Florent Manaudou & 48.5 An Expresso Beyond Cam McEvoy As French 4×100 Builds

Laure Manaudou (L) talks to her brother Florent Manaudou down on deck at world championships - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Cameron McEvoy would have had a little time for an expresso and a swift digestion of the result on the scoreboard if he’d have been on that 47.56 in the lane next to Florent Manaudou in the curtain-closing 100m freestyle on Golden Tour in Amiens this evening: the French king of the dash stopped the clock on a 48.51 that carried the threat of a 47-sec storm to come come the hour of peak performance. Consider the difference in the dasher and the two-lapper

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Cameron McEvoy would have had a little time for an expresso and a swift digestion of the result on the scoreboard if he’d have been on that 47.56 in the lane next to Florent Manaudou in the curtain-closing 100m freestyle on Golden Tour in Amiens this evening: the French king of the dash stopped the clock on a 48.51 that carried the threat of a 47-sec storm to come come the hour of peak performance. Consider the difference in the dasher and the two-lapper



I think Florent’s plan with the 100 is the same as the one in London. This means stay away from the hot favourites group and make the final. Then huge PB in the final (47.20 – 47.40). Hard to say whether that is going to be enough to lift the crown.
It has been 20 years since Tsar Alex won both 50-100 in Atlanta. The only person IMO capable of doing the same is Mr Fitness Flo.

Craig Lord

A game of two halves, tl …


Cam McEvoy is 70 kgs??! No way, what are his bones made of, air? 🙂 On a side note, Manaudou’s second 50 must have hurt him a lot.


The French men 4×100 free is creating some momentum, but then again Rio m4x100 free seems to be the most open relay final in the history of Olympics swimming. As many as 5 countries have the chance for gold: USA, France, Russia, Australia, Brazil and many other countries have chance to medal: China, Japan, etc


ASW, I’d probably narrow down the gold candidates to FRA/RUS/BRA.

USA lacking a sharp end beyond Adrian and still looking over-subscribed with superannuants. Certainly not out of the medal picture but in betting parlance, one would favour other horses for the win

AUS has a sharp point with McEvoy but will they have 4 fast reliable swimmers with a significant question mark still over Magnussen ? Also remember they still need to post a quick enough qualifying time at some point.


I think AUS main doubt is Magnussen.Without him, the chances will get slim.Chalmers is already a reality, and I will not be surprised with a sub-48 at Trials.
USA is a bit of a mystery.I can see them rising for the occasion and being prohibitive favourites after Trials or being a bust with no one breaking sub-48(or only Phelps doing that).
You put more faith in Brazil than I.Without Cielo, I think will be very hard to medal, and if they medal, will be a hard earned bronze.Cielo holds an ‘El Cid’ effect in Brazilian team.His presence in the quartet change things.His absence, changes a lot(not for the better).


I agree France & Russia are the favourites, but I would not write off US, Brazil & Australia’s chances.
France have great relay swimmers & great depth, but no pointy end.
Russia has pointy end & depth.
US has the best relay swimmers in the world & will always be there or thereabouts.
Brazil will be at home & has some depth.
Australia needs alot of things going right, but could have 3 47s swimmers, needs Maggie to get back to near best form, Chalmers to improve from 16 year old 48.67 to sub 47 as 17 -18 year old, they need a 4th swimmer too.


Sorry Chalmers was 48.47.


The AUS 100 individual and 4X100 could throw up the biggest surprises. Chalmers is probably training like a full time swimmer for the first time in his life. His Recent SA Champs times (100-49.30, 200-1:48.61) were his first swims in really hard work and he PBed the 200.

Potentially he could go a half a second faster than his 48.47 PB from Junior Worlds in the 100 fully tapered and with benefit of age/technique improvements. This may give him the second 100 free spot and qualify for a spot in the Rio final. He also has loads of BMT.

Maggie is an unknown quality with an unproven coaching team and an surgery comeback but we know what he potentially can deliver.

Rested or tapered or not, McEvoy’s times at the Perth Aquatic series are scary fast for this stage in the season but he hasn’t always converted form into the big moments but that may come with maturity ala Seebohm.

If all the stars align for those three and a sub 48 relay split puts his hand up at trials, maybe a Roberts (PB 47.63) or D’Orsogna (PB 48.41), then the AUS men’s relay could be world beaters – exciting times.

Craig Lord

I think the pointy end is very likely for France, Robbos… FL, 47.98, 2014 in title-tilt conditions; 47.98 in a quieter domestic moment in 2015 with no focus on a title tilt in a year that delivered a 21.19. We don’t know where that’s going but I’d err on the side of pointy …


None of the teams in M4x100free medal mix is w/out a question mark.

