How Independent Review Might Have Saved A Fed From The FBI’s Knock On The Door

Editorial: FIFA, on many occasions, has resisted any notion that there was anything to worry about in its ranks when sound questions on troubling issues were raised. The leadership was backed by the ranks: no case to answer silence and support the order of the day. Different scale … but does it sound familiar?

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Editorial: FIFA, on many occasions, has resisted any notion that there was anything to worry about in its ranks when sound questions on troubling issues were raised. The leadership was backed by the ranks: no case to answer silence and support the order of the day. Different scale … but does it sound familiar?



The FBI is investigating FIFA. A lot of people especially on the internet think that the FBI should prosecute wall street bankers for causing the 2008 financial crisis and also war criminals. Dick Cheney,s name comes up a lot on the internet. Some people,especially in the USA are even angry saying that the FBI is wasting resources on a foreign problem when we have domestic issues to prosecute. If the USA can prosecute FIFA executives, can,t the European union prosecute US wall street bankers? I think FIFA is more concerned about losing sponsors than any damage to their reputation.


FINA might not be as dirty as FIFA, but one word should send shivers down the spine of the executives at FINA – Putin. They licked his boots and he probably threw in a few “benefits” to the male members of FINA to get the games.

Also, I think the sponsors will be hard pressed to say that this is a “surprise” to them. The sponsors did the cost benefit analysis of the level of known and unknown corruption, as well as the amount of workers’ deaths vs the tarnishing of their brand name and the ensuing bad press, and it seems that only now, are the sponsors saying the right things.

I seriously doubt that FINA is as corrupt as FIFA but FINA’s complete and utter intransigence and cluelessness in the face of the doping scandals, the reinstitution of the open water swim in the UAE, and trying to pimp out Michael Phelps (without his knowledge or agreement), and its interesting relationship with USA Swimming, should really give pause to those of us that love the sport of swimming.

Craig Lord

ApplesandOranges: yes, sponsors, like committee people and others, should speak out long before they do in my view. Their names are linked to all that a federation stands for…

Craig Lord

Roy, it isn’t a ‘foreign problem’ … the transactions in question are in US dollars, the currency of Intl sports by choice and the legal tender of the United States. Many of the transactions alleged passed through the US financial system. The cases are certainly within the bounds of U.S. jurisdiction.


Unfortunately FINA is too insignificant and holds no interest for US feds to mount similar investigation…


I agree that it it isn’t a foreign problem It,s some people on internet that are saying it,s a foreign problem. I think a lot of that money went through the US financial system. Aswimfan, it,s not that FINA is too insignifant for the US feds to mount an investigation. It,s just that FIFA is run like a mafia or a cabal compared to the other sporting governing bodies. The IOC is bigger than FIFA but is more transparent than FIFA. I,m not saying that the IOC doesn’t have it,s own corruption problems but FIFA is a different animal. By the way did FIFA make more profits from the last football world cup (2014) than the IOC made from the last olympics (2012). I heard FIFA made a profit of about 3 billion dollars. How much profit did the IOC make from the London Olympics?

Jorge Aguado

This history began with Host Dassler creating the club and helping Joao Havelange to win the election for FIFA during the seventies.

Jorge Aguado

I mean Horst Dassler (Adidas France) and The Club


There were three sources of corrupt payments: the bidding process for the rights to stage the World Cup, television rights and marketing agreements. In all these areas swimming just doesn’t rate so it doesn’t have the scope for corruption in the way that football(soccer) does.

There is one alarming parallel between the ‘FIFA family’ and the ‘FINA family’ and that is the disproportionate influence exercised by officials from developing countries. FIFA doles out substantial ‘development’ money to poorer member nations and we know it ends up in the pockets of officials. In the case of FINA, apart from the issue of benefits, allowances etc. provided to officials, we need much more disclosure about where exactly swimming ‘development’ money is going and strict evaluation of the effectiveness of that expenditure.

Craig Lord

That’s correct, longstroke. The two worlds don’t compare on the level of funds in and funds out. Where comparison works is the lack of genuine transparency and public accounting of process and chain of money.

Jorge Aguado

Blatter (FIFA President) was working in Swiss Timing when Horst Dassler caught and trained him in Adidas Headquarters in Landersheim before he went off to FIFA

Larry Laursen, WSCA Board, Africa

This is the answer from Nike to the Scheme E indictment. You will notice that their name will not be mentioned in the actual wording of the indictment.

“Nike is correct that the indictment does not say that those payments by the sportswear company to the Traffic Group were illegal or were a bribe. But it does accuse Traffic Group and Hawilla of using the money to make illegal bribes to top FIFA officials.”

I imagine that other sponsors will follow similar strategies to stay out of trouble with the Feds. They may have already also opened up their books to investigators to show how their sponsorship and marketing monies have been spent. The Feds will have used the three years of investigation to have built a solid foundation of evidence and support from sponsors. Because sponsors pulling out of deals will have a much larger effect than Federations boycotting events.

There is another large international financial flow of illegal funds that I have not yet seen mentioned : Gambling on almost everything one can think of in sports. It started at lower levels and leagues where athletes cost less to bribe and could be convinced that the amount they were being paid was only to do unpredictable stupid things that showed up on TV and convinced punters that someone had control over them. Then it escalated higher and higher. That money does not flow across borders or go through banks but it brings in enough untraceable funding that it has become a major source of revenue for Al Quaeda and ISIS and drug cartel “washing” their money. It all began in India and Pakistan and is now run predominately through Dubai. (Journalists should check Dawood Ibrahim and Dubai Ten Sports).

I also imagine that the “go-ahead” for the FBI and AG from their bosses and other international law enforcement groups were to go after the “low-hanging fruit” first which will cascade into much bigger targets that do affect international and USA security. That is what would have convinced Swiss authorities to get involved in separate legal indictments.

This will become much bigger than what we have seen so far.

Will it affect FINA? I believe so. Maybe not initially and directly because even though we swim, we are small fish in a large ocean compared to FIFA. The fact that FINA and FIFA both approved competitions in Russia and Qatar in the same relative time frame with the help of similar sports consultancy companies signals to me that the little FINA fish may have had a Swiss lunch or two sharing strategies with big daddy FIFA.

My apologies Craig for taking up so much space. feel free to edit.

Craig Lord

Thank you Larry. All good. I won’t edit. best, Craig

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