Longhorns Rope 4 Titles at NCAA Champs; Caeleb Dressel, Ryan Murphy Snag ARs

Joe Schooling - a Texas Longhorn on the wing [Photo: courtesy, Texassports.com]

Texas won four of the five swimming events to build a big lead in the team standings while Cal’s Ryan Murphy (100 backstroke) and Florida’s Caeleb Dressel (50 free) set American records at the NCAA Championships.

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Texas won four of the five swimming events to build a big lead in the team standings while Cal’s Ryan Murphy (100 backstroke) and Florida’s Caeleb Dressel (50 free) set American records at the NCAA Championships.



Amazing swim by Dressel! Congrats to him. I hope he can achieve that kind of consistency and dominance in the big pool.


Cesar Cielo* ( who’s record got beaten by Dressel) did it, easysppeed. So it is doable. Then why not to expect that this young man will be better than Cielo in big pool as well.


Never said he couldn’t. So far he hasn’t- 3rd in the world is not the same as 1st. As we all know, some SCY swimmers can’t make the transition. As a team USA fan, hope CD is able to.

paolo rubbiani

Many impressive times, the most one, perhaps, the 43.51in the 100yd backstroke from Murphy ( it’s actually incredible also his performance in the 200yd im). We’ll be absolutely interesting seeing how and if these great improvements in his SCY skills (quick turns, incredible underwaters and raw speed) will translate in LCM at Omaha trials.
Obviously also Dressel, Licon, Prenot, Schooling and Haas performances are absolutely amazing.
Bravo Mitch D’Arrigo in the 500 yd free (first under 4.10 for him) and could be promising, always in a LC perspective, the performance of Gunnar Bentz in the 200 yd im. We’ll see his performance in the 400 yd im at these Ncaa finals vs specialists like Licon and Prenot.


Replay of night 2: http://atlantaswimming.com/2016ncaa8


I will be surprised if the current m100 back WR survives the onslaught of Australian/French/USA trials. And I will be extremely surprised if it survives Rio.


That 100back record may go at French or US Trials but long odds for AUS. Why ?

There’s just no call for Larkin to “go for broke”. He is not likely to be challenged as there’s not likely to be a 2nd AUS qualifier and the AUS QT is such that he doesn’t need to extend himself unduly. His Trials time does not need to be his Olympic seeding time as SAL can utilise his quickest time during the qualifying period (ie his WCup swim).


@Editor. What a strange habit to correct someone else’s comments without making any notes about that. In order to avoid misspelling the name of Brazilian swimmer was copied and paste from the article of John Lohn above. I’m asking about the favor (not big one actually). If you think my posting is harmful to the Cause of this site then remove it entirely. If you accept it but would like to correct, then put editor’s notes. Some professional courtesy , please.

Craig Lord

No idea what you’re talking about Yozhik… i never touched your comment if not to put an asterisk by the name of a swimmer who tested positive for a banned substance. That is site policy (and everyone knows it, you too). The rest is your imagination – I leave you to consider your own strange habits 🙂 As for nerve – we don’t do that on our team: we are a team – and a very busy one that does the best it can. You can do your bit to help our efforts by being polite, not jumping to false conclusions and not wasting my time. Thanks


I see your temperature is normal now. Nice to have you back 😀


I noticed a few, what is termed, “declared false starts,” during this meet. I hadn’t heard the term before. What is a DFS as supposed to just withdrawing from an event?


I would keep an eye on Gkolomeev (a guy I have been watching for a while). Dressel’s feats have completely overshadowed him, but his dive was bad and he glided in the end and still got under 19 secs. Beware of those who catch up in the last part of scy races, they are likely to convert well in LCM.


USA Swimming writes their rule books in the name of keeping the 800+ swimmer mega-meets moving at a pace that lets everyone get away from pool deck before midnight. Meets will set up a time deadline every session for scratch declarations and the meet manager holds to that time deadline in the name of keeping everything moving.

The Declared False Start is a way to effectively scratch after the scratch box closes for the session- maybe someone feels a shoulder twinge or stomach bug coming on during warm up. Unlike for a no show after the scratch deadline, which can get a swimmer removed from the rest of the meet, a DFS has no penalty other than it still counts as an event swum for meets when swimmers are limited to X number of events at the meeting.

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