Historic 1,000th Gold Medal For Team USA Garnered By 400 Medley Relay (3:53.13)

Team USA celebrates the Gold medal after finishing first in the women's 4x100m Medley Relay Final

Relying on four individual-event medalists, the United States stormed to the gold medal in the 400 medley relay, marking the eighth title for the American women.

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Relying on four individual-event medalists, the United States stormed to the gold medal in the 400 medley relay, marking the eighth title for the American women.



Australia coaches are already on the phone, calling Leisel Jones asking if she consider a comeback.
Splitting 1:07 breaststroke in relay in 2016 is, putting it mildly, pathetic.
Taylor McKeown totally refused to modify her stroke for 100 or up the tempo.

Lawrie Cox

Next couple of weeks will be interesting. For those who like to forget history (and there are many) where do we start. First i would like to say that every swimmer needs to be congratulated for making the team and representing your country, never walk away considering your self a failure you are not.
As for the administration around the team in 2012 ‘we had no psychologist on the team’ although the AOC appointed one was in rooms next door. This year the team appointed one was there and all I hear is ‘stagefright, not emotionally ready’. What happened??
Do we have to wait for more inquiries and consultants reports at significant cost to tell us that we did not do well?
The ASC, AOC, SAL all stated this was the best prepared team, all is great internally, we changed the President, we changed the CEO, we chopped several others in the process. What did it deliver? A PR response that we left it all in the pool couldn’t have done any better. This was the statement time after time.
Well guess what not good enough from SAL and as for leaving the athletes to comment on doping and the coach on the late night competition it is even more obvious how out of touch the SAL leadership (if you can call it that is).
I await the litany of excuses but in the end change is needed. Having some real knowledge in swimming is necessary.


So happy for denmark. I have been saying for a while that i believed they could win gold. Unfortunately it was not to be

David Brooks

I still think the Brits missed a trick. O’Connor is clearly much faster as a breaststroker these days. Given her form a low 1:05 was possible. Rachel Kelly could easily have been faster on the fly too. That would have put Halsall in with a shot and if she found another half second, a medal could have been on.


I don’t know what the U.S. staff and coaches did, but they did a great job in preparing this team. So many of the swimmers stepped up. They seemed to create a bond amongst one another that brought the best out of each other to achieve success beyond all predictions. Jesus, Australia. I thought they would do so, so much better. It was sad to watch them under perform to this degree. It was all summed up with Cate Campbell, seemingly certain to win gold, not medal at all in solo events.

Steve Levy

Ger, one aspect of the US Olympic movement that many outside the States haven’t seen is the USOC Foundation and regional training centers…



ASF, Jones’ “window” shut post 2008. She was still finals standard in 2012 but she was well into diminishing returns by then. Indeed she is actually a “posterchild” for two key issues that continue to bedevil AUS Swimming. Namely those of the negative impacts of phsychological pressure and those of shoddy race-skills.

Indeed,she was fortunate that her international career started so early and her peak managed to coincide with a prime Olympic cycle for AUS Swimming.

They’re just going to have to invest in the next generation and hope the likes of Bohl and/or Hansen can establish themselves

Steve, the USOC are unique in having been able over time to assemble the financial resources to establish and maintain such centres. The only others to match this have been those where full state support was/has been the rule.

Steve Levy

CW, true – but you have to start somewhere.

USOC funding – http://www.teamusa.org/us-olympic-and-paralympic-foundation/team-usa-fund


Fair enough, many NOCs aren’t exactly “rolling in it” but certainly the AOC could do more, although nothing along the scope of what USOC has done. They DID co-fund (with the AIS) at the end of the 90s the Australian Winter Sports Institute which has certainly had a pay-off over the last 4 Winter Games.

The whole sports funding issue, and reform thereof, is likely to get full airing in AUS post Rio as swimming is not the only major sport (for AUS) that has gone sour.

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