In a Familiar Place, Michael Phelps Lands on Top of Podium in 200 Fly in Santa Clara

Michael Phelps [Photo: USA Swimming]

The time might not have been among his best, but Michael Phelps was in a familiar spot at the USA Swimming Pro Series in Santa Clara on Saturday night, winning the 200 butterfly.

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The time might not have been among his best, but Michael Phelps was in a familiar spot at the USA Swimming Pro Series in Santa Clara on Saturday night, winning the 200 butterfly.



I highly doubt Phelps will swim 200 fly next year.
And if he does, and somehow swim 200 fly in Rio, the result will not be better than his 400 IM in London.

I still just cannot get over the out-of-this world-ness that is Hosszu.

Simply amazing. There has been no other swimmer like her.

Bad Anon

Expected Franklin to be 59mid but from an earlier interview she said she was in the middle of hard training which makes her effort quite solid, she has always had a good taper and 58mid isn’t beyond her at all this summer; and yes, no swimmer like Hosszu EVER, swimming so fast all season, she’s just phenomenal. MP’a 1.57 is a great confidence boost for him.Certainly a good training swim for the 100fly, it would be career “suicide” for MP to pursue 2fly for rio


Phelps could medal in the 2fly in Rio. Win it? Let’s see what happens over the next six months or so. Regardless of he swims the event in Rio, swimming it at practice meets will help his 1fly and 2IM.


Big win from Phelps


For me Phelps has nothing more to prove and I am not sure what he is doing out there. I think he may just harm his legacy. 2012 was the perfect time to get out when he was still competitive. Really what more can he do?



I disagree with you. What Phelps doing is never going to harm his legacy, as his legacy is already set in stone.

Phelps is possibly the most competitive person on earth, and it is very difficult for him to be no. 1 in anything else outside swimming. Also, there are still a few records yet to be broken, so he just can’t leave swimming just yet.


Nice to see some positive results of Phelps return to hard training.

Bad Anon

I think what Chris is implying is that a loss in the 200fly in Rio will somewhat spoil his already impressive resume’. Le Clos win in London was a huge fluke and if he beats Phelps again in rio it will obviously hurt Phelps “legacy” particularly in an event he’s been so dominant in the past 15years


In his post-race interview, I thought his remarks were telling regarding the “lack of progression in this event over the last few years”.
It souded like he felt something should be done about that.

Bad Anon

Both men and women 200fly events have not been progressing as other strokes. For example Mel Stewart’s 1.55 from 1992 or Misty Hyman’s 2.05 from 2000 would be very competitive in 2015..


Bad Anon. Mary went 2.05 in 1981. Le Clos fluked an Olympic 200fly gold, sorry I’m not sure how you fluke Olympic swimming gold? He swam that race superbly & pounced on errors from Phelps. Chris that’s nonsense whatever Phelps achieves from now is only going to add to his leagacy not diminish it.

Bad Anon

By fluke I mean winning when it’s least expected. Did you honestly expect Phelps to lose his his pet event at the Olympic stage, honestly???? Yes, Le Clos swam a great race but on paper Phelps winning the 2fly in London was almost as certain as Soni winning the 100breast (all pun intended ).

Bad Anon

And both Mary T Meagher and Misty Hyman would be in the top 3 in the 2015 rankings for 200fly with their 2.05 efforts from 1981 and 2000 respectively.


Le Clos winning 200 fly was the most surprising result of London, I agree.
Not in the level of shocking as Hyman winning in Sydney, but close.

Maybe it was part luck that Le Clos won the gold, but Phelps himself has been the recipient of many “good luck” throughout the years, from Athens 100 fly, to Beijing 100 fly to Beijing 4×100 free

so all in all, the good luck is still in Phelps’ side, if you believe in that sort of thing.


It really is time to objectively look at the facts in the 200m fly. Chad Le Clos is unbeaten in the 200m fly at major championships since 2012……almost 3 years. He is the reigning Olympic, World and Commonwealth Champion, LCM, and the world SCM champion, and WR holder SCM. Phelps is not even in the discussion, and hasn’t been for the last 3 years. He is welcome to have a go in the 200m fly, if he fancies it, but he will be beaten by more that three swimmers, and by some distance, making it a complete waste of time. Swimming it at small meets and training for it should help the back end of his 100m fly, but that’s all. Chad is on the record about being excited to swim against him in Rio, and he would love MP to swim the 200m fly, if only to stop the uninformed talking about flukes.


Le Clos is super talented.
I just wished he were serious about at least getting closer to WR, or to break textile WR.

Phelps in 200 fly is done and dusted.

(Now my post will be printed on put up on the wall of Phelps’ bedroom LOL)

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