László Kiss resigns As Hungary Head Coach Day After Katinka Hosszu Tears Up Contract

Laszlo Kiss by Aniko Kovaks

Katinka Hosszu’s Olympic season is building into a controversial affair after her public tearing-up of a federation contract in her country led to the resignation of one of Magyar’s most celebrated coaches, mentor to Krisztina Egerszegi, László Kiss as head coach

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Katinka Hosszu’s Olympic season is building into a controversial affair after her public tearing-up of a federation contract in her country led to the resignation of one of Magyar’s most celebrated coaches, mentor to Krisztina Egerszegi, László Kiss as head coach


Matyas Keresztes

And today there was another article published on this matter in which Jozsef Szabo 1988 200m breast Olympic champion said this issue is nothing new and back in his days (nearly 3 decades ago!) the federation kept failing to provide sufficient background for its world class athletes. He said his swimmer friends from other countries were mind-blown when he described his situation within the team and the support he and other swimmers on the team were getting (or more like the lack of it.)

As far as I know this issue was made public by Katinka because there was no way of getting anything done in private. She said she did not receive any calls or attempt to resolve the issues from any of the executives since her last conference like a month ago which isn’t surprising to most of the swimmers. Looks to me that the overwhelming majority supports her in what she is doing and hoping her actions will lead to better times in the future. And I’m talking about swimmers here who are or have been on the national team before and have a better overview of the situation.

Craig Lord

And thats just at national level Matyas … perhaps she will one day feel able to question the many bad things unfolding at intl level that affect the live of athletes, coaches and others the world over.


This is text from this article: http://www.xpatloop.com/news/hungarian_swimmer_hosszu_tears_up_contract_at_press_conference

If Gyárfás’ quote is true, then it’s all about money.

President Tamás Gyárfás said the federation continues to do all it can to help Hosszú, and accepted some responsibility for the way their relations have deteriorated.

Gyárfás told ATV Wednesday evening that Hosszú unselfishly took part in campaigns in 2013 but their relationship has soured since then.

He said he had asked her in the summer to take part in a campaign film leading up to the world championship which also includes Tamás Kásás and Dániel Gyurta.

“Two days before shooting the film, she called me up from America and said there is a price and named a sum, and I said ‘thanks, but no thanks’,” Gyárfás recalled.

He said Hosszú receives everything that she asks for.

“We have checked how much we spend on her, and it is four times more than what we spend on László Cseh, and he is also a world champion.”

Craig Lord

thanks Ger, $ seem to be a driver – a bit of that in the article


Either Katinka Hosszu’s behavior is exclusively motivated by money or she does it in pursuit of justice, either she is clean or not – it doesn’t matter. It is probably the first case in professional swimming when a swimmer got financially independent enough to say “no” to the political establishment of National Federation. Is it kind of situation the swimvortex would like to see as a normal type of relationship between professional swimmer and administration? Will it change the attitude of swimvortex toward Katinka Hosszu?
P.S. Last two questions can be considered rhetorical ones.

Craig Lord

Yozhik, KH he is not the first swimmer to be financially independent enough to say no (I can think of quite a few cases from the past) … not soooo long ago, I remember a teenager called Franziska van Almsick who was powerful enough to do that (she did indeed say no to certain things and the federation found a way to accommodate her on several occasions, I recall… she even made a world-titles final and won the 200m free gold as a result in 1994 via negotiation that led to her getting way she wanted even though she missed the cut for the final 🙂 … and she earned far more money even than that KH has drawn in prizes etc, ugh of it from German sponsors such as Milka chocolate and others (big brand names in Europe etc). She’s still earning decent bucks, too, in another life. In this era, Michael Phelps is the most powerful swimmer in the water in terms of his potential clout on dry land – and he has the biggest bank account, too 🙂


Craig, back in the time of Soviet Union members of Communist Party elite called themselves “слуги народа” (servents of people). For some strange reason servents had much better life than master. The situation with FINA looks very similar. As any organization International swimming needs help of professional administrators. But why those people who are secondary by their position in this business have so much power and privileges. No reason.

Craig Lord

I agree, Yozhik… good analogy. ‘Volunteer’ is another favourite but hogwash-of-a-term used by many of the key blazers


I see that László Kiss now has reversed his decision to quit: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/article53993605.html

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