Home-Alone Gold For Mie Nielsen 58.7CR Over Hosszu; & Bronze For Young Dawson

Oo... that was close: Mie Nielsen of Denmark reacts to gold in the 100m backstroke two years after sharing the title - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Mie Nielsen, 20, and Katinka Hosszu, 27, shared gold two years ago in 59.63. The Dane got the better of the Hungarian today 58.73, a championship record, to 58.94. The winner matched the 2016 world rankings topper of World champion Emily Seebohm (AUS).

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Mie Nielsen, 20, and Katinka Hosszu, 27, shared gold two years ago in 59.63. The Dane got the better of the Hungarian today 58.73, a championship record, to 58.94. The winner matched the 2016 world rankings topper of World champion Emily Seebohm (AUS).


Felix Sanchez

She struggled a bit in the last few metres.

It’s been steady progress to this point – she just needs to find a bit more to challenge Seebhom.


Right now she looks like the biggest threat to Seebohm, but I’m sure Franklin will be in the thick of it & dominant in the 200

Felix Sanchez

Two things I strongly expect to happen with Franklin in the Olympic final (100):

1) she’ll be behind Seebohm and Nielsen at 75m.

2) she’ll be the fastest over the final 25m.

Which factor proves more significant remains to be seen.


So far this year, we haven’t any real read on Franklin. Unless her start and underwaters have made major steps forward from last year, she may find the 100 a tough ask.

That is not to write her off; her quality is beyond question but the 200 is the actual event where she arguably established some “ownership” and the event where she’s most likely to win.

Seebohm has probably done enough over the past 2 years to deserve favouritism in the 100 but is the 2016 Seebohm at the same level as the dominant 2015 model ? I’m just not certain that her 2016 performances (to date) have exactly spelt that out. Favourite in the 100 and major player in the 200, certainly, but far from a sure bet for 2 individual gold.

Nielsen has probably been flying under the radar with most people talking about the Australians or the Americans. She’s certainly laid down one very emphatic statement that she’s a very real contender for the 100


Seebohm isn’t winning the 200


If Franklin is anywhere near her best then I would tend to agree, Felix. If not then its an open race. Seebohm is a factor in this race if she’s swimming at her 2015 level or better but the 100 is her real shot at individual gold.

kevin roose

Australians have 2 contenders for the 200 back the other Belinda Hocking …she took time away from swimming and came back with avengance at the Aussie trials…..


For 200 back, my opinion is exactly like CW’s. If Franklin is back anywhere to her best, it’s her race to lose. Even in Kazan when she was not at her best and Seebohm was at her best, Franklin was just an arm length behind Seebohm.
Hocking’s chances is bronze at best.


Sorry Kevin but Hocking’s time out was due to a shoulder injury and also some severe burns. Her comeback to make the team is very creditable but the liklihood is that it will take a time below 2.06 to medal in Rio, somewhere she has never been before.

Hocking medalling is not inconceivable but Seebohm has the faster PB and, on her 2015 showings, the best last 50. I rate Seebohm the stronger medal chance but think the 100 is Seebohm’s best shot at individual gold.


I know i have spoken about this before. I also know it comes with a lot of if’s and buts… BUT

Is anyone really excited at the prospect of a medal for the Danish Girls on the 4×100 Medley?

Jeanette Looked fabulous last night on the 100 fly SF. She was off the blocks well and strong on the way home.

The question will lay with Pernille Blume.. 54.9 is not anywhere near where it should be but i have seen a 53 split from her before


RSA, we certainly discussed them quite a lot last year and the situation hasn’t really changed. They are legitimate contenders in this relay but they have no safety net. They have no scope to rest anyone in heats. IF all four fire then they certainly medal or maybe even win if the more fancied teams have problems but if one of their quartet is off their game, its goodbye medal.


Franklin has not been dominant in the 100 or the 200 since 2012, yes she won in 2013 but not with the same ownership as 2012.
I would have Seebohm as favourite for both events. She didn’t swim as well as last year at trials, whoopy do, Franklin hasn’t swam as well since 2012 & some are still rating her.


