M4x200m Free: Orange Squash For The Rest, Gold For the Dutch in 7:07.8

Sebastiaan Verschuren of the Netherlands delivered Dutch gold - by Patrick B., Kraemer

The battle was keen, the Dutch came out on top for gold, the silver and bronze to Belgium and Italy in the Orange squash as Sebastian Verschuren roared home.

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The battle was keen, the Dutch came out on top for gold, the silver and bronze to Belgium and Italy in the Orange squash as Sebastian Verschuren roared home.



Worth nothing Poland’s time being 0.01 off bronze. Fantastic relay though. Agnel nothing like the 2012 version, hard to see him even making final if he takes the swim.


Detti 1’45″39! An impressive time for a long distance swimmer. It give me confidence he can swim a great 400 in Rio. This year he already swam a very good 3’43″9. If he can go a second faster there is hope for a bronze medal.


It’s amazing that this is the Netherlands first m4x100 win.
That’s was a great race indeed, which, for 4×200 is quite special. 4×200 is my least favorite event, but I was thoroughly captivated by this race.
Ok, my hasty prediction after this race: the world champions will miss out on medaling altogether in Rio 🙂

Felix Sanchez

It’s probably my least favourite event too. Sometimes claimed to be the best indicator of a nations programme strength, but too often a poor race. This was quite comfortably the best ever 4 x 200. Six teams in contention with 100 to go, isn’t just unlikely, it’s a statistical anomaly.

Also can certainly see the world champions miss out on a Rio medal. In fact, after their questionable selection policy, would quite like to see them bust in the heats.



Saying you’d like to see the swimmers selected ‘bust in the heats’ due to the selection policy of their country is pretty cold.

The 4x200m has always been the procession for Team USA to show their hold on the world of swimming in terms of squad depth and so I see why people disfavour the longer relay over the thrill and turnover of 4×1’s in viewing. But this seems no longer the case – the gap has been breached and by a handful of nations.

ASF and Felix, you cannot be suggesting the 4x200m in Kazan was one of these ‘poor races’ which you elude to. I predict Team GB will make the final, finish at least top 5 and the race will be ‘thoroughly captivating’ indeed.

Felix Sanchez

Well, not always a procession for the US. The Aussies had a period on top, and there have been thrilling Olympic finals such as the Grossbusters, or Keller holding off Thorpe. Kazan was a thriller. There is that potential in any race, but the 4 x 200 is quite simply the event most likely to deliver a bust.

GB have a good chance of finishing top five. However, the drop to miss a final may be quite small (ironically, because you are right about the gaps closing in the event). 7.04 to win worlds last year, but it took 7.10s to make the final – not such an enormous gap when stars are rested. Some of those teams could make a big jump in Olympic year, yet it looks like GB are going to risk Lloyd and Wallace in the heats. I’m sorry if I sounded cold before but someone has to miss out, so I’d rather it be team who brought it on themselves. Hopefully the blame won’t go to a swimmer who shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but to those who wrongly put them there.



I am predicting both USA and Australia to swim faster than last year. France and Japan had bad prelims swims last year missing out on final and predict them to be in the final and be in the mix for medal. The huge question mark is Russia. I really don’t know what kind of form they are this year.
It’s just terrible that they are not swimming in meets more often this year.

Of course GBR has a chance to medal, and they have equal chance not medaling, and at this point I feel that another country will upset them for a medal (I think USA for gold and Australia will also medal)

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