James Magnussen Out Of World-Title Defence; Shoulder Surgery Set For June

The clock stops for James Magnussen this season [Swimming Australia]

James Magnussen will not defend his world 100m freestyle crown this August: the sprinter, global champion in 2011 and 2013 is to have shoulder surgery on an injury in a bid to settle the issues related to an injury well in time for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games four years after silver in London

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James Magnussen will not defend his world 100m freestyle crown this August: the sprinter, global champion in 2011 and 2013 is to have shoulder surgery on an injury in a bid to settle the issues related to an injury well in time for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games four years after silver in London



Magnuseen is #1 for 4 straight years (2011-2014).
When was the last time it happened? Did PVDH or Popov ever do it?

I can’t find anything on the web now after the beloved ranking list archive from swimnews is no more 🙁

I was very convinced Magnussen will do it again this year. Who knows, he will have good and fast recovery and later this year swim a time faster than Kazan winning time.

Craig Lord

Popov topped world ranks 1992, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97; VDH 1999, 2000, 02, 03, 04. The beloved swimnews archive of Nick Thierry belongs to me at swim vortex, aswimfan. It is not no more; it is simply not in the public domain right now.


As I said before, for the Falvey brothers to have seemingly dismissed the injury as ‘a niggle’ and hoping that Mags would swim it off really doesn’t bode well for their coaching. Quite unprofessional to not have looked at this sooner properly – surgery in June doesn’t really give him that much time to recover and then smash it at Trials.

Though obviously I don’t know what motivated him to leave Best’s SOPAC squad, I’m not sure the Falvey brothers are right, and Jacco etc. were right to question the decision. I like the fact that he’s a bit leaner now than under Best, but the stroke count in his trials swim was all over the place. And tiring out in the last 15m is not Mags at all, shoulder injury or not.



I think I am in agreement with you regarding Mags’s inexperienced coaches. It was stunning to hear his coaches wave it off like that while all Australian Swimming medical doctors recommended surgery, and it took interference from the administrators to force Mags to take the surgery option and off Kazan.


Maggie faces yet another challenge out of the pool.
Good luck mate. Hope to see you in Rio.


Yes sad news… But I do think Australian Swimming has James’ best interests at heart…


Aswimfan, I believe Mag’s coaches shrugged this off BEFORE the doctors examined him and recommended surgery, and likely their underestimating the problem was based on what the athlete told them at the time. Still it is a shame that this was not properly looked into a few months back.
Ps A 48 low with an injured sholder is amazing


There goes Australia’s chances in the 4x100m relay. I reckon they might still be able to take out the mixed relay though … Purely on the strength of the Campbell sisters and the lack of depth across both genders for all countries other than USA


aswimfan what Mag has achieved pales in comparison to Popov. 50 & 100 gold at Barcelona Rome Atlanta & the 100 in Perth. He didn’t get beaten in either of those events during all of that time until Pilczuk in Perth 98. Easily the greatest sprint freestyler ever.


Aussie relay will struggle. Cant see Mag getting an individual spot next year. There will be new kids on the block.


Let’s hope there will be new kids on the block….


I agree with Luigi, a 48 low with a shoulder injury is, indeed, amazing! I guess only rehab and time will tell whether, without injury and his current coaches, he can get back to 47 low.



I totally agree that Popov is the greatest male sprinter ever, no question.

I was just wondering about #1 ranking per year.



but there’s a;ready a brand new kid on the (relay) block. His name is Kyle Chalmers.


I think James Magnussen was at his best in 2011 – he has never really got back to that form despite all the sport sciences.

The new kid on the block is sitting at number 2 on current world rankings Cameron McEvoy. He has beaten Magnussen and by a lot more than the .01 of Adrian’s well deserved Olympic win. And on a few occasions. I can’t think of anyone else on the scene with the Magnussen scalp on his belt.

The relay might be a long shot but the 100 freestyle is within reach of McEvoy who is a talented and exciting swimmer to watch. My money is on McEvoy for the 100 in Kazan.


No way 2011.

Magnussen’s best year so far is definitely 2012.


If mcEvoy wins 100 in Kazan, he will be the smallest 100 m freestyle winner ever?


No se olviden de Morosov, va estar en casa. Y tambien es pequeño.


Do not forget to Morozov, will be home. And also it is small.


Yes, if either mcEvoy or Morozov wins 100 free, they will be the smallest 100 m free world champion ever.


Morozov is among the candidate to win 100 free gold now that Maggie’s gone.
On one condition: he doesn’t repeat his crazy kamikaze style from 2013 Barcelona. Well, if he does it again and swim next to mc Evoy, mcEvoy will only use him again as the rabbit, but now mcEvoy is a lot more dangerous than he was in Barcelona.


I am assuming nobody here mentions Manaudou because he won’t swim the 100 free?
I wouldn’t like to see Ning Zetao getting a medal. He is a swimmer with an asterisk by his name.


Also, Gkolomeev who is a favorite of mine has just entered the 48 club. Who knows, if he keeps improving maybe he might final in Kazan. It would be huge for him.


I think it’s great we have Chalmers for McEvoy to contend with… I just wish there’s a couple more young boys like him coming through as we badly need relay depth… I think D’orsogna has reached his peak …

Alexander graham was the next big thing not long ago but didn’t really improve into 48s territory


This is a tough blow for Maggie, SAL and the new coaching team. I think given he has had 30% power in his left arm his 48.1 is an incredible time and a credit to the new program thus far.

As for the comments made from HKSWIMMER and aswimfan don’t be foolish. If you had ever coached elite athletes you would know rarely anything that is told or said in the media is in fact the real sentiments of the coaching team or support network. The Falvey brothers believed the injury to be a major concern, however, were first and foremost guided by the advice given to them by Maggie’s long time physio. The same physio that never picked up his back injury in 2014.

I wish Maggie and his team all the best and look forward to him being back better than ever in the near future fully healthy…. it will be scary!


Where are these “new kids on the block” ?

– McEvoy’s been on the team for 3 years so already a known factor.
– Chalmers. Nice domestic times. Unproven internationally. At this point a maybe.
– Graham. Plateaued.
– Percy. Another “bright star” that’s failed to light up as a senior.
– To. A medley swimmer who’s failed to make the top in that field who is similarly short of the mark here
– McKendry. Not a “hazbeen” but rather “he never was !”
– D’Orsogna. Read for McKendry but times two.
– Abood. On the scene since 2007, never top class but a reliable enough relay swimmer.
– Delaney. For a couple of years, a backstroker of intl finals quality who somehow “lost it”. Not a top quality FSer. The fact that he’s made the relay squad speaks for the lack of depth in this event.

Peter; IF Magnussen can return to 48mid-low by next years Trials then I’d think he’s a more than reasonable bet for one of the individual spots. At this point, AUS only has McEvoy and then a “maybe” with Chalmers.

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