Franziska Hentke Takes Axe To German 200 ‘fly Mark With 2:05.2 World-Ranks Topper

Franziska Hentke - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Franziska Hentke took an axe to the German 200m butterfly record with a season world-leading 2:05.26 victory at then German Open in Essen this evening

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Franziska Hentke took an axe to the German 200m butterfly record with a season world-leading 2:05.26 victory at then German Open in Essen this evening



Rome Circus 2009 😀


Hi mr Lord,
Eugene’s comment inspired me. Along the different reports you publish on this website and that i enjoy reading, you seem to be a person with high standards on moral values, denoucing situations and keeping track of the ones that deal or delt with doping. But I keep wondering why do you always mention Rome 2009 as Rome Circus 2009. I understand you want to point out that all the WR performed then are not based on the deserved standards, that swimmers couldn’t be compared for not getting equipped equally, someting very far from swimming spirit. And I understand you can still wonder how FINA let that happened. But what about the ones that train for years, qualifyed and won under those rules they did not choose. I mean are all those 2009 world champions clowns or monkeys? What about the fan base of all those world champions, should they blame their 2009 champion?
So may I ask, how do you consider 2009 world champions?

Bad Anon

I think 2009 world champions are not clowns but in fact victims of a poor leadership on the part of FINA. For starters, Michael Phelps, the highest profile and perhaps most successful swimmer of all time achieved his greatest success 8 Olympics golds in a now banned suit. his achievement is recognized as authentic, all wr set in poly suits will stand because it wasn’t the swimmers fault. however Rome 2009 saw the 100%poly suits worn and records obliterated with ease it was actually not funny. Aaron pierosol the Olympic 100back champ failed to make the final in the 100back in a 53.1! he wasn’t even in poor form (he won 200back at the same meet ). Kirsty Coventry finished 4th in the 200im in 2.08.9 a time which would have won a medal at every major long course meet save rome 2009, at that point the sport became a joke hence the refernce of a circus being made ; the circumstances rather than the swimmers being the point of refernce

Craig Lord

Anan: I consider the 2009 world champions to be champions under the circumstances they raced in; I consider the circumstance under which they became champions farcical and unacceptable, the fault of those who govern the sport. Rome was a circus, eight days of racing, 43 world records, the buoy that made that possible treating swimmers unevenly, some gaining more than others depending on a number of factors. Fans, of course, must and may see things as they wish 🙂


Phelps incredible times 4.03 in 400 IM etc were also achieved in a suit. Not the 2009 suit, but still.. Lochte 4.05 low in London 2012 Games far the better in my opinion.


26 is kind of an odd age to have a breakthrough swim like that but then the 200 fly is kind of an odd race in general and hard to get right- so few athletes seem to really be able to swim it consistently perfectly, and so many more look good the first 150 before the monkey playing the piano drops onto their backs.


I remember Britta Steffen frankly called her Adidas Hydrofoil a “jet boat” or something.

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