Katie Ledecky Grabs Second Jewel Of Triple Crown With 1:53.73 Triumph In 200 Freestyle

Katie Ledecky (USA) by Patrick B. Kraemer

By winning the gold medal in the 200 freestyle, Katie Ledecky moved within an almost-certain triumph in the 800 freestyle of joining Debbie Meyer (1968) as a triple-freestyle victor at the Olympic Games.

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By winning the gold medal in the 200 freestyle, Katie Ledecky moved within an almost-certain triumph in the 800 freestyle of joining Debbie Meyer (1968) as a triple-freestyle victor at the Olympic Games.



I’m a huge fan of Shane Gould and everyone here knows that.
But I have to say that Ledecky is now the Greatest Female Freestyler of All Time.

Her major medals, her records and her longevity seal this title for me.


W200fr: Sjostrom gave herself too much to do on the way home and Ledecky realistically wasn’t going to weaken.

Hats off to McKeon who, unlike in the 100fly, went out and gave herself a chance. Her talent is unquestioned. Hopefully, now this will give her the self belief that she can not only compete with the elite but also belong in that company

M100fr: Adrian served notice that he’s certainly still around and will take some beating. Chalmers mental outlook certainly stands out as a contrast to so many of his team mates with their ” the weight of the world is upon me” air.

McEvoy was better than his heat but certainly not stamping his ownership on the event. Conderelli & Dressell will clearly be thereabouts. Damned if I know who’s going to win !


Yeah..so happy for mcKeon especially after those tears post 100 fly final.

In this race, Emma showed a bit of confidence attacking the race from the start. She completely didn’t do that in 100 fly, which is especially weird considering she has the sprint chop and the endurance to make it home.

I hope her renewed confidence can make her go bang in the w4x100 medley. Australia needs her to do that just to secure a minor medal.


Chalmers’ physique looks a lot more defined than he was during trials.
That 47.8 is the second Junior world record he broke today.
I don’t know about Adrian, he swam max in the semis tonight. Certainly is n for a medal, but not sure if he can swim much faster tomorrow.

I think gold is around 47.30-47.40

Bad Anon

Great time by O’Connor, nearly caught Hosszu… 2.06.88,European record… Makes Hosszu’s 2.06.15 not so much off the chart after all……


Bad Anon, 2:06.88 is not Europea record.

Have you forgotten that Hosszu is still european? 🙂


SPW/Bohl squad is finally swimming close to their best.
Groves, TFH, mcKeon, and I almost forgot that Barratt swam 1:55.22, a PB!


Hosszu changing gear in the final 15m to get away from SMOC is almost carbon copy of her changing gear in the 100 back final.

To be able to do that in an Olympics final after several maximum fast swims is just mind blowing.

But anyway, Hungarian anthem is beautiful. Very classical.


I hope you are right ASF. Maybe they just missed their taper.


Hosszu’s 3 individual olympics gold. The last female swimmer to do that was Michelle Smith De Bruijn in 1996.

Katie Ledecky will match that in 800, but Hosszu will topple it with 200 back gold.

Had Hosszu represented USA, she would have come home with 6 golds and a silver.

Bad Anon

Of course; Hungary is in Europe, what was I thinking! But Townley Haas 1.44.1 split on that relay! phenomenal swim…. Poor Le Clos, Poor Pellegrini, Poor Cseh…..


ASF, 100% concur re McKeon’s 200. She just didn’t give herself a chance in that final. I really do hope that, should she continue post Rio, this DOES give her some lasting self belief. Maybe she can carry this through to the medley relay.

Barratt has always been a perpetual enigma …. and source of frustration due to her inconsistency. Major cudos for that PB. Dunno how they’re going to structure that 4×200 but if both she & McKeon can carry through this form, it will at least give the others some chance of holding onto a podium …. who knows, it may even lift them !

SMOC was excellent but she was never really threatening Hosszu. Care to bet against a 4th gold in the 200 back ?

The Americans had the M200brs marked down as “one of theirs” coming into the meet. Still thinking Prenot will be the more dangerous of the American duo but the Japanese will certainly make them work hard as will Willis. Koch has been less impressive.

Finally, Maddie Groves !! There has been zero doubt over the past 2 years that she can swim the times needed to be “thereabouts” internationally; but rather her capacity to put it together under pressure.

