M50 Free: Frenchman Florent Manaudou Adds World Title to Olympic Crown

Florent Manaudou- by Patrick B. Kraemer

France’s Florent Manaudou complemented his Olympic title in the 50 freestyle with a world crown, going 21.19 for a textile best.

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France’s Florent Manaudou complemented his Olympic title in the 50 freestyle with a world crown, going 21.19 for a textile best.



Amazing last lap from seebohm to beat Franklin and hosszu! Larkin and seebohm got the double!!!


That was indeed a very smart swim by Seebohm. She knows she has the speed, it’s about managing how much energy she has by 150 to scorch it the last 50.


I don’t even know what’s happened to australian backstroke in the last 12 months but Larkin and seebohm have been sooooo dominant!


Seebohm is finally delivering her potential which was clear for everyone to see as a 14 yo in 2007 Melbourne



This dominant by Florent is obscene. That start in a 50 free is killing everyone.
And then his huge frame just plough plough plough like a turbo bulldozer.

jean Bodon

Thank you Aswimfan for the EuroSport connection. However, I missed the race!


Great swim From Le clos! Message sent to phelps after his great 200m yesterday


Seebohm has been top bracket for the hundred since Beijing. The self belief and greater maturity only the past 18mths.

Larkin – maybe a case of the boy growing into a man & greater strength.


Le Clos !! Great swims by Cseh & Schooling too


Le Clos swam like man possessed.

But he was still looking to his right over to Schooling, and then over to his left towards Cseh and Shields.

50.56 with that loong finish is just tremendous.

As i kept saying, this guy has too much talent to waste it in the 51/1:53/54

Now it seems losing to Cseh and Phelps’ 1:52 is foing the trick. I am still pegging Le Clos to win 200 fly in Rio.


Texas-trained Schooling denied Cal-trained Shield medal, mimicking NCAA result this year.


Schooling won Singapore’s first LCM world championship or Olympics medal ever. I can only imagine the craziness reports by singapore media tomorrow


What was that start by Manaudou?!He was near a stroke ahead at 25meters.I wish FINA released the race stats.I would bet Florent made a 4.9s in the first 15 meters.


Caaleb Dressel took down two sprint freestyle heavyweights in tonight’s 50-meter free final at USA Nationals. Dressel held on to his top seed by zooming to a 21.53 National Championship finish ahead of Cullen Jones and Josh Schneider. Dressel’s time puts him third in the world this year.

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