Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps Secure Wins To Open Pro Series Action in Orlando

Katie Ledecky - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Katie Ledecky prevailed in the 200 freestyle and Michael Phelps bested the field in the 100 butterfly to open action at the Orlando stop of the USA Swimming Pro Series.

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Katie Ledecky prevailed in the 200 freestyle and Michael Phelps bested the field in the 100 butterfly to open action at the Orlando stop of the USA Swimming Pro Series.



Ledecky is getting 19 in two weeks. Bye-bye golden junior years. Welcome adulthood.


Schmitt was 1:56.77 in December. After three months of no show she is 1:58.18. Not good.


Ledecky’s last 100 in 400 IM is faster than the male gold medalist (Kalisz).

Craig Lord

Not the male gold medallist and four others in the Olympic final, aswimfan and 4:40, and easily in line with everything she’s done for a while on freestyle, no aberration in sight. Where there is context, best spell it out for all to see 🙂

Philip Anderson

200 free individual spot are more likely go to Ledecky and Franklin(despite Franklin has a tough double). The question is how fast will three of them be at Rio? I really like to see them break that 4x200WR. If they miss it this time, they probably wouldn’t have a chance to break it again.


Yes, Philip. It looks like there will be no excitement at trials with W200 freestyle. This trio is indeed very close to break WR. It will be enough if Franklin swims as she did it in Kazan and Schmitt swims solo at 1:56 flat. Franklin repeated exactly what she did in Austtin. Her performance looks stable with plenty in reserve. Schmitt is very unpredictable. For some reason none of these three swimmers tried fast start.
I think this meet is more about 100 freestyle then 200. I expect this race on Friday to be more intense.


Asf, why Ledecky swims so persistently 400I’m? She doesn’t make any promising progress with other strokes. I can suggest only that it is a part of preparation for 200 race that will be decided at last 40-30 meters. She needs a broken rhythm and needs to be tired before starting last 100. If it is so then i’m not surprised with her fast freestyle finish. Using 400 freestyle may not serve this purpose as good as 400im.

Craig Lord

Yozhik, right lines. There is a reason she’s coming home consistently on 59s I would imagine. These are training swims.


Yozhik, your comment about Schmitt.

The difference is around 1.4 seconds? I wonder on what ground you make you statement “After three months of no show she is 1:58.18. Not good.”

If you compare her splits with the swim in December, they are similar, and only show work in the arms has caused the drop. I would also imagine she is not rested now, as she may have been for winter nats.

By the same measuring stick then, Ledecky is “Not Good” either, as she is 1.3 seconds down on a time she swam in season in January…

1:58.1 may not be as good as her time in December but it is still Decent. Our perception of in season swims has been ruined by outstanding stars that perform all year round.


In contrast to other people’s expectations, I thought Ledecky would swim another 1:56 in the final and boom!, she goes 1:55, which would have gotten on or just outside the podium at any WC final in the 2000s, save perhaps the rubber year (I didn’t check).


Philip Anderson

I agree what McEvoy said after his 100 free ‘Everyone in the world has really stepped up, and I had to follow suit and step up in my own way.’ Franklin need to push herself to 1:56 at season(with no double a evening), if she wants to medal at Rio.

She has busy two weeks ahead, after this Pro swim, she and her coach will go to Speedo Championship Series. We’ll see how she performs her baby event.

Schmitt had swam 200 free 100 fly double today.

Three of them really need well prepare for the 4×200. I don’t think the head coach will requires them take down that WR, they will ensure gold, the only important thing. If swimmers can get the WR, it is a bonus. Like London W4x100M, do you think they had conversation they want that WR before the race?

Ledecky dropped 400 and 800 free this time, she usually entry 7-8 events. This time she entry 3 freestyle events, which mean she will add other stroke event. Two IMs are good choice, otherwise she will had to do 200 back or 200 breast. Although she can entry 200 fly, she didn’t touch this event in a quite long time. About your reference of Ledecky didn’t make progress at 400 IM, Bruce is a distance specialist, I guess they didn’t practically train her in IM. She doesn’t have the resource of IM at NCAP.

Why she swims it persistently? She just enjoy it.


ThereaLuigi – You are quite correct. Infact, Even the 1:58.1 of AS would have won the 2000 Olympics, 2001 in Fukuoka, 2003 in Barcelona, silver in 2004 in Athens, and gold in Montreal 2005.

Ledecky would have been on the podium Every year except 2008/2009/2013, and Barring herself in Kazan, she would have been on there too.

paolo rubbiani

Great double for Melanie Margalis: 1.58.38 in the 200 free and, short later, 1.07.37 in the 100 breast: she could have a great 200 im in her.

In a “Ledeckyan dimension” not too satisfactory her 4.40.9 in the 400 im. Northeless her overwhelming 59.8 in the last 100, a lot of work to do in the previous legs (not only in the breaststroke leg) to become a really competitive swimmer in the distance. I think that “the 400 im project” will be delayed after Rio and it will be interesting seeing if will be the 100 free the fourth individual race in Ledecky’s Olympic schedule, or she will stick with the 400 im.


@Wez: you are right. By watching just one race it is hard to say at what stage of preparation for OT Schmitt is now. Maybe she and her coach are satisfied with her performance yesterday. When I said ‘not good’ it ment that it is not good with my expectations. I want to see her fast. Very fast. I like this swimmer and her Olympic race which I can watch again and again. Sorry for confusion.



Fair enough. I think its fair to say that we expect our favourites to always be on top of their game. Especially considering AS is the reigning Olympic Champ.

She has had a good climb back towards the top, and i think we can see her putting in a brave performance on the 200 free at OT.

Certainly will be a wonderful inclusion to the 4×200 free, and judging from the momentum she has been building since a disappointing first quarter of her Olympic campaign, she will get close to 1:55 if not go that.

She did do the double as well, swimming 100 fly as a training swim. She is definitely in training.


@Philip Anderson,
As I said, American potential 4×200 relay team is really ready for world record.
If Franklin swims individually 1:55.5 and Schmitt goes 1:56 and Ledecky together with forth member of the team average 1:56 and subtract 1.5 sec for relay starts (about 0.3 sec RT), then there we go – 7:42.
Last year Franklin swam at this rate and Schmitt with her 1:56.77 gave a hope that 1:56 is doable. 0.3 seconds for relay start is about standard level. What I am afraid of is that swimmers will be strongly instructed to be very careful with starts and do not jeopardized gold medal by DQ.

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