Katie Ledecky Posts 15:42.23 Mark in 1500 Freestyle for No. 5 All-Time Performance

Katie Ledecky, the outstanding swimmer of 2014 [By Peter Bick]

In what was the latest sterling performance of her already epic (and heightening) career, Katie Ledecky started the USA Swimming Pro Swim Series in Mesa, Arizona with a 15:42.23 display over 1500 free; fifth-fastest performance ever

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In what was the latest sterling performance of her already epic (and heightening) career, Katie Ledecky started the USA Swimming Pro Swim Series in Mesa, Arizona with a 15:42.23 display over 1500 free; fifth-fastest performance ever



Her consistency in delivering extremely fast freestyle times all year round reminds me of Thorpe. Astonishing.

Craig Lord

yes, aswimfan, I guess if you’re heading to 15:15 – 15:20 waters, pacing nearly 2sec down on that clock at a low-key moment is in line with everyone else when it coms to where you’d expect folk to be at this stage: she’s living ahead of the curve and her time.


Pretty good time by that 13 year old….


@ Craig,

sorry for OT. Do you know what is the status of the late finals in Rio? I know it is now on the Rio website but I was wondering whether there is still a chance for this to be reviewed.

I am worried that there will be a lot of casulties as I cannot see all swimmers to adjust to this crazy finals times.


Same for everyone

Craig Lord

As things stand, TommyL, they are sticking to it and ignoring the views of a great many athletes and others. Money/prime-time US is all that counts. I know that the debate and opposition still goes on in the background, however.

Craig Lord

Not quite the same for everyone on a few levels, felixdp, one being that not everyone’s accommodation arrangements through NOCs will be the same and arranged with sports and timings and schedules in mind. Swimmers will be at the mercy of such arrangements, a point often ignored by those who same ‘same for all’. If your room is next to hockey players who are up at 6-7am and you got to bed at 2.30am, the risk of disruption is real. Such things may be painted as trivial by those who don’t spend 4-8 years preparing for a singular moment only to find that arrangements made on their behalf don’t stack up to ‘best ever’ – those who benefit in such environments are the nations that have resources and strategic planners who will work through such issues and minimise/remove the problem. So, it won’t be the same for all, you can guarantee it. I think the ‘same for everyone’ is a msg that works for coaches who need to have their swimmers believe that – and it works for those planning this bad move and those accepting it. Reality rests somewhere else.


Thanks Craig.

Did you discuss this topic with any of the top coaches in terms of training regime towards Rio?

Is anyone thinking of having the evening training session at 9-10pm in order to adapt the body for that?


katie ledecky is really consistent.not many women have been close to 15:40 and only 2 have been sub 15:40, lotte friis and ledecky.ledecky,s best time is 10 seconds faster than friis,s best.15:28 to 15:38.however,i don,t find the women,s 1500 free exiting bcos it,s not competitive bcos u have just 1 swimmer swimming for the gold medal. on the men,s side we have sun yang,gregorio paltrinieri,mack horton,ryan cochrain etc.that competition at least makes the race exciting and gives u rivals to talk about.sports in about more than breaking world records and winning gold medals.rivalries makes sports more exciting.swimming was exciting when we had the michael phelps,ryan lochte rivalry.right now there is no rivalry in swimming to capture the imagination of those that are not into swimming.i would have said chad leclos and phelps could develop a rivalry but phelps is much older than chad leclos for a rivalry to develop.


I agree that rivalries make sports interesting to watch or follow.

However, there are too few opportunities in one year where top swimmers race each other to develop any rivalry. Say, this year there could be only one race where Magnussen and Adrian will swim again each other, compared that to tennis where top players can play multiple times against each other.
There’s the world Cup, but most top swimmers don’t care about the event. That’s what makes NCAA exciting for the Americans :many opportunities for racing and thus rivalries between individual swimmers and schools.

I hope that pro swimming plan gets developed soon so swimming can have our own version of diamond league series or atp masters.


It’s reading the tea leaves with 13year old girls- some will go on to be the next Elizabeth Beisel or Dana Vollmer; others are just early developers who then plateau hard around 15 or so.

I remember seeing Becca Mann for the first time at that age, and thinking that she looked like a very young 13 then, which was a good thing. She’s since developed into a very solid open water/pool distance swimmer.


She is dramatically slowing down, and way off her best.

Only joking!

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