Katie Ledecky Pops No. 4 All-Time 800 Free (8:13.02); Lochte, Phelps Claim Victories

Katie Ledecky by Patrick B. Kraemer

Katie Ledecky’s winning time of 8:13.02 in the 800 freestyle was the fourth-fastest mark in event history and the latest proof of her overwhelming dominance.

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Katie Ledecky’s winning time of 8:13.02 in the 800 freestyle was the fourth-fastest mark in event history and the latest proof of her overwhelming dominance.


Rain Maker

Decent swims from Lochte and Phelps at this stage of their training. Great swim by Ledecky while in the middle of hard training and just coming off a 3 week camp at altitude. I think a sub 8:10 is in the works this summer!


Impressive stuff from Arkady Vyatchanin. Nice to see Phelps racing again.


I really love Ledecky’s no nonsense attitude of “I am going to swim fast and I don’t care if I die at the end of my swim but the only way I know how to swim is FAST”/

It’s fourth gear from the get go.


Here’s the thing that always bugs me:

Swimming will NEVER be as popular and has great value as the other sports if its top swimmers are not being professional and do not treat its fans and followers with great respect.

Coughlin, Manuel, Neal, Dirado, etc etc. swam prelims this morning and then scratched final because they “had flight to catch”.

This is ‘PRO SERIES”, and as such, we expect everything to be professional, the most of which is the athletes themselves.
You don’t get to see Usain Bolt running in the heats in a diamond league series, and then withdraw from the final because he “has a flight to catch”.
Or Federer, or Woods, or Williams, etc etc.

I propose that there should be a penalty for those swimmers who scratch final without any strong reason to do so (injury etc).

Scratching finals because you “had flight to catch” may be acceptable when you swim age group meets or college swimming, but it is so not OK when you swim in a “PRO SERIES”. It should not be called “PRO” when the attitude and behaviour is “amateurish”.

I am always sympathetic when swimming and swimmers do not get coverage that they deserve but when this kind of thing happening it left me frustrated. And this has happened far too many times among elite swimmers.

end of rant.


Agree completely with aswimfan’s rant above.


Observation: in the past, under coach Troy, Lochte had trouble swimming fast while not rested. Interesting he is able to do that now with a leaner training regimen. Will be interesting to see what he can do tapered…


*relatively fast


Aswimfan – I totally agree with you, but Bolt is the worse example you could have used! He refused to run in London meetings because he did not want to pay tax! This is a man who earns millions every year out of Athletics and denies fans the pleasure to watch him in action because he is avoiding tax?!?


Bolt was easily the worst example to use, he couldn’t be bothered running at the Commonwealth games.

I totally disagree with you anyway. It is hardly a pro series, you cannot compare swimming to professional sports so your point is utter garbage. I’m sure if they were competing for a $5 million purse each weekend like golf does they wouldn’t be flying out early.

How many people are making a living out of winnings in swimming? Hosszu & Chad? That’s 2. Find something else to rant about.



But we have to start somewhere if swimming as a spectator sport wants to grow and be taken seriously.

If everyone (swimmers, hard-core fans, etc.) does not want the above, then I guess this kind of behaviour and habit is OK and status quo is preserved.
But that’s not what I have been hearing and reading.

By the way, I realize that my example of Bolt is not ideal, but asking Bolt to swim Commonwealth is like asking Phelps to swim Pan Ams.


Even if this pro series is hardly “pro” as in your opinion, it is not an amateur event like age group meets or college swimming.

People PAID money in advance to come and watch their favorite swimmers swim.

Just as you know, my rant is not directed to any particular swimmers (I love and respect Natalie Coughlin, btw), but more on this habit that have been far too many.

Bad Anon

The invitational meets that offer more prize money I believe are the way forward and a Diamond league for swimming should be set up to give swimmers a living from their sport. Bolt earns up to 100k per race on the Europe circuit, Hosszu and Leclos have to win 50races to make that much, its actually not funny #sadforswimming


I keep hearing about how difficult it is for swimming to attract sizeable sponsorship, but why would big brand want to sponsor events where half of the top competitors in a blue ribband event (ie. 100 free) are missing in the final because they “had to catch a flight”?

And I agree with big Anon. I think pro events like the ones in Singapore or Perth may be better for future of swimming where pro swimmers can make money.


even katinka hosszu has to participate in so many events to win a decent amount of prize
money in swimming.i don,t think that swimming so many events is good for her.aside from michael phelps there is no real millionaire swimmer,but most of phelps earnings come from endorsements not actual prize winnings,he has those endorsements bcos of his success,what of swimmers who are not as successful as he is.athletes like roger federer and serena williams make big money from both prize money and endorsements.swimming is not a high reward sport.


Prize winnings can increase much only if sponsors and spectators are willing to fund events. Hence, the significance of my points above.


I agree 100% with aswimfan! If they weren’t planning to stay for finals there’s an easy solution: don’t swim prelims! It’s only being respectful of your fans, the people who make it possible for them to have prize money by buying the products and the tickets! I don’t have all the answers for supporting more pro swimmers, but this is DEFINITELY not it!

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