What she may or may not do tomorrow night, we cannot know but at least she has been going out there and giving herself a chance. As someone who’s been a Groves sceptic; I can only salute her for doing so and hope this gives her the self belief to go on from this

M200FLY: Phelps had to dig deep for that one ! Both Cseh & LeClos will be disappointed; maybe the latter was paying for his 200free exploits. In Kenderesi, one suspects we have the future of this event

M4X200: Another episode in the Phelps farewell series. The US weren’t earthshatteringly stupendous … but they didn’t need to be. JAP were strong throughout and GBR’s back half did the business.

McEvoy’s omission ? Perhaps it cost a medal; maybe silver but more likely silver given his propensity to “die hard” in this relay. However, given he was “under the weather”, his recovery will be compromised and his “emptying the tank” with an additional major effort tonight would clearly compromise his chances in tomorrow night;s 100.


A list of world champions who have been totally shut out from the podium in their individual events:

Emily Seebohm
Mitch Larkin
NIng Zetao
James Guy
Laszlo Cseh

Did forget any other name?

This is very very unlikely.
But that’s what Olympics usually are: past achievements mean nothing, and very cruel awakening at that.


CW, about McEvoy, 100% correct,being under the weather & not emptying the tank. In his interview, he said it was a decision from the coaches.

Now, the tourist, swam a wonderful 1.45.63 in the relay final. Add his 400 free, this his best int’l campaign.

Groves, another possible tourist, proving herself as well, hope she can get that medal.

Phelps, as I read elsewhere, while is was supposed to be a Michael v Chad v Cseh show, didn’t pan out that way with a couple of young guns gatecrashing the party, but there was 1 still involved, The GOAT.


Much talk about Australian swimmers fail to match their best swims, but what about the European power trio: Germany, France and Russia?

How many golds have they won combined?

Oh yeah, big fat zero.

Hungary without Hosszu is also pitiful.


ASF, what about Kenderesi re HUN ?

Rob, but was that really D McKeon or his doppelganger ? WADA, get on this case !! LOL


Seeing his sister get gold & individual bronze might have been the turning point!!!!


But I guess the most shocking swim is Cseh’ 1:56

Any explanation from our Hungarian friends here?

As I wrote yesterday, Le Clos has the talent, but his training preparation and questionable race strategies cost him dearly.
This time he didn’t look around much, but his fly and die swims in 200 free clearly negatively affected his 200 fly performance.

John Lohn

ASF, Inge De Bruijn with three gold in Sydney: 50 free/100 free/100fly


yes of course how can I forgot that.

Barnabas Mandi

Asf, I answered it in another article about the 200IM. Not the time it isn’t important. The abandon of the race.

Barnabas Mandi

And yes our anthem is beautiful. Not only the music (by Ferenc Erkel) what you can hear but also the lyrics (by Ferenc Kölcsey) what you can also hear but not understand 🙂

Tony McKinnon

A much better day for Australia, at long last a day when almost every Australian swam up to their best. Absolutely outstanding effort by Groves and McKeon to finally conquer their nerves. The boys in the relay were also superb three 1:45 plus swims, they were let down by their coaches decision. McEvoy is a intelligent mature young man – why didn’t the dumb coaches talk to a young man who is capable of making his own decisions. I suggest he is much more capable of making an intelligent decision than most of the people around him. Tommy F-H outstanding effort.
Kyle and Cam just outstanding.
Is today the day when the Australians finally toughen up get some fire in the belly and a steely resolve to complete rather participate. Great to see young men and women not trying to make excuses at post swim interviews.
Special mention for Bronte Barrett a class act as always the hallmark of her career, great to see her bow out with a PB.
Given the performances across the board in 200 free the 4×200 may not be a one nation show that every one expects. Let’s hope for a competitive race.
Such gutsy performances from Maddie Grove and Emma McKeon and the men’s 4×200 – the boys deserved better support from their coaches.
A final 4×200 that includes McKeon, Barrett and Groves may just be more competitive than every one thinks.


w4x2 may no longer be a one country show, but USA is still a lock for gold, in my opinion.

Even if they don’t use Franklin, this conservative scenario still works:
Schmitt 1:56.50
Smith 1:56.50
DiRado 1:57.00
Ledecky 1:53.50
for a total of 7:43.50

Not gonna break the WR, but still very safe for gold.


US: Schmitt-Franklin-Margalis-Runge

AUS: Neale-Barratt-Cook-Ashwood


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