Hosszu Dashes From London To Bucharest And On To Bergen In Endless Race Marathon

Katinka Hosszu - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Hot off the back of a non-challenge at the Romanian nationals, Hungarian Katinka Hosszu raced in five heats on day 1 of the 2016 Bergen Swim Festival at the Alexander Dale Oen Arena in Norway

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Hot off the back of a non-challenge at the Romanian nationals, Hungarian Katinka Hosszu raced in five heats on day 1 of the 2016 Bergen Swim Festival at the Alexander Dale Oen Arena in Norway




These questions have been asked so many times but there’s been no answer:

When does Hosszu have time for training?
How come she doesn’t get tired at all?
How on earth does she beat current world champion (Hoshi) in her weakest event (200 fly) while swimming (and winning) a dozen other events?
Even Ledecky couldn’t swim anywhere near US fastest in 400 IM.

Please..some answer would be nice people.

Markus B.

…and I could think about a couple of more questions.

But I am afraid you are living with the wrong assumption that anybody cares what’s going on.

With a few exceptions (Craig Lord?) nobody wants to know the truth. The show must go on…


Markus B,

In terms of swimming websites, only swimvortex and swimmingworld care.

I have followed swimming very closely and seriously for more than 20 years and have read many swimming articles and watched swimming videos from before 1990s period as well, but Hosszu’s “phenomenon”, if you can call it that, is the most unique.
No other past and present swimmers, not even versatile queen like Caulkins, have been able to swim breathtaking number of events in very fast times close to PBs week in week out flying across many countries and/or setting PBs in a dozen events at the age of 27.
How on earth do you set PB in 100 back at 58.7 at the age of 26 last year. Craig has her textile best before 2013, but I doubt it was faster than 1:01
So here it is, a non-backstroker specialist, easily swam PB of 58 at the age of 26 while best 100 backstroker of all time, Nathalie Coughlin, never ventured below 59 in 100 back.

Color me skeptic, but that’s how I feel at this moment about Hosszu.

Craig Lord

Markus B, my inbox tells me that many care and many feel very skeptical indeed about various situations in swimming, including the likes of unique profiles that spill beyond mere performance in the water. Many care, few find the way or will to ask questions openly, which is what needs to happen in the absence of any explanation that makes sense and opens up a healthy new pathway for the sport.


… And she just set a new PB in 400 free. This is almost comic now.


Markus B: This from Casey Barrett from last year: http://www.capandgoggles.com/?p=1917

Hosszu’s response was to initiate legal action which is pending.

Craig Lord

Nothing below 1:03 before 2013, asf. She clocked 1:03 low in early 2013. In the spring-summer build up, she clocked 1:01s four times in heats at relatively low-key moments and then a 1:00.24 at Irish nationals. In heats at 2013 world championships, she clocked 59.40. It is one of the steepest curves of progress imaginable – and has an impact elsewhere:
1:01.18; 1:08.28; 1:17.94; 1:02.19 – 4:29.59 Hosszu – Quiet moment, 2016
1:01.34; 1:09.79; 1:19.70; 1:02.76 – 4:33.49 Hosszu – Olympic final 2012

Jan Itor

So just because someone does something others have never done before makes it suspicious and she must be cheating, right?
We could hit the sport almanac and find dozens of cases where an athlete does something very new, very unique and wins.

While we’re at it what about Phelps? How did he managed to win so many golds in Athens, Beijing and London?

Katinka and his trainer/husband Shane are own their own. What power/who do you visualize behind them? What steroid could they possibly put their hands on that no one knows it even exists? (let’s say they did find something that does help her – highly unlikely, if it’s not banned then it’s legal. Case closed)
I think it’s time for you to finally accept this:
Hard work does pay off.

And to the question when does she train? She swam her last race in London, got on the plane right away. Got home and head straight to the pool…That’s when: always and whenever it’s possible. And she competes for training. That’s her new method unlocked. Deal with it.

Craig Lord

The questions will continue, Jan Itor – and you and they and swimming will have to deal with that. Your interpretation of what the questions mean is a matter for you but throwing Phelps and others into it won’t help: there are no parallels that make sense between that profile and the one being scrutinised far and wide in world swimming. Talk of “hard work” as some explanation beyond what we’ve understood so far ‘s deeply insulting to all the others out there who have been among her rivals and work like hell – and several who could beat her, sometimes quite convincingly but today stand not a cat in hell’s chance, it seems, and are indeed out there scratching heads and wondering what it is they would have to do; they cannot get anywhere near the rate and pace she maintains year-long and cannot achieve anywhere near the curve of progress age 24 to 27 that is now a part of her very unique profile. How it has been achieved, we must wait to hear, for we’ve neither heard it nor seen it so far. Whatever the explanation is, ‘hard work does pay off’ does not cut the mustard; really not.

