Kyle Chalmers 1:47 Hints At A Teen Keen To Muscle In On 4×200 Action For Rio 2016

Teen speedster Kyle Chalmers has been ripping up the junior ranks Down Under and globally - now he's gunning for his Olympic debut [Photo: Swimming Australia]

South Australian swim sensation Kyle Chalmers has posted another red-hot time in Adelaide tonight in the countdown to next week’s Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships when the best swimmers in the country chase berths on the Australian Olympic Swim Ream for Rio, writes Ian Hanson on behalf of Swimming Australia

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South Australian swim sensation Kyle Chalmers has posted another red-hot time in Adelaide tonight in the countdown to next week’s Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships when the best swimmers in the country chase berths on the Australian Olympic Swim Ream for Rio, writes Ian Hanson on behalf of Swimming Australia



I am surprised that he is attending this meet 1 week prior the trials. There is no way he is fully rested and that makes his times really promising. Are we about to see sub 22 and sub 48 next week?


Judging by his 50 and 200 PBs this week, I think a sub 48 next week is very likely.

If he does that, he’ll lay waste to the Jr WR, being still 17 and all.


For Chalmers the event is where he trains so it’s not like he has travelled and probably taking advantage to do race pace work in a real situation.

For someone like Clyde Lewis (200 and 400 im next week) surprised he is here and racing as many events a week out.

Personal Best

This is the first time in recent memory that the Age Champs have taken place before the Trials/Open Champs.

It is interesting to see which junior swimmers are contesting them, and the shape they’re in.

I can’t at all imagine someone like Chalmers being race ready now. He’s probably commenced his taper, but as Majer said, it’s just training.
Great form though.


One shouldn’t overlook Elijah Winningtons 400 free effort as well. 2nd best by Australian at that age. Would be interested to see where that fits in a global context for the age. Thorpe time at a similar age is unworldly but Winnington is 3 seconds faster than Horton and 4 seconds faster than Hackett.


From another angle, bad news for Magnussen


Would be nice if he DOES swim those times at Trials but I’d still mark them as possible rather than likely. I’d actually rate the sub22 as slightly more likely although I suspect it would be only just below. People need to remember his 100 PB is only 48.40s and that is still quite a way from sub48.

This may be seen as heretical and contrarian by some but my gut instinct is telling me that AUS Trials may NOT be nearly as fast as some may be predicting. Whilst there are likely to be some stellar times, they may be fewer than expected and there may be a surprising spread of events with (1) no qualifier (esp on men’s side) and/or (2) only one qualifier.


Re PB point the last time I can remember age champs pre opens was 2000 when one Liesel Jones put up a fast times in the breast including a 1:08.30 and then made her way onto the Olympic team a month later.


aswimfan, Chalrmers will turn 18 this year, so he has to break the WJR this year or else he can´t do it next year



yes I know that. Chalmers has 8 months to do it. If not at the trials, he can do it in Rio if qualify for individual or selected for relay lead off.


With regards to age-groupers; its a case of taking a note of names and watching if they continue to progress year by year and/or whether they start making any kind of showing in Open competition (ie contending for finals at Nationals).

Some make that jump comparatively early; some leave the sport before finishing age competition; some stellar age-groupers continue in the sport but never make the step to national team level.

Realistically, outside of Chalmers, I’m not seeing anyone else who is likely to contend for Rio selection. The likes of McKeown Jr & Parish may well make event finals that would be the “ceiling” for anyone seen so far.


It seems to me some of the star age-groupers are not in this champs. Maybe the fact that it is being held one week before the trials has something to do with it.
For example, Minna Atherton is not swimming here.


common, will Chalmers focus on the 50/100 or 100/200? While he can be stellar on 2 events, can´t see anyone doing that on 30.
Probably is too soon for him to medal on 50 and with swimming a 200 he will probably won´t contend for medal.
Focusin on 100/200 on the other hand if he improves a lot he may have a chance to 5 medals including the 3 relays


It is super extremely extremely unlikely Chalmers win an individual medal in Rio, even if he qualifies in all three individual events.


Aswimfan, I am not expecting it in Rio.. I was thinking more of a long term carrer


Ah I see. Well in that case, I agree with you. 100-200 would probably yield greater results.


