Mack Horton 14:44 Joins All-Time Top 10 (Tex) As The One Swim Beyond Biggest Occasions

Mack Horton, up from 16th to 7th on the all-time ranks - photo courtesy of Swimming Australia

From 16th all-time 1500m free ranking to 7th man ever to crack 14:45. Not at all bad at 18: Mack Horton’s lonely 14:44.09 victory made him the swiftest 18-year-old in the history of the sport; last session as Aussie nationals sees Bronte Campbell finally pip sister Cate with a 24.19 win over 50m free

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From 16th all-time 1500m free ranking to 7th man ever to crack 14:45. Not at all bad at 18: Mack Horton’s lonely 14:44.09 victory made him the swiftest 18-year-old in the history of the sport; last session as Aussie nationals sees Bronte Campbell finally pip sister Cate with a 24.19 win over 50m free



Well done Mack!

Sun’s last 100 in London was astonishing. Anyone who wants to beat him needs to be at least 2 seconds ahead of him before the last 100.


For some reason, my intuition tells me Horton is aiming for Perkins’ legendary 14.41.66

Well, he will have to be under it to medals Kazan


Great time by Mack Horton! Steady progress from him. Disconcerting performance time from Jordan Harrison. I’m very glad that Thomas Fraser Holmes made it to the team, but somewhat disappointed that the time was three seconds slower than last year. Other than Grant Hackett, did anyone else in Mr. Cotterell’s group perform according to expectations? Were his swimmers rested for this meet? Finally, I also hope that the sibling rivalry between the Campbell sisters remains productive, and does not become traumatic instead.


Very impressive swim from Horton. Will be interesting to see how he tracks internationally this year after an impressive 2014. One hopes he doesn’t get too much of “the next Hackett” hype & expectation and is just allowed to progress in his own fashion.

Harrison was well off the pace in the 400 & it was quite clearly early that he was not going to post a qualifier.

F-H looked pedestrian at Super Series but most put it down to “no need to be quick at this time of year” but it’s clear that something’s gone well amiss for this preparation. He’s no orphan in that regard.

WAS nice to see C2 “get the monkey off her back” and beat big sister. Internationally, I think she’s still a step below the medals which currently look to be Sjostrom/C1 & Halsall but another 12 months time and that gap may be closed.

A creditable 400IM from Wallace which may just see her swim it at Worlds. In any event, it will be interesting to see what progress she can make in this event. McMaster has 4.37 “nailed”; the issue is whether she/Wallace/anyone else has that extra something to drop below 4.35 which is the “business end”.

Jim Price

Thank goodness this young man looks poised to take out Sun Yang!


Lorna Tonks was very lucky to make the Worlds team.. Bad luck for Alicia Coutts though, she actually swam an a-qualifier in 100 fly but missed the team… This might be the end for her!


Agree Verram; essentially insurance for 4XMED but think it would be “desperation stakes” swimming her in that relay. Will they enter her in the individual 100BRS ? She’s the only question mark for me on the women’s side.

Hertzog may be a bit fortunate to get the trip as 4X200 extra as Horton could also be called on but Delaney is the real lucky boy as a 4×100 “spare”. Whilst he may’ve finished 6th, his time was 49.3 and he hasn’t the intl experience in this relay that gives some validation to Abood’s selection.

Italian fan

@Jim Price: Gregorio Paltrinieri, with his impressive pace (his record in the 5 km last year is a masterpiece, and tell how easily he can swim every 100 under 60″) is another name to count for.
1500sl could be a fantastic race in Kazan and Rio, with 4 superstars (Paltrinieri, Horton, Sun and Cochrane) and other great athletes who are rapidly improving (Jaeger, of course, but keep an eye on young british swimmers too).
My bet is that Paltrinieri and Horton are the favourites for the gold because their trend is clearly increasing.
And Paltrinieri could gain, particularly between 900 and 1400 m, enough advantage to vanish the better closing speed of Horton.

Craig Lord

Yes, Italian fan: MH, GP the obvious cresters on the next wave… big year ahead


To clarify , Yang was actually 17 when he swam that 14:46.84 at the 2009 World Championships , and his top 18 year old time is from the 2010 Asian Games where he went 14:35.43. his birthday is in December which could explain the confusion over his age. Craig , please note this….

Craig Lord

Crannman, happy to acknowledge the subtlety: Mack Horton the fastest youngest by 3 days 🙂

Viva la Bang

Tonks will be a medley heat swimmer, Taylor McKeown is doing the 100m , 200m breast.

Viva la Bang

Horton will need to improve by about 7secs to medal in Kazan, This will be difficult because he is swimming the 400/800/1500m.


Could Bronte Campbell finally say she has got the monkey (or Cate) off her back with her first national title overnite in the 50m free.


Viva la Bang. Who are currently ranked above Horton in 1500m? Can not find current world title holders anywhere.


New to SV. How do I find previous posts other than return to article?


Craig. You must be the stats guro on swimming. No need to go at any other site, even FINA. Thanks a bunch.


I am curious though to know the list of current world champions. Not on this site?

Craig Lord

CT: where o catch ip on what happened in 2013:


I’m not sure if it’s right, but on the swimming australia records page, grant hacketts record at 14:48 is listed, however on the all time top 10 rankings, the 18 year old record listed is Kieran Perkins 14:43:48?

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