Is Olympic Champion Allison Schmitt Signalling Career Resurgence On The Way?

Olympic 200m free champ, American Allison Schmitt [Photo: Mike Comer/ProVisuals, courtesy of USA Swimming]

Allison Schmitt continued to look sharp at the American Short Course Championships, signaling a resurgence in her career could be unfolding.

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Allison Schmitt continued to look sharp at the American Short Course Championships, signaling a resurgence in her career could be unfolding.



Without Schmitt, the rest of the world was already swimming for silver medal. With Schmitt anyway near her best, they might win by a whole lap.


Naturally talking about the Women’s 4X200. Sorry!!!


Robbo, what reads on paper very rarely eventuates in reality ….. namely having all the guns performing “on song” at the same time.

Whilst the USA has to be clear favourites; the fact of each of their wins at the last 3 major big meets (2012 Oly/2013 Worlds/2014 Pan Pacs) is that they’ve had to come from behind at the final change with an absolute “belter” anchor leg proving the difference. All of the 3 nominated US “guns” have provided these killer legs but have also put in some mediocre relay legs over their careers.

Schmitt returning to top form will most certainly strengthen the US hand in both the individual and relay. I would suspect that Franklin may be the one to lose out in the individual ……… although who knows whether Ledecky’s “run” will fully extend to the 200 AND whether it will last through to Rio.


with Missy going pro and concentrating on swimming LCM after March, I suspect she will be on the individual 200 free in Rio.

The other berth goes to Ledecky, is my prediction.

Schmitt resurgence remain to be seen on LCM. And frankly I don’t think I’ve seen any other healthy swimmer in the past decade that went through as dramatic peak and bottom as Schmitt in the past 4 years. Staggering.

Jim C

If the schedule forces a swimmer to make a choice between 200 free and 200IM, Missy might go with the 200IM.


why would Missy try the 2IM?


commonwombat: saying the US needed to “come from behind” implies weakness overcome by miraculous overperformance when in fact there are many other possible explanations. Perhaps the other teams ran their strongest leg earlier? Perhaps other teams front – ended the race with their three strongest swimmers in hope of building an insurmountable lead? Perhaps the US deliberately stuck their best leg on the anchor? All that matters is who gets their hand on the wall first.

Also, I think some of you are discounting Missy Franklin waaay too much in the 200 free. Perhaps an ill-timed injury at Pan Pacs and collegiate SCY focus in 2014 has made people forget her level talent. She’s an ace, she’s still likely the strongest 200M swimmer in the US.

Jim C

At the NCAAs Missy is seeded 1st 0.06s ahead of Simone Manuel in the 200 free, and 2nd 0.06s behind Elizabeth Pelton in the 200IM. Her IM might have a lot more room for improvement if she swims full time, and can focus entirely on LCM, and competition may be less intense in the IM.


And if Teri manages to continue to fix her breaststroke, which has been glaringly weak when she’s swum the 200 IM LC and doesn’t get the extra turn to camouflage her problems there.

The American women just have a knack for taking this event in generally clean competition, even in the late 90s/early 00s when they’d be lucky to get a 6th place in the individual 200 free finals.

Winners of women’s 4×200 FR at LC Worlds and Olympics 2003-onward:

USA- 5
China- 1 (2009 Supersuits)

(The 1986-2001 versions of the race were usually won by doping East Germans former East Germans including Dagmar Hasse and Kersten Kierglass on Germany’s 1998 winning squad, doping Chinese in Rome, and I’m also throwing out the DQ and timing system mess of 2001)

Olympic wins since first contested in 1996:

USA- 4
Australia- 1 (2008)


The 4 x 200 has been USA and AUS with daylight third for a while- can’t see that changing as they both have real depth in this event.
If one or two of the AUS girls drop a second or so it could get interesting for the gold again.


LOL. If Schmitt is getting her act together then Franklin is the most likely out of the top 2. I still think Franklin competing in college is the biggest reason of her decline. And still people doubting Ledecky’s rise in the 200 free. You’ll be in for a huge surprise.


Katie Hoff is the real wildcard for the 200 free and 200 IM. She was showing some signs of good progress in early 2014 before getting derailed by what turned out to be blood clots in her lungs at Summer Nationals and if she could get close to her previous form and swim a sane schedule, (the 400 free just isn’t going to happen again for her so drop that one for sure) she has the talent to make things interesting.

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