IOC: No Blanket Ban On Russia & Abdicates Duty But Efimova*, Lovtcova** Et Al: Gone

Russian swimming under renewed scrutiny - by Patrick B. Kraemer

The International Olympic Committee has failed to impose a blanket ban on Russia and has abdicated its duty by handing the decision on whether the country’s athletes can compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to international federations such as FINA. A dark day for the Olympic Movement, which has put money and power above the interests of clean athletes and sport

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The International Olympic Committee has failed to impose a blanket ban on Russia and has abdicated its duty by handing the decision on whether the country’s athletes can compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to international federations such as FINA. A dark day for the Olympic Movement, which has put money and power above the interests of clean athletes and sport


Ivan Yunis

The IOC are spineless cowards and failing clean athletes will now forever be Bach’s legacy. At least Efimova should be out.


How about Daria Ustinova
I know that there are two Ustinovas and am not sure if the Ustinova going to Rio is the one who got busted.

Craig Lord

Aswimfan – Daria K. is the backstroker and she tested positive at 14 – so yes, under the wording, she, too, should be gone.



How about team events that had athletes served doping suspension when they played for olympics qualifications
Does this mean the whole team can’t go or only individual athletes?

Craig Lord

good point – down to FINA, I would imagine… Russia women’s 4×100 medley for e.g…. qualified on basis of Efimova (Zueva can replace Ustinova if it comes to that) but Efimova a big gain on clock over next Russian


For example, Russia qualified for w4x100 free with Lovstsova and 4×100 medley with Ustinova


Are you happy about Efimova? What about USA athletes who have doping cases and will come to Rio? I am not even saying about Olympic Charter, which is broken by this criteria….

Craig Lord

Anna – I would be very happy to see Efimova, Gatlin and all others from any sports who tested positive in the past never to race in the Olympics again.


I am with Craig. I’d rather not see all athletes with past doping offenses to play at the Olympics.
But this is about Russia punishment, and Bach has chosen the easiest way out.
What would you suggest as punishment for Russia’s state sponsored doping system?

Eugene Chc

Craig, Efimova was punished for doping, but I’m sure she did it not specially. Most part of the year she lives in USA and tested for doping USADA. Dopers didnt use DHEA, this drug is easily caught and can even reduce the results.

For the systematic use of doping should be the most severe punishment, but for unintended drug use, should be given a second chance

Craig Lord

Eugene, she was given a second chance – and look what happened. I’m not getting into semantics about the strengths of one banned substance over another – athletes should not go there… (and she should have read the label) … the WADA Code is clear, on the substance and the responsibility – those are rules that apply to all and most manage to observe them. If sport wants clean sport, no excuses. And that should apply to the rest of them, too, Sun, Park and all. The lesser known and unknown athletes – full wada penalty. the ‘star’ – softness and excuses. That has to end.

Lanfranco badia

what beautiful Olympiads, the politics always commands, the relationship mclaren that founds him on inventions and the word of a man escaped in the usa and under pay of the cia I think, after vancouver the Russians have decided for the doping of state,
then that donkeys are, they don’t even know doparsi, gives incontestable, Olympiads of sidney 2000 32ori 28 silver 28bronze atenes 2004 27oro 27argento 38 bronzes pechino 2008 23oro 21 silver 28 bronzes london 22oro 23 silver 32 bronze, from the second place of sidney to 4posto in the medagliere of london respect to sochi 2014 the Russians have also won thanks to the naturalization of VIKTOR AN The strongest in the short track usual ex chorea of the south 3ORI 1 Bronze And Him ex Your Fellow citizen VIC WILD 2 Gold In the SNOWBOARD DOPIND From Naturalization
To speak of swimming the russia is behind doping or not doping, the efimova only athlete of value lives and he trains and him doping in USA Not In Russia To the World ones Of KAZAN In House A True Disaster, DOPATIs Male will Be Him 1ORO 1 Silver 1 Bronze with this I don’t want to defend the russia, I don’t like that for the struggle to the doping the more weak is looked for to hide the dopatis of the strongest or USA UK AUS Khan The wada false structure antidoping you/he/she is commanded by American Canadians English and Australians, and you tell me that it is independent, in italia Mafia As POLITICALY CORRECT is said, WADA = Mafia
The DOPING Non Sarah’ Ever Defeated The Greatest Part Of the Athletes Of the TRACK AND FIELD, SWIMMING, CYCLING E Sport Of Strength Him DOPING, The Sport is Corrupt, they are 35 Years That I Follow him/it From Near MA MI Enough For That That I have Seen, MI is Sorry For Florence GRIFFIT That I Knew To the World ones Of Rome Di 1987 And That DISGRAZIARAMENTE L’ year Later Definite to Win To SEUL Di to Take A Strong Dose Of Hormone Of the Growth, you/he/she has Enjoyed Few Of Those Victoria Con it Defrauds, Ten Years Later it is’ Disappeared To 38ANNI Despite Everything I Cry her/it, Unfortunately


