M200IM: History For Ryan Lochte, As He Joins Grant Hackett In The Four-Peat Club

Ryan Lochte in the Speedo pink - by Patrick B. Kraemer

With a victory in the 200 individual medley, Ryan Lochte joined Aussie great Grant Hackett (1500 free) as the only athletes to win four consecutive world titles in a single event.

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With a victory in the 200 individual medley, Ryan Lochte joined Aussie great Grant Hackett (1500 free) as the only athletes to win four consecutive world titles in a single event.



Event really missing hagino!
Tipping c1 sjostrom and c2 tmrw


Mcevoy had it with 10 to go! Guess we’ll have to settle for another drugged up swimmer winning


The Clenbuterol guy wins, and I am not happy. No sir.

For swim geeks, the time is the same the Flying Dutch clocked in Sidney when he set the WR in 2000.


PVDH would have won this final from 2000 ! Absolutely incredible , and at least he wasn’t a doper …..


Katie McLoughlin who has just swum the 200 butterfly has been included in the 4×200 squad.

Oliver Kramer

Congragulations, Ryan! Now let’s see what time MP can swim in San Antonio.

Women’s 200 fly: i’m really disappointed about Franziska’s time. Unfortunately wasn’t able to repeat her best time so chance for gold. The last leg was horrible.


Roy, I just think it’s an unwise decision because, why take the risk?

Breaststrokers taking the semis out fast


One hopes Jaco Verhaeren has the gonads to “call time” on the serial non-performers on the AUS squad.

This AUS 4×200 evidenced a prime candidate in Bronte Barratt; always an erratic international performer she has failed to deliver since London.

Ashwood ahead of Wright seems questionable unless there are some underlying health reasons but Barratt already handed her a horrible position.


Sjostrom smoked it…1:54:3


Sweden needs one more Sarah.

Personal Best

Well, by my estimation, Ashwood was the best performer on the Aussie relay team. That is kind of worrying given she’s the only one amongst them who doesn’t focus on the 200 free.



Happy for Lochte winning but he needs to stop goofing off, get back to Coach Troy and start doing some proper training!

Bad Anon

Sweden’s anchor was awful

Felix Sanchez

I may have missed it, so apologies, but has Lochte said whether he’ll be targeting 200back next year? Doing the double has no doubt hurt his 200IM in the last two Olympic Games.

It’s obviously very tough to have your best two events clash, but a decision needs to be made.


Felix Sanchez,

my opinion in this site and others is very clear on Lochte doing the double 200 IM/Back since 2011.

Everyone was pumped up after Lochte’s 2011 Shanghai, but they forgot that Lochte had the most perfect schedule in Shanghai, and I had predicted before London that he wouldn’t win 200 IM final because it came after 200 back final on the same night. And he didn’t win both. It was truly a pity, he could have won either if he had only swum either.

London was a missed chance for Lochte really.


Ger- the American system encourages all swimmers to train to handle multiple events in a pretty short period of time, (our dual meets can be pretty crazy in that regard, especially if they only do six rounds of one diving event in the middle as a sort of break for the swimmers) and she had a decent amount of rest between events by that standard.

Given the respectable 1:56 split she turned in, seems to have worked out as expected for the US coaching staff.


Judging by his 4:05 in 400 IM and 1:54 in 200 IM, London was Lochte’s last good opportunity to break WR had not swum 200 back earlier.

I hope Lochte win medal in Rio in this event, as 200 IM is such a perfect event for him.

Felix Sanchez


With Lochte and Phleps being so close on the 200IM, I think it was pretty widely accepted that he couldn’t recover in time to win. On some level he must have known himself; however, as the defending champion on 200back – and pretty heavy favourite – he probably felt he had to go at both. It’s surely wrong to say that he could have won either if he only swum one of them. He swum both in 2008, where he was able to swim the 200back fresh, give his all for gold, then suffer for it a bit in the 200IM. The same thing was expected in 2012, but whether the other event was playing on his mind or not, he had a fresh run at the back and just got beaten.

Now the situation is different. He’s not the backstroke champion or world champion, and he must feel he has unfinished business in the 200IM. Now time to sack off the back, but has he said anything?

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