James Magnussen, Matt Abood, James Roberts Confirmed For Rio 4×100

James Magnussen, right, and Cameron McEvoy - back in the fray together - courtesy of Swimming Australia

Matt Abood, James Magnussen and James Roberts have officially been added to the Australian team for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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Matt Abood, James Magnussen and James Roberts have officially been added to the Australian team for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.



I can see a real threat for Gold in Aussie team. Magnussen relay only slot give him a position without the same (HUGE)pressure from last Olympics.I will not be surprised with him doing 46 high in relay.

Craig Lord

Yes, DDias, I see the potential for that kind of outcome, too.


*on paper, and IF all four legs swim anywhere near their best, there’s no reason why Australia can’t win men4x100 free. In fact, if you look at their PBs only, it’s as a lock as their women 4×100 free. With marginally better finish, Chalmers could have gone 47 in their trials. Which other country have four sprinters going PB 47 flat start?
1. They are lacking depth. They’ve got only Abood as a back up. Not a bad one. But it’s a huge chasm compared to PBs of Magnussen and McEvoy.
2. Magnussen looked heavy in Santa Clara. He’s lost that lean-ness that brought him to 47.49 and 47.10. It is unlikely that he’ll go under 48 flat start in the near future.
3. Roberts is getting better but nowhere near his PB of 47.6

At the moment I say Australia is at third behind France and USA, but if all of their swimmers are firing, then watch out world.


To be honest I am glad they are only taking 5 swimmers to Rio because they would need to swim the relay alternates, they can’t go to rio without having a swim… These are the best 5 swimmers Australia can offer right now so I think they made he right choice


ASF, I think you are correct, France & US are bigger favourites then the Aussies, but if Roberts & Magnussen fires, the Aussies are right in this.
I agree with Magnussen, he looks heavy, but if DDias & CL is right, wow!!!!!


Well firstly, Magnussen isn’t going close to 46high. He’s a shadow of his former self. He does no work, he’s not a team guy & his stroke looks nothing like 4 years ago.

aswimfan you’ve talked some jibberish there. Its 4 years since Roberts went 47. Magnussen hasn’t gone close for a long time & Chalmers didn’t….meanwhile the girls have 3 absolute stars who consistently perform so no that is a ridiculous comparison. McEvoy will do something crazy on the anchor. I believe Chalmers will perform as well Roberts. What kind of medal they win well come down to Magnussen & I think that’s Silver at best. Just cant see France getting beaten, Stravuis is such a brilliant anchor. Also I still believe Brasil will be right in it. As of course will USA, Russia & Italy.


How was I talking gibberish?

I only presented facts, I didn’t claim they will swim anywhere near their best, and if you read my comment in entirety, you would have known that I even said “Magnussen will not swim sub 48 flat start in the near future”, and “Roberts is nowhere near his PB”.

Please read my comment carefully, I did NOT claim that they are as lock as the women’s counterparts. I said “if you look at their PBs only”, then I explained the rest of my comment explaining why this is not so in current condition/reality.

Which one is gibberish?


Russia is gone. I expect they wont be too doped up. Might get caught. Same with the Brazilians. But what are the new rules. Do all swimmers have to have swim? Or can some reserves not swim!



You believe that Chalmers will perform as well as Roberts. Does this mean Roberts will split at least 47mid?


Stravius is a brilliant anchor..he is..but nowhere as brilliant as McEvoy.

kevin roose

If you are selected for the relay you must swim in either the heat or final …thats is why Australia have gone with only 5 swimmers probably resting Mcevoy for the final as anchor.
Its a wonderfull storey Abood first Olympics at age 30 , Magnussen back from shoulder surgery in 2015 missed Kazan and Roberts back from 2 shoulder reconstructions .
It will be one hell of a race and dont worry about Magnussen mind set he will be busting his gut to do well the only question has he had enough time to recover from his operation .

Craig Lord

p1robi – the way i read it is that those named specifically for teams as relay reserves MUST swim at least a heat or final. You can certainly read the rule as meaning that that is restricted to specific relay reserves but NOT to swimmers who are down to race in solo events (they can swim as many relays as they want, or not).


I would agree with Craig’s interpretation of that rule. Any swimmer who has qualified to swim any individual race may be used (or not used) in ANY relay.

However, those who are “relay only” selections MUST be utilised in either heats or finals of the relays for which they have been nominated barring any legitimate illness or injury which would need to “signed off” by the chief medical officer for the meet.

Case in point, Roberts, Magnussen & Abood must have at least one swim; be that heats or finals. With the women’s 4×100, there is greater flexibility with Elmslie being the only “relay only” whereas they are free to co-opt (or not co-opt) the likes of Seebohm, Wilson, Groves, Coutts, Barratt etc.


I think the Aussies are in with a shot at the medals, anything can happen in a relay and if they are anywhere near the lead on the last leg McEvoy will rip them apart!


Someone mentioned Italy as a dangerous team a few posts above. I thought so myself after Dotto’s sub-48 swim at Nationals and his European medal. But without Orsi – who failed to qualify due to illness – we are back to being a very mediocre team. Maybe even out of the final. 🙁


ThereaLuigi Doesn´t Orsi has this week Mare Nostrum to try to qualify?
But even without him I think Italy can qualify for final. I bet on a time of 3:14 mid high to final.
Teams who can go sub 3:15 are not so much:
USA, Russia, France, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Greece, Canada, maybe China and Poland.


p1robi, Can´t understand what you said about the Brazilian free relay, none of the guys on the relay were caught in doping before..


Rafael, I think he is dismissing the Brazilians as a chance for gold, as do I. It’s between Australia, France & the US (pending their trials).


Brazil, bad doping background in swimming.


Brazilians may not be in the favorites for gold or even silver, but I wouldn’t dismiss their chance of medaling. Being the Olympics host sometime can do wonder. Australia ended USA streak in 2000, remember.


Rafael, Orsi is not racing in Mare Nostrum. Last thing I heard he went to London hoping he would get a spot in the 50 and failed. I guess he will try to qualify for the relay at the Sette Colli trophy but I am not confident. There is simply not enough time.

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