M4x200m Freestyle: Guy, Wallace, Jarvis & Renwick Put The Great Back Into Britain

Great Britain's Golden Boys (l-r) Calum Jarvis, Dan Wallace, Robbie, renwick and James Guy - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Just when you though it could get no better for the national shoal at the World Championships in Kazan after 4 golds among 7 medals, the men’s 4x200m freestyle quartet of Dan Wallacem Robbie Renwick, Calum Jarvis and James Guy put the Great back into Britain in the pool with a stunning victory over the United States and Australia, Russia locked out.

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Just when you though it could get no better for the national shoal at the World Championships in Kazan after 4 golds among 7 medals, the men’s 4x200m freestyle quartet of Dan Wallacem Robbie Renwick, Calum Jarvis and James Guy put the Great back into Britain in the pool with a stunning victory over the United States and Australia, Russia locked out.


Mike Ball

Who’d a thunk?!

What a swim – what a meet! – for the Brits and full marks and credit to them!

This has to be the most successful international meet for the UK ever. Maybe they can someplace afterwards and get a tan! 😉


The best team on the night won. This looked a non-vintage USA squad and if ever they were to be knocked over; this was the time, the place and the opportunity.

GBR had the swimmers on form at this meet and they put it together. As for Rio, no one can kid themselves that this loss will not “sting” the Americans and they’ should be a much stronger team. On the other hand, this GBR line-up isn’t likely to “go away” and will be a major factor.

AUS were distinctly “flattered” by their bronze. We can expect a number of teams who disappointed here to have their acts far more together for Rio and AUS will need a distinct injection of quality to be competitive.

Mike Ball

Best UK meet, worst US meet I’ve seen…

The gap between the US and the ROW (Rest Of the World) has definitely closed. I wonder if it’s not going to close further next year in Rio.

The US has never really had a national “programme”; it’s always been a numbers game. Huge volume into the top of funnel and what comes out the bottom is what comes out the bottom. When the numbers advantage is so huge, you don’t have to worry about the funnel so much.

Other nations have put a lot more work into the funnel; the process by which athletes are identified and developed. The UK is perhaps the prime example.

I think that the sport has advanced to such a pointy end in terms of performance (When you step back and really look at the times achieved, they really are astounding.) that process beats volume.

Long & short, I don’t think the US coaching advantage over the rest of the world is anywhere near as great as their numbers advantage and now that’s being exposed.

Richard Ortiz

Congrats to the Brit Boys! Well done. Well done!

Personal Best

That was kind of fun to watch.
After the efforts of the solo 200 free I did think the UK, sorry, team GB, looked very strong.
Very solid effort.

A second between the top three teams means that it will be so close next year. US will probably have a better team (you know, a proper selection). GB look like they’re improving year on year.
Australia… well…

Bracing for the wave of rebuttal from the anti ‘Aussie serial-tourist’ swimmers, I think this was Australia’s second fastest textile time, or at least right up there. Much faster than their efforts in recent years, so they can only be satisfied.

However, it was Australia’s to lose on paper as everyone of the 4 had been faster. Heck, had 2 of them been closer to their bests, that 1 second gap would have been closed easily.

Everyone’s pointing the finger at McKeon, but McEvoy and TFH had room to move too.

Personal Best

Also, McKeon, in the post race interview, did say he had a ‘good start to the week’…

On second thoughts, he could have meant ‘good start for the weak’…



This was the most exciting 4×200 relay in a long time. Sure, Athens 2004 was exciting but it was only a 2 horse race. In this one, GBR was passing USA and AUS and RUS were sensing blood and hounding the wounded USA in the final metres. You gave 5 more metres and USA would have been out

Congrats on the best major meet UK has had in a long time, probably EVER.

If not for Ledecky, this would have been the absolute worst meet USA has ever had. Thanks to Ledecky, USA’s reputation is saved.
Rome 1994 is definitely the worst world championships meet USA has had. They only won 4 golds, the same as Australia, when they were stunned by the arrival of Chinese ladies*.

