Katie Ledecky Posts Eighth-Fastest 400 Free (4:00.31) In History At Atlanta Classic

Katie Ledecky [Photo: Peter Bick]

Katie Ledecky covered the 400 freestyle in 4:00.31 at the Atlanta Swim Classic, good for the eighth-fastest time in history.

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Katie Ledecky covered the 400 freestyle in 4:00.31 at the Atlanta Swim Classic, good for the eighth-fastest time in history.


kevin roose

Larkin wont be beaten in the 100/200 back he is a pure technician and at the height of his powers. Winning the double at Kazan has given him the self beleif that he can do anythink …
i have no dought Murphy will swim faster in his career than Larkin …but not this year


Woooo there Kevin, he is certainly not a master technician. There are technically better backstrokers, Lacourt, Irie, Xu. While I think he is the one to beat in the 200 whoever the 2 Americans are in that race will be extremely hard to beat. World champs last year is not than accurate a guide. Very few Americans were at their peak form. In the 100 I don’t think Larkin will win, not only that he could miss a medal altogether. Murphy isn’t far from going 51 which in turn will push Grevers to 51 & Lacourt will be right in it. Will be a great race….as for Seebohm she won’t win the 200. 2015 was her year

kevin roose

Hmmm big call stating that Larkin could miss a medal altogether , he was voted Fina male swimmer of the year 2015 so some people rate the guy.
Yes the Americans were miserable at Kazan against lofty heights they expect and will be better in Rio but apart from Murphy who else is there in the American camp certainly not Plummer or Grevers they have had there day .
Lacourt like wise is past his best , Xu is a unknown as are all the Chinese swimmers. All Murphy will do is push Larkin to a world record but time will tell

Felix Sanchez

Larkin seems in a very good place – I’d be pretty surprised if he missed either podium. However, a double is probably slightly odds against. The 100 has the potential to be very competitive, and I expect Murphy and Grevers to be fast (unconvinced by Lacourt at the moment). The 200 was dominant last year, but time wise it was no Lochte. There’s plenty of room for someone to come good in Olympic year.


Larkin WAS, actually, quite technically messy at AUS Trials as he was wandering around this lane in both 100 & 200.

From this we can read that he, clearly, has room to improve on the times that HE has set down. He was similarly untidy at 2015 Nationals and cleaned it up for Worlds so clearly we have that precedent to gauge from; what he will do in Rio, none of us can know as yet.

I DO think that many Americans ARE getting very carried away with their predictions of Murphy swimming 51sec. Yes, this is a very plausible scenario for Murphy but equally so for the likes of Larkin or even Grevers.

As for Larkin doing the double; its a very real scenario but still a very tough ask. If he’s on his game, and has tidied up his act from Trials, then its just as fair to say that he has as much or more scope for improvement as Murphy.

Whilst possible, I feel it would be a major surprise if he missed the podium in the 100 let alone the 200, barring illness or injury interventions. The 200 would be the safer bet for gold.

TBH, both American & A



I can understand Americans getting carried away with Murphy as he has proved he can swim LCM as well as SCY.

What I completely don’t understand is Americans saying that Townley Haas to swim 1:44 just because he swam 1:30 in SCY. And there are many Americans who believe so. Many people don’t know their swimming history. BUrnett who held the previous record at 1:31.20 was never below 1:46 in LCM. I don’t even think he swam 1:46 in textile.

As for Larkin, I think his chance for gold is better in 200 than in 100. I rate him equal chance with the two top Americans and Lacourt in 100, but I rate him greater chance in 200 than Rylov, Irie, Murphy in 200.

Felix Sanchez

Is Townley Haas suited to 200 l/c?

If he has real middle distance suitability, Burnett is s tough comparison. He was always more of a sprinter, for whom 200 yards was more like the top of his range.


I mentioned Burnett because he was the previous record holder, a record that was regarded as a very fast record and lasted for quite a while (especially for a SCY record). Right after Haas broke the record, there were excited chatters and 1:44 were thrown about casually.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. This happened every year after NCAA nationals where (mis)translations into LCM times were speedily and casually made every time a NCAA record was broken. I still remember that Cordes was expected to swim 2:04 two years ago after his NCAA titles.

Felix Sanchez

I do agree with you about some observers’ response to SCY records. Just genuinely asking if Haas is physiologically suitable to a 200l/c, because Burnett never was.

Dave Nicholson

Grevers is pretty far from “finished”. He showed some good speed in the Duel, admittedly in SCM.

Also, has Haas put up a recent LCM marker? Poly-suited, 23 year old Burnett swimming a one-off blinder might not be the best comparison to a teenager in textile who’s just starting to show what he’s capable of.

Lastly, where are these “many Americans” who are “getting carried away”?



Burnett swam that 1:31.20 in textile, can’t remember the exact date. definitely pre-2008

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