It’s great that Mr. Chalmers is showing very promising times for this year. But perhaps after Rio Mr. Chalmers and his coach should seriously consider him staying as a 50/100m freestyle sprinter and instead of going for the 200m freestyle (where Australia is comparatively very strong) focus on 100m butterfly. I remember from 2 years ago that he had a mean 50m butterfly, and I think it was mentioned that his best time in 100m is about 53. He’s young, however, and focusing on the 100 I believe he could be competitive in Australia in just a year. Other than David Morgan (a 200m butterfly racer) Mr Haydler and Mr. D’Orsogna have been somewhat erratic in their performances. Anyway, just something to think about.


To illustrate the CW’s point. I used to watch two very promissing young ( at age 13-15) swimmers of equal strength from Lake Forest, IL high school. In case of first one it’s happened to be the situation of early and very strong puberty with no progress after 16. Another guy went all the way to Olympic gold medal.


What Chalmers may pursue in future is open to speculation but to date his focus has been primarily 50/100free.

I feel he will concentrate on these at Trials for the clear reason that his path to selection, at least for individual swims, is much clearer. Whilst he is no certainty to make the AUS QT in either, both are potentially in range and he is probably “2nd money” behind McEvoy in both.

This 200 foray looks more a “marker” to selector for MX200 relay rather than individual selection where he is still a few rows back in betting. He may not swim through the rounds at Trials but rather look to throw down a fast heat time to set down another marker for the selectors.

Whilst its a promising sign for the future; he would most likely only be a heats option for the 4X200 as this time isn’t really taking it forward as regards competitiveness. Then again, relay medals may be a very tough ask for AUS in Rio especially on the men’s side.

The future ?? Hard to say as it was thought at one point that Magnussen would take this track but that never really progressed.

For33, there is a significant issue with your proposal. Whilst its quite common for top line swimmers to be international class in more than one stroke; its much more uncommon for them to be of equal stature in both and furthermore; even rarer for them to be firing in both strokes at the same time. Not impossible …. just rare.

Why “compromise” a top line freestyler to make a merely adequate flyer who inevitably DOESN’T plug the butterfly hole in the AUS men’s program. It could happen but there are strong reasons why it may not.


CW, of course the Olympic medals will be a tough task, it’s the Olympic games, but in Cameron McEvoy (1:45.94), David McKeon (1:46.33), Daniel Smith (1:46.50), Tom Fraser-Holmes (1:46.83) and Grant Hackett (1:46.84) & throw in Chalmers & Horton, there is some serious depth of quality swimmers here & there is a big chance some of these guys (TFH & McEvoy) will improve quite dramatically in the Olympic year. Only time will tell.


As others have mentioned Chalmers is surely not fully race ready, nor ready to show his full repertoire just yet, (he isn’t racing the 100 at the age championship), he is just getting some race practice. However, he has just swam PBs in both the 50 & the 200, a optimists like myself would expect a PB in the 100. His 48.40 from last year was from a very inexperience swimmer, this is the Olympic year, Maggie’s injury has opened up a door for an individual spot. A sub 48 is a huge potential.
Imagine he then has till August to improve even more.
I understand your caution CW, but this is a blog, it’s not as if Chalmers and his coach are listening to what we say.

I’m calling it sub 48 for Chalmers next week, at least I hope so, based on strong form leading up!!!!!! Happy to be proved wrong


Chalmers is not swimming the 100 in this age champs?

Wow. He (and his coach) must be really serious then about his chances taking the individual spot.


Rob, what I am doing is going off the current evidence before me rather than hanging my hopes on best case scenarios. They (occaisionally) DO play out but more often than not don’t.

– McEvoy IS looking good
– Smith’s form does give one confidence and Chalmers’ time can be seen as a positive.
– Hackett’s preparation has been compromised and has to be seen as doubtful.
– When TFH has had good years, he was swimming well coming into Trials; we certainly haven’t seen anything so far. -Horton …… is “plodding”; is this an on-going legacy of last years illness or has his confidence also taken a hit ?
– You’re welcome in put trust in McKeonD, I don’t.

You see this relay as a medal chance whilst I would only mark it down on my most optimistic scenario. Olympics usually do throw up some “long shots” who bag themselves a medal even gold, some may even be Australians. I just rate other AUS prospects higher on the list of probabilities.

Chalmers in the 100 at Trials; whilst the sub48 IS clearly possible PBs of over half a second in races of that distance when we’re already talking international class times are pretty damned rare. I think a 48low is a safer bet.

Like you, I’m very happy to be proven wrong


I think Kyle can scare even Cameron at trials 26sec last lap of a 200m, looks good for his 100m back end!


Good to see another sprinter taking on the 200 free. And I expect this relay to perform better than the 4/100 free.

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