M200 Backstroke: Larkin wins third medal as Australia claim clean sweep

Mitch Larkin [Photo: Swimming Australia]

Mitch Larkin claimed his third medal of the Games as he led home an Australian clean sweep.

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Mitch Larkin claimed his third medal of the Games as he led home an Australian clean sweep.



Main of NZL the only “interloper” in this race before fading on the final lap. Larkin’s time creditable but not likely to cause palpitations to the event’s main men. This is the first intl meet where he has actually stepped up and delivered however I’d like to see him final at Worlds/be competitive agst Americans at Pan Pacs before fully releasing my scepticism. Great finish by Beaver who has had a stormer of a meet; again let’s see him replicate in the “big league” but he has a couple of years to so do.

The Bear

Geez Wombat, these guys are very young and I think your scepticism is a little harsh. Given that 10 years ago we were struggling to have an Aussie go sub 2mins, I think the fact that these 3 boys are going circa 1.55 is credit to their development at a young age. There are certainly other Aussie swimmers at this meet who have left a lot to be desired but I think you have missed the mark in your criticism of these boys.


Bear; my comment was relevant with regards to Larkin and to a lesser degree Lawson (also applicable to McKeon and a few others). They may still be young but they’ve been on the senior team for a couple of years; swum impressive times at trials and been to Olympics and Worlds and completely failed to replicate their domestic times and failed to make finals. Beaver – not so as he is a rookie and definitely excellent first showings.

These ARE nice performances and their times credible … the level of competition in this event debateable.

In no way do I wish them ill, but this was their intl form-line going into this meet and it wasn’t anything to inspire confidence. Here’s hoping these perfomances ARE signs of them becoming legit intl performer rather than just the one great meet of their career. There’s been certainly plenty who’ve fit THAT description.


Larkin had a good olympics, he made the final of the 200 backstroke


Stoked for beaver!!! Trained with him for a couple of years in the tigersharks squad, what a legend


Fair point, Anthony. He DID swim a good semi. Maybe its it’s his finals swim and his 2013 Worlds that have stuck in my memory. I do hope it’s onwards and upwards for him. He does seem to have physically matured somewhat. Impressed by Beaver; again hope this is a portent of future progression and not just a “the one great meet of one’s career”.

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