M200 Free: James Guy Jabs Back, Sinking Sun’s 4-Gold Aim To End Britain’s 40-Year Drought

James Guy of Great Britain, 19 and a world champion in 2015 - by Patrick B. Kraemer

James Guy The Man – bristling after silver behind Sun Yang, Guy, 19, was not going to let it happen again; he turned the tables on the Chinese champion looking for a n historic four gold in solo free events In a rip-roar of a race that ended in 1:45.14 to 1:45.20, Paul Bidermann (GER) third in 1:45.38 ; Adam Peaty joins Brit party with 26.42 world record in 50 breaststroke semi

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James Guy The Man – bristling after silver behind Sun Yang, Guy, 19, was not going to let it happen again; he turned the tables on the Chinese champion looking for a n historic four gold in solo free events In a rip-roar of a race that ended in 1:45.14 to 1:45.20, Paul Bidermann (GER) third in 1:45.38 ; Adam Peaty joins Brit party with 26.42 world record in 50 breaststroke semi


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Not so surprised that Guy swam so well and won, but I am so surprised by the times swum.
I did not expect 1:45 winning time. What happened?

Good effort by Lochte though… he gave it all.
Somewhat surprised by McEvoy… and disappointed that Fraser-Holmes didn’t get a chance at this event.


So Happy Guy beat Yang and thus prevented the 200/400/800/1500.

But yes, the men 200 free has been terrible and stagnant, aside from Agnel’s London swim.

By the way, the temperature inside the stradium seems to be very cold, everyone is wearing thick layered jacket and I just saw Ledecky wearing gloves in the call room.


Ledecky’s start is crazy good for a distance swimmer. Hell, it’s even good for a sprinter.


Seebohm is saying all the nice things about Missy


A point was made on Italian tv from day 1 that temperatures on pool deck were too low and it was difficult for athletes to stay warm.

Agree with above readers: slow final, and great disappointment by McEvoy.


Geez, Ledecky is more than a bodylength ahead of WR line at 350

Splitting 4:04.69 at 400!!!
Are you kidding me.

You can count with one hand the number of swimmers who can go faster than that in a standalone 400.


8:13.25 at 800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My jaw is on the floor.


Now it sounds hilarious all the pundits who kept saying Ledecky had strategy to break WR in prelims and then conserve energy in the final….
good thing Swimvortex reported that Ledecky said she went relaxed in th eprelims and would not hold back.


Ledecky should swim against the men, thats how ridiculous her dominance is


15 seconds ahead of a very excellent Lauren Boyle. Nice to see the Hungarian pick up minor spoils in another good time.

Can we please have the women’s 1500m for Tokyo?


15:25.48!! WR

It’s gonna be difficult to select swimmer of the meet, and thats an understatement.


PB, the only person responsible for Fraser-Holmes not swimming this event in Kazan is Thomas Fraser-Holmes himself. He was miles off the pace early in the AUS season and this followed through at Trials.

Up to him to reverse this for Rio as McEvoy is yet to demonstrate he can swim this race at the top level and David McKeon continues to be ……. ahem David McKeon when it comes to international competition.


For the future world championships and olympics until 2020 Tokyo, USA swimming should just send Ledecky only. Or maybe with addition of three other 200 freestylers for the 4×2 relay, That would save them tons of money.

So, another three WRs again today!


Make sure they tick the box Adam.


Poor Friis.

Swimming 15:49 and not medaled.

She has regressed since training with Bowman.


Larkin wins in 52.40!

When was the last time Australia won both 100 backstrokes?

Yes, never.


Lacourt is rejuvenated having trained in Queensland


After going 52.5 in the heats I worried that he wouldn’t be able to back up but he’s put in 3 really good swims, well deserved win. He’s improved so much over the last 2 years, I wonder if he can get under peirsol’s WR in Rio

Personal Best

Of course common, but it’s still a shame because there seems to be real potential there with TFH; more so than, I’m afraid to say, your fave D McKeon.

I don’t think this event will be so slow next year, but I guess it was missing some big names that will likely have a big impact when they return.