Sorry that was this year’s trials.


Ah. Rob; what about 2013 Worlds where she did the double ? I think Franklin has one helluva battle on her hands to win or maybe even medal in the 100 but the nearest anyone has been to her 200 times in the past 4 years is 2.05.81. Even off her game such as in Kazan she still ran 2nd. She still has to be very much respected at least in that event.

Seebohm was totally dominant in 2015, particularly in the 100. At this point, she has to be seen as favourite for the 100 but she’s going to have to be really on her game to it. As for the 200, she got rolled by Hocking at Trials. Whilst it far from disqualifies her, it doesn’t exactly spell out dominance.


CB, that was 3 years ago.
The 100, she did not break 59 seconds, in the 200, she went 3 and 1/2 seconds behind her 2012 time & only just beat Hocking.
This was hardly dominant.
Seebohm’s time last year would easily beat Franklin’s time in 2013 by .5 a second in the 100 & nearly 2 seconds in the 200.

Franklin’s 2.04 was 4 years ago & she has not gone near for 4 years.


Lets’ get the facts right!!!!


We have been talking about Danish w4x100med since 2013 Barcelona. And they have proved themselves at 2014 euros:
Mie Nielsen (1:00.37)
Rikke Møller Pedersen (1:06.07)
Jeanette Ottesen (56.15)
Pernille Blume (53.03)
for a final time of 3:55.62

All four girls were swimming their best up to that time. Pedersen won golds in both 100 and 200 breast, Ottesen won 100 fly beating sjostrom, Blume finished fourth in individual 100 free, Nielsen won individual 100 back.

Last year’s Kazan bronze was won by Australia in 3:55.56 and I predict it will be even faster in Rio where I think gold will be won in 3:52 and silver in 3:53

Nielsen is now 1.5 seconds faster. So, even with all four danish girls firing their PBs in the w4x100 medley, they would be at around 3:54+ and I don’t think it will be enough for gold.

As CW said above, this requires all four girls to swim at their absolute best, and if just one misfires, then it’s goodbye medal, exactly like what happened last year when Blume swam 54.4

The good news for the danish prospect is that Rollason is now back coaching them, so maybe they can get back to their 2014 best.


No, Rob it is YOU that made the contention that she hasn’t swam as well since 2012.

It was Seebohm who failed to break 59 at 2013 Worlds. Franklin won with 58.42, Seebohm at 59.06. Seebohm’s winning time in Kazan (58.26) would have beaten that time but 0.16 sure ain’t half a second.

To the 200 at 2013 Worlds, Franklin won with a time of 2.04.76, nearly 2sec ahead of Hocking’s 2.06.66. Also over a second faster than Seebohm in Kazan.

Those ARE the facts; DO please double check if you don’t beleive me !

Yes, I do think there are legitimate question marks regarding Franklin with the 100back & 200free but neither am I completely writing her off. With regards to the 200back; she’s no certainty to repeat but unless she IS actually worse than last year, who’s going to swim the times to challenge her. Seebohm & Fesikova (nee Zueva) are the only others to go sub 2.06 in the past 4 years ….. and both only just



You got your facts mixed up. In 2013, Franklin swam 58.42 while Seebohm didn’t go under 59 and she went 2:04.7 in 200, beating Hocking by almost 2 seconds.

Lets’ get the facts right, indeed!!!!


My apologises guys I was looking at Heat times. She hasn’t swum well since 2013.



Yeah – didn’t say they would win gold. That would be really difficult, especially since Georgia Bohl and Emma McE are swimming so well on that middle 200. There are a few in the mix, but wow it would be great to see a smaller nation step up and get a medal


re: Franklin, there is one major difference in the last year compared to 2013-2015:
She is now back training and living with the same coach and environment (home, altitude) which propelled her to her peak.
We will see in about 1.5 months if these huge changes in the past year have brought positive impacts to her. My instinct tells me she will swim around 2:05 mid in Omaha.

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, coach and enviroment the same, but training very different.
Apparently coach Schmitz realized, it was too much yardage.

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