Jan Itor

I am Attila BTW.
Why is it an insult as you put it to say someone works hard to others? No one said they don’t work hard at all. They may work even harder for all I know. Or not and Hosszu does work harder then the rest of the field. How do you know is Hosszu does not work harder than anyone?
How did Phelps won so many golds? Hadn’t he worked hard prior to Olympics? I can only guess how hard was he working. Do you question that too? Can he say in an interview that he worked hard or he can’t because that would be an insult?

Please come back to me with the Dara Torres explanation (and might as well talk about how Phelps did what he did) as to how was she able to achieve all that at the age of 40-41? I know it’s not hard work, because that would be an insult, right? So I expect some other explanation from you. Of course it’s nothing illegal either, because she is American. It is ruled out.
Your turn Craig….

Craig Lord

No, Jan Itor (Attila Fodi), as you now call yourself: I will not be engaging in old arguments. I don’t accept the Phelps argument at all: there are no parallels. Nor does the Dara Torres argument work in relation to the swimmer at the heart of your concerns (her story is a very different one and at the time she swam I wrote a great deal about that – I see no reason to go over that in the context of Hosszu). When I say it is insulting, I mean it just as the words suggest: I am familiar with the workloads of several world-class swimmers who compete directly with Hosszu. I simply do not accept – and never will – that hard work is the thing that sets Hosszu apart from those she races against, and one of the reasons why that is so is that it was an argument specifically used to defend the GDR and China and various others down the years. I wouldn’t imagine Miss Hosszu would wish to be associated with that. The questions you pose are questions you should answer yourself: how do you know she works harder than others, for example – you must surely see that telling me that I couldn’t know that leaves you in precisely the same place – and you were the one who suggested you did know so it is not for me to start answering your questions – look to yourself for answers. End of discussion until you come up with a specific set of reasons (or just the one would do) to explain a truly unique profile and a born-again status. So far, I have read nothing and heard nothing that tells me that the rest of the world is stupid to be standing there scratching its head. Your other comment will not make it: please do not take vast chunks of wiki reference nor such volume from anywhere else and attempt to place that content of others in comments on this site. I have altered your ID on the earlier comment (1 person, 1 profile). Thanks

Jan Itor

Hi Craig, thanks for the name change ( I wanted it to be appear as DR. Jan Itor from the beginning BTW, so please don’t try to make it look like that I hide behind several names…)
I do not know why the Dara Torres related comment was deleted as it was at least as big of a miracle to do that at that age as what Hosszu does now. I mean come on: coming back after giving birth at 40-41 making the national team of USA, breaking several records, winning major events. Why did you remove the reply? It was all facts. Please don’t make it sound that it is not true, just because it was on wiki and anyone can edit it…And to make things clear I have never thought that Tara would use any prohibited drugs.
Please tell me, what more parallel are you expecting when comparing 2 swimmer’s out of the world achievements? Should they name, gender, nationality match? Or they should swim the very same program to be compared? I don’t get it. You just want to sweep it under the rug saying there is not parallel. As you wrote you never will accept it. You have the right to do that. But it doesn’t mean that you are right with your little suspicion.
And why do I have to answer my own question to you? Because you cannot give reasonable answer to me? Nice 🙂
Implying Hosszu uses something by mentioning GDR and China is untasty to say the least, but it’s nothing new..
It is funny how you want to end a conversation when you are out of explanations, and answers. You accuse someone you should have something to back it up.

Craig Lord

Attila, for that is your real name: your questions and comparisons don’t work. I’m not going to waste time on them. You raised the ‘hard work’ explanation, not me; what I did was to point out that we’ve heard it all before – and not in good circumstances, so Katinka H’s fans, like you (for that is what you are, as we can read in lots of other places – and we don’t use titles for anyone unless there is a professional reason for doing so) might want to find some other explanations. It is not I who have run out of explanations, Attila. Nor have I accused anyone. Your interpretation is as irrelevant as it may be inaccurate. What I have done is point to a truly unique profile – and that it most certainly is. No question whatsoever, no matter how many dubious comparisons you may wish to make. The ‘reasonable answers’ are not mine to give but they are awaited like the rain in Spain in the midst of a drought.
As for removing the vast chunks of wiki you copied from the Dara Torres’ profile, I have no intention of checking large articles I have not written. I am aware that there are many mistakes in swimming articles in Wiki – it is not my job to edit them nor correct them nor take responsibility for them, but I would have to do so if they appear on my website as the editor responsible for all content, including your comments. You can read up on media law elsewhere: I’m not your teacher.

Jan Itor

Hi Craig,

I really don’t have nothing else to add other than everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Craig Lord

Were the world so simple, Jan Itor.

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