemmell says about the need of extra six months. He was cautious I would say too much cautious saying about Ledecky’s chances at 200 last year. He even called her underdog at this race, knowing for sure that she reliably can swim under 1:55.


@DDias: Actually Canar team looks better on paper now than the Dutch one. But they most likely were well rested at trials.



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