About Efimova – Craig, and what happened next? Meldonium was banned since January 1, WADA and FINA confirmed that she didn’t take it after January 1. The case is closed with NO FAULT!!! Does the law and rules matter something to you? It is not just her words, it was proved by scientists from different countries and by scientific department of WADA. Or you think that they are also corrupt?

John Lohn

Anna, even if you “ignore” the meldonium with Efimova, she still has her other doping violation. She does not belong in Rio.

John Lohn

And just to be clear, any athlete with a doping violation should not be there – regardless of country.

Craig Lord

Lanfranco – no intention to insult you but this is incomprehensible. please try to write your note in your own language and then put through google translate; it may be easier to understand. Also, try to find balance and I would also recommend avoiding to excuse those who have done wrong simply because others might have done so too.

Craig Lord

Anna – you raise meldonium, not me. She has one asterisk by her name because she tested positive in 2013 and was suspended. That is on her record. I make no mention of her meldonium cases in recent articles if not to note what happened happened, and no denying it. The meldonium cases are a red herring. Yuliya now falls foul of the criteria laid down by the IOC – and the Games would be much the better if not a single swimmer who ever tested positive was in the water. I couldn’t care less where they come from. That is my honestly held view.

Craig Lord

Quite so – John states the official view of this website. We want clean sport. We want to celebrate genuine talent, hard and smart work and all the amazing things that can flow from sport.


Craig, it was you who raised Meldonium…”She was given a second chance – and look what happened” in your comments….
This criteria brakes Olympic Charter and was many times challenged in CAS!!! No one can be punished twice for the same thing…..

kevin roose

So my understanding of all of this now is if a Russian has a doping violation they cannot not go to the games?
If a Russian athlete does not have a doping violation they must proove they are clean thru WADA before they can compete?
It is not up to the Russian Federation ?


What a tragedy for all clean athletes who are now guaranteed to be competing against Russian athletes who have, over the past 4 years, been preparing with full access to performance enhancing drugs.

At least the previous guilty offenders and Athletics won’t be there, but from a swimming perspective FINA, I am sure will, as usual, do the dishonorable thing and let the swimmers compete notwithstanding the 19 disappearing positives.

Russia have already had 11 London Olympic medals withdrawn and reallocated (and counting), see:

I wonder what their reallocation medal tally will be for Rio 2016 if all Russian sporting federations (based on a OK from each International Federation) are allowed to compete. I would assume the WADA investigation would continue and that doped Russian Rio participants would have the have Rio medals later withdrawn based on the final report.

To Lanfranco badia, and those trying to defend Russia, I would say look at 2 facts. One is the 11 Russian London medals reallocated and two is the the fact that Russia has suspended officials:

Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko told the R-Sport news agency he had suspended his anti-doping advisor Natalia Zhelanova as well as Irina Rodionova, deputy head of Russia’s state-funded Sports Preparation Center, and two other officials.

I am sure these are the token sacrificial lambs but the bottom line is that Putin and Vitaly Mutko are not denying the accuracy of the WADA McLaren report.


Even if the operations side of this Olympics was running like a Swiss watch, there’s still a chance of much chaos ahead. WADA is currently doing a third and fourth round of retesting of samples from 2008 and 2012 with the chance that results from those round known actually during the Games.

So when Russians who are competing in Rio test positive (the first two rounds of retests indicate that there’s about a 95% chance there will be more) you could have them pulled from this Olympics not only after they’ve already competed in Rio, but also actually mid-event. Swimming isn’t so bad in term of reallocation in that regard- just pull up the first alternate after heats or semifinals, but in sports where a DQ order comes down after an elimination bracket is underway, it’s a mess and a half to try to figure out how fairly clean up the mess afterwards.


all Russian who has had doping violation regardless if they’ve fully served their suspension will not be able to go to Rio.
No mention about clean athletes.
But ultimately it will depend on IF (international sporting federation) policy, like IAAF has banned the whole Russia track and field team from competing.

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