Can’t help it, but commonwombat was right. Serial tourist mcKeon did not disappoint and spit 1:47 with relay start!!!
They should have gone with Horton and Hackett. Horton would have split 1:45 and Hackett 1:46.
Agree with personal best, on personal best basis, the aussies should have won it. There’s a ray of hope, at least they went to final and medaled this time, unlike previous years.



I am ending my charity towards David mckeon. Australia must stop taking him as a passenger in future global meets.
In international meets, David has consistently, repeatedly, without fail swam 2 seconds slower in 200 and 3 seconds slower in 400 for the past FOUR YEARS.

The 4×200 was the last opportunity for him.
Cut the cord, already, Australia!!!!


Just watched Phelps scorching 1:52.94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was a beautiful swim, except for the last 10 meters.

Phelps in butterfly is like a symphony. It really is his natural stroke.


I would like Horton to have a go at setting a good 200m time for the relay. I feel he has a 1:46 in him. Hoping mcevoy and tfh can get back down to low-mid 1:45


Phelps in 200 fly is like Popov in 100 free, Thorpe 400 free, Meagher in 200 fly.. they are so beautiful, effortless, and yet mighty damn fast


Do prelims relay swimmers get the medals as well?

If yes, CMIIW, Hackett holds the record of the longest period from first worlds medal to last (1998 to 2015, 17 years).


Yes Grant will recieve his bronze medal, overall a big improvement for the aussies from the last worlds, big difference here was the amazing James Guy!


commonwombat and aswimfan please get off the back of some of these aussie male swimmers! Don’t you understand the selection policy? They are not ‘serial tourists’ – do not be so disrespectful to hard working athletes who get out and do their best!


The 13 year winning streak of the USA in the 4 X 200FS is over! If Weiss had reproduced his swim from the heats they would have won it. Lochte was gracious in defeat. Dwyer looked shattered.

I had tipped Australia to win and I think they would have had Horton been selected. The decision to put McKeon straight into the final was baffling given he was mediocre in the individual 200 and has a poor international record overall.

Congratulations to the Brits. They all swam at or near their best. Do I see them winning this event in Rio? No. The USA and Australia will both be much stronger and will battle it out for the gold while Britain will be contenders for the bronze along with two or three others.

Sabastian Tran

As disappointing s swimmer McKeon is on the world stage, he earned his spot through trials. If someone meets qualifying times, there is no choice but to take him.

What needs to be addressed is how to get a swimmer of his natural talent to peak twice a year, because that’s where the problem is, getting the work in before another taper.

Obviously, what he has been doing isn’t working and he needs to do something different.

He’s a serial tourist, for sure, but if he earns his spot, be sure he’ll be there again next year. Let’s hope the coaches, perhaps with more input from Jacco, can help him get it right! Shame for a 3:42 swimmer only to be missing finals, and what a shame for the 4×200 relay!


Correction. 11 year winning streak.


Some people are dismissing the Brits from being a factor for Gold next year. I think they will definitely be in the picture. They have some depth so they’re not necessarily sunk if one of them is off. As long as Guy continues to excel they have enough depth to compliment him and compete with Australia or the US.

One thing I noticed is that the US quartet had a couple of exceptionally conservative exchanges. The winning margin was .42. The aggregate time difference of the exchanges between the two teams: .43



mcKeon has earned his individual berth, sure. But per their own rules, anyone already on the team can be selected to swim in the relays. There’s no such thing as automatic right to be on the relays. There are many examples in the past where an individual event swimmer didn’t get to swim in the relays because their form was not good.


GB not contenders for Gold in Rio? Nonsense.
Guy will in all probability be even better next year, as will Duncan Scott.
Dan Wallace has been a revelation. He should give up the 200IM and swim 200 free with his 400 IM. He will medal in the long IM on the final day.

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