Le Clos & VD Burgh Book Title Defences As Myles Brown Cracks 800 Free Mark

Chad Le Clos (RSA) takes a peek [By Patrick B. Kraemer]

South Africa’s Olympic champions booked tickets to the defence of world titles on the fourth day of action at South African Swimming Championships in Durban today, while Myles Brown cracked the national 800m freestyle record.

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South Africa’s Olympic champions booked tickets to the defence of world titles on the fourth day of action at South African Swimming Championships in Durban today, while Myles Brown cracked the national 800m freestyle record.



It will be interesting to compare the relative results in Kazan of countries like South Africa, which are sticking to FINA’s A standards (correct me if I’m wtong, please) and Britain, which has created much faster standards for their athletes. Le Clos has clearly not had to fully shave/taper to qualify for Worlds, but I’m sure O’Connor has done so.


1.52 Olympic Champion qualifies for Kazan with a 1.56, but Brits were asked to do 1.55… 400 IM? 4.10, please. Hagino will have a pool to himself in Kazan if British standards were applied worldwide.


Well theyre not so your point is irrelevant.



swimmers like Sjostrom, Le Clos etc who don’t have to do full taper until before Kazan have great comparative advantage compared to swimmers from countries like UK, Canada or Australia where they had to be fully peaked to qualify in their trials.



I actually disagree – It makes little different, it depends on the athlete. Take 2014 as an example.. The Brits peaked at Nationals, most then swam quicker at Commies and then held their taper another full month to swim faster again (in many cases) at Europeans. The impression I get from a lot of the swimmers is that Nationals is a good ‘warm up’ for Worlds and it allows them to perfect their taper. Whereas if you look at Sjostrom, she doesn’t typically drop much time at her taper meet… Sjostrom was actually slower at Europeans than at Swedish Nationals and at Olympics than at 2012 British Trials. The choice is clear, Peaty & O’Connor had both been under the standard untapered and unrested… but both have tapered here, they did not *need* to, a rest up would have sufficed In my mind.

O’Connor will be faster in Kazan for a few reasons – She wasn’t clean last night, the stroke looked a bit rushed/messy and she wasn’t pulling the water as cleanly as usually… that is why she died on freestyle (31.8) despite a pb on free already this week. Also, her best form comes in summer.. she is never as fast in spring. Faster than 2014 Nationals so good start.


On Prinsloo, what happened to her after the Series down under last January? She came out 54s, 1.57s & 4.07s then kind of disappeared… scratched a few of her big swims in Glasgow but popped up on the relays? strange.


Dee – You are talking from a point of view which has nothing to do with it. How many swimmers in the world have swum the 4.10 required by British Swimming to qualify for Kazan? Only one. Hagino. So he is already the 2015 World Champion. At the same time, other top nations have QT of 4.15 or over! It is irrelevant if the single swimmer you mentioned will be quicker in Summer or not, is irrelevant in my opinion. I look at the broader picture and our swimmers have tremendous pressure to even qualify.


Felidangerpants – Sorry, whose point is irrelevant and what does your message mean ?



You gave an example Sjostrom as someone who didn’t drop much time in the summer.

But Sjostrom ALWAYS swim very very quick in season, since she was 15!
In fact, many of her fastest times of the year were set not in major championships, but during in season, the most famous of which was her 24.4 50 fly last year. Even her first 53.0 was set in December or something.

Yes, the brits swam fast in commonwealth last year, but it was also a “home” games, so there were other factor.
Also, it is erroneous to compare british’ commonwealth games selection with that of Worlds.
For commonwealth, the british swimmers represented their home “nations” (wales, england etc etc) where the qualifying standards were NOWHERE near the worlds qualifying standard not to mention the 3 swimmers per nation rule for CWG.

The better indicator was 2012 olympics and 2013 worlds.

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