Hosts Great Britain Nail Their Finish To London2016 With Twin Medley Relay Golds

Fran Halsall brought the women's medley relay home to victory before their male counterparts made it the two last golds for GBR

European Championships London, Day 7 Finals Great Britain’s medley relay quartets delivered a fairytale ending to seven days of tough racing without rest for the hosts, both men and women dominating their finals from lanes 2 and 6 and providing a hint of strength hidden in the depths of a focus on Rio 2016 that…

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European Championships London, Day 7 Finals Great Britain’s medley relay quartets delivered a fairytale ending to seven days of tough racing without rest for the hosts, both men and women dominating their finals from lanes 2 and 6 and providing a hint of strength hidden in the depths of a focus on Rio 2016 that… […]


Felix Sanchez

Impressive from Guy given his problems earlier in the week. It must be an enormous motivation for the other relay members to have Peaty in the team. It is such an advantage.


I wonder if this European champs is actually Hungary’s tapered meet for this year before the Olympics. IIRC, all of their times swum in London are faster, many are significantly faster, than their times at their nationals.



Can’t imagine they have focused on this over Rio. Successful championships but predominantly through the exploits of the Iron Lady, who’s regime needs no inquest in this context, and Kapas, who has really stepped up this week. She’s put herself right in the mix behind Ledecky for Rio i.m.o.


I think Hungary have definitely focused on this meet. The whole team has swum well and they finished top of the tree for medals with times indicating they have rested for these championships.


GBswim – ASF was not saying this over Rio, but as the key lead-up event. Good swims by the Hungarians; always a bit tricky to judge based on untapered times for others. Slow times, but golds are fun and let’s hope there will be significant improvements come the big stage.



those who were not on the Rio team had to rest obviously to be able to have a legitimate chance to swim the A cut. This was one of the last chances to post a valid qualifying time. So someone rested, someone didn’t. The big names (Hosszu, Cseh, D. Verraszto) said they didn’t, or they didn’t have a full taper (Cseh)


thanks, that’s what I precisely meant.
Thanks for the additional info. So this euro is also Olympics qualifying meet for the Hungarians.
I also don’t believe that Hosszu is tapered. She doesn’t need to, or she never needs to these days 🙂

Barnabas Mandi

On the other hand Hungary went also for the relays and compared the first three in the same event. So the team will be ready only after this.


Bizarely, if I’m reading the results sheet right, the Hungarians only had one relay make it to the blocks at WC last year (men’s medley that DQ’ed) so they kind of had to post some decent times here if they wanted Rio relay berths.


Hungary also swam the mixed Medley relay in Kazan, which makes it even stranger.

I would have thought they only swam relays in which they had great chance in finaling, but then they didn’t swim W 4×200 where they could have finaled. Maybe they were not interested in sending many relays to Rio?


IIRC Hungary had a women’s 4×2 entered last year but didn’t swim it. Without checking, I’d say something to do with Hosszu’s schedule?

Had they swum them (full strength) they would surely easily have qualified for Rio in the other two women’s relays at the Euros.


Hosszu’s hectic schedule could have been the deciding factor in them not swimming 4×2 last year. No women’s relay was swum last year.

Shout out to Sweden coaches:
If Hungary can sacrifice not swimming relays (which, admittedly, has not great chance in medaling), why can’t you not do the same or at least allow Sarah not to swim relay prelims? 🙂


Sometimes it’s a team/national culture thing, sometimes it’s something the individual swimmer does or does not want to do. Could be Sarah see the relays as the fun part of the meet while others would see them as contractual duty.


Looking at Sarah in relay races it is hard to say what kind of fun it is. Is it a team excitement, going through some feeling of camaraderie. Something that can be observed in Italian team led by Pellegrini. Or it is a fun of relaxation. She is so much ahead of any other teammates that there would be no criticism no matter what her performance would be. And if she performs great she will get plenty of attention regardless the team’s result. I have never seen expression of disappointment from Sarah when her relay fails to medal. And it is not a feature of Nordic reserved character. She can get very emotional in individual races.
But I have to say that I don’t know much about her as a person. So I like your question – what is it the relay participation for Sarah?



In this article comments:

You quickly accused me of spreading rumour without asking me first where I have my information.

I have shown you the widely available official information on which I based what I wrote.

Now, I don’t want or need your apology, but I need you to retract your words you leveled against me.
Please do so if you are a truthful person.


Sarah is never disappointed when Sweden relay failed to medal because Sweden relay was never a favorite to medal anyway, at least not since Sarah started to swim relays.
You have to take things in context instead of of just take one or two symptoms.


Relays might be a fun part of the meet, and a bit less pressure (maybe at a lower level like Euros and where a medal hinges on Sarah splitting something ridiculous to compensate for weaker teammates there is pressure); but you could understand if Sarah would be pissed at having to swim prelims which might damage her chances at individual events. If Sweden has no relay teams entered, then does Sarah swim the individual 200?


Sarah will definitely swim individual 200 free if she has no free relay swims (medley relay is at the end of the program, so doesn’t really affect her individual swims). AFAIK, she or her coach has confirmed she will swim individual 200 free. Not swimming the relays, at least the prelims will help her more.

In Kazan she swam ALL relays, prelims and finals.

In the meantime, for the Olympics, Sweden’s chances to medal in any relay is lower than Sara’s chances to medal in any individual free events (50/100/200).

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