I think if Yannick can get close to his 2012 form then the French will have the edge. Can his new coach get him there?

I do not see Maggie back at his top. Dip below 48 possible. The problem with the Aussie is the 4th member of the team.

USA w/out a medal at Olympics in M4x100free? Not happening with Mr Olympia back in the game.


By pointy end I meant that there is no French swimmer being discussed as a potential 100 winner & I believe the 100 2016 winner will be quicker then Adrian in 2012.
Yes I agree FL has the potential, but at present yet to show he can go sub 47.5, really those who can go sub 47,5 is McEvoy, Ning, Maggie, Adrian (both have to get back Best), Condorelli & Morozov .
I did say they are great relay swimmers, Angel, Stravius are better in relays then their individual 100s.


Concerning France, you can add Mettella, still improving, and Stravius is focused on FS this year, they both could be very close to sub 48, and don’t forget Gilot if it is a good year. He swam 46.9 in Barcelona! But this is a relay…very unpredictable.


AUS has generally had a reliable 48mid split from Abood. The could probably live with that as the worst option. We know McEvoy’s current form so tick that box.

The question marks remain over Chalmers and in particular Magnussen who we would think are the lead suspects for the 2nd individual spot. The AUS QT of 48.49 is no “gimme”.

Chalmers swam sub48.5 flat start last year along with some sub48 relays splits which would certain tick the relay box IF he has that kind of form this year

The issues is that he’s been very lightly raced so far this season and as yet we don’t have a better picture of just where he is at. I’m reading so many lofty pronouncements that he will do this/that/the other. Unfortunately athletic or swimmers progressions rarely follow any linear pattern

For Magnussen, pre op, the AUS QT would be a doddle but the fact is he’s not looking great. If they tested him at Super Series, the most likely substance to be located would be WD40 ! Whilst we can hope his times will come down with more racing, we cannot take it a surefire certainty.

As for other relay candidates:

– after utterly lamentable efforts at CG, Pan Pacs & 2015 Worlds; D’Orsogna’s card should have been marked “never to be selected again”
– Roberts hasn’t even been sub50sec
– Delaney is a superceded model backstroker who’s just not quick enough
– To. Not fast enough

With regards to AUS M4X100; its McEvoy, Magnussen, Chalmers & Abood …. no one else. If Maggie continues to be a misfiring engine then its curtains to any medal chances and maybe a tough squeeze to make the final


common making final is not so tough with at least 2 good legs (Chalmers/Magnussen and Mcevoy)

Just a few teams might put a sub 3:14 on prelims
France, Italy, Russia, Brazil, US (unless a disaster happens on trials, like except Adrian everbody swimming a 49), Australia

Apart from these 6, we might see sub 3:14 from China, Japan, Poland, with Poland might being the Safest bet, Canada even with Condorelli does not have the other legs now for a sub 3:14. So Getting into final, for at least the top 6 nations is not so difficult, they just to avoid doing things like a 49 high 50 split..


Rafael, at this point you cannot say with any surety than AUS HAS another “gun” leg beyond McEvoy.

Chalmers posted some sub48s last year; very nice but that’s last year and as yet we have no clear evidence that he’s in that condition/form this year.

On Magnussen’s form to date, a 48middish split is probably a fair guess of what he’s likely to deliver.

Remember, they still have to post a quick enough time prior to 4jUL in order to qualify …. which they should do. They probably SHOULD make the final but probable does not equate certainty.

If McEvoy swam another banzai split; IF Chalmers can produce another sub48; IF Magnussen could something from out of his memory bank… then they COULD be in the medals. Sadly, an awful lot of IFs and on at least one front, the likelihood is not looking particularly good.


CW, Just checked in to SV now. My comments re Chalmers are just my opinion based on the reasons I gave. I am just a simple swimdad, not prone lofty pronouncements.

But I will in this case make one. KC will go a 47 something at trials in April – I will put a good bottle of red on that to make it fun if you like 🙂


I’m with you BoetMate in regards to Chalmers.
A 16-17 year old, who in his Int’l debuts swims two 47s in relays & has swam a lifetime best 48.47. You would think with an extra year’s experience, going to a adult Int’l swimmer from a age group, being an Olympic year, you would expect him to improve. Saying he could go a 47s at trials is not totally out of the realms. But I have always found CW, somewhat conservative in his assessments.


Robbos, I personally find it better to be conservative than some people expecting things like: Top 6 at US trials will go sub-48 on 100 free, Ledecky will swim sub 8:00 easily and also be able to make US win the 4×100 relay..

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