1. Everyone who follows swimming knows that 8:11 is very soft compared to her 400 and 1500 WRs, so let’s wait until Ledecky swim it this week to see how far down the 800 WR is under 8:10.

2. For great distance swimmers, it is not uncommon to go close to their 800 PB when splitting 1,500. Don’t believe me? Kieren Perkins broke 800 WR on his way to 1,500 WR in 1994 commonwealth games. That would be like Ledecky splitting 8:10 in her 1,500 swim.

3. Sun Yang swim his 1,500 differently than many other distance swimmers. Sun Yang doesn’t need to split 800 very fast as he can go superturbo in the last lap. In both of his WRs, Yang blitzed a 25+ on the last 50, faster than most male freestylers in the 200 final at both world championships and olympics.


I’m so happy that Guy beat Sun! And although he missed the podium, I’ve got to give Lochte props for his unbelievable underwater work; of course it puts him into oxygen debt at the end of his race, but he really gave it his all. Maybe if he goes back to Florida to train for 2016…

Larkin and Seebohm are truly worthy champions! They seem very hardworking and humble. I’m depressed that Grevers couldn’t finish his race better, and Franklin’s performance was nothing short of abysmal. If Todd Schmitz can bring her back to the podium in the 100 back from this disaster, he deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor!

There have been so many disappointments for US fans already in Kazan; thank God we have such a major bright spot to point to in Ledecky’s superhuman performances!

Craig Lord

Always good to see (clean) records and even like Katie L way out in front, Roy … but there were none in men’s 100br yesterday and 200 free today (and no chance of getting to the record) just as examples – but for entertainment value, terrific… close racing is always great to see


Disappointing finish for McEvoy.. He didn’t have the finishing speed.. A bit worrying for the 100m free when the race to the wall will be tight

Craig Lord

🙂 Roy – I think I see 36 teenage boys faster than her in the 1500m world ranks so far this year…

Personal Best

And while we’re at it common, I would have hoped after the debacle of the 400 free that someone’s fave would have been politely asked to relinquish his spot in the 200 in favour of a better performing team mate.

Heck, I bet Grant Hackett would have nailed it compared to his team mates.

It makes you wonder if McKeon and McEvoy will even get a look in for the relay!
Well, maybe McEvoy will. His semi swim was decent.

I do wonder who the faves for the relay are now we’ve seen some form.
The Brits perhaps? Always the US with a chance… but who knows.


@Danjohnrob. Long time no see. Nice to have you back after 3 months of silence.


In a news coming out of australian newspaper, Hackett has strongly requested that he gets to lead off 4×200

I guess he too has had enough with australian 200-400 freestyle underperformers.


I’m calling it early… Great Britain for the gold in the men’s 4x200m free relay.. we have no Aussie boys (at this meet) who can go with him…

Henry He

Just wanted to call out that only Sun swam 800m in the morning. Looking for Rio now


This Australian men 4×200 situation is just crazy.
I’ve never seen all top swimmers in one event from one country underperforming in international meets for 4 years.

I kept thinking no way this situation could keep going, this must be the meet where at least 2 or 3 of them swim relatively well. But no, I’ve been proven wrong every time in the past 4 years.

No wonder Hackett seemed to have it already. This must be the feeling Phelps has when he saw US 4×100 kept underperforming in Barcelona and Kazan.


The problem does appear to be largely psychological for the Aussie men at the moment… especially with McKeon.. and I suspect McEvoy doesnt really back himself at the end of a 200m free race internationally, his finishing ability is of grave concern from the individual final (should he lead off the team) as we will already be 2 seconds behind Britain potentially and playing catch up after the first leg

John Donald Agnusson

I suspect a few surprises in the 4×200…

What will Russia bring? More focused on the 100 these days perhaps…

US will be strong- it is a relay after all, and they won’t want a repeat of the 4×100 debacle…

Aus… Well, who knows!? They CANNOT rely on a 36yr old to save that team! The others must step up. I’m just not sure they can handle the pressure!

Britain look strong and have plenty options although Calum Jarvis’ form looks suspect so far I’d expect him to raise his game… With Guy, the experience of Renwick, Scott(who split 1’47.1 last year at 17) they could really surprise everyone

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