M4x100 Free Relay: French Overcome Sub-47 Morozov Split to Keep Title Grip

Team France celebrates after winning the men's 4x100m Freestyle Relay Final during the FINA Swimming World Championships at Kazan arena in Kazan, Russia, 2 August 2015.

France put together a clocking of 3:10.74 to win its fourth straight major title in the 400 freestyle relay, overcoming Russia and Vladimir Morozov.

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France put together a clocking of 3:10.74 to win its fourth straight major title in the 400 freestyle relay, overcoming Russia and Vladimir Morozov.



Cielo missed finals due to shoulder injury. DE lucca and Santana could go better. Team will have to put together all for Rio to medal. Cielo also. New guys like rodrigues and Ribeiro want a part of the relay for 2016


It seemed that third french guy had a clear false start, didn’t he? I didn’t watch the replay but I’m almost sure he had left the blocks a bit earlier than his teammate touched the wall. Russian commenters on Eurosport noticed that too. As an Ukrainian, I’m not a big fan of Russia, of course, but anyway justice should be done and if he really jumped earlier, France must be DQ’d.
I hope I’m wrong and the rules were not broken.


A bit of irresponsibility for Cielo to swim 50 fly.He is swimming with a lot of pain on his shoulders and still will swim Final.I would skip the meeting and do a proper recover for Rio than risk to get worse and miss Olympics.


Note:Cielo didn’t swim 100free leg for fear of a bad swim and harm the relay with his bad shoulder, but with DeLucca splitting 48.40, I doubt Cielo would be worse.

Daniel Le Gall

Eugene RT 0.00 (!) for Gilot, according to Omega.


DDias, it’s very common in the swimming world to have shoulder issues and I’m not sure if at least one senior professional swimmer with ABSOLUTELY healthy shoulders even exists in this world 🙂 Some movements in the stroke cycle are too unnatural for the joint and tendons, and they get injured eventually anyway. The question is how bad is the injury and how much pain it causes.
I believe, Cielo is just not in the best shape. Is it the end of great sprinter’s career or not – time will tell.


Eugene – it looked dodgy to me as well, but OmegaTiming has Gilot’s reaction time as 0.00, so a couple of hundredths to spare (I think the limit is still -0.03 to allow for equipment errors).



I had the same reaction when it happened. Manaudou took an extra stroke which Gilot had not expected. And it did look like Gilot blew it.


I saw Cielo talks post race interview for a Brazilian TV, and he wasn’t comfortable, and was even happy for final.He will probably be happy if he is not last tomorrow.I think it’s a mistake, with risk to increase the shoulder injury.


Gilot’s reaction time was 0.00, so he was a lucky boy.


This was a great race. Too bad that Australia was not there. Yes, Mr. Morozov was impressive, but so were Fabien Gilot and Jeremy Stravius. Mr. Condorelli was also very memorable. I was expending that Brazil would be much closer to the winners.


Congratulation to France. Gilot and Stravius are like the great wines. The older the better!


It is so obvious that Gilot was expecting Manaudou to finish by right hand and was surprised by one more stroke. I guess that meet organizers’ problems with timing devices played a bad joke with Russian team. 




McEvoy should hope he gets lane assignment similar to Barcelona where he swam next to Morozov and use him as the rabbit.

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