Final Tuneups For Team USA Contenders On The Horizon As Trials In Omaha Beckon

Nathan Adrian - USA
Nathan Adrian - by Patrick B; Kraemer

Final prep meets for Team USA challengers are on the horizon in Santa Clara, Indianapolis and Austin.

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Final prep meets for Team USA challengers are on the horizon in Santa Clara, Indianapolis and Austin.



I will be watching Santa Clara for sure. It’s been my favorite June and pre-major meet for many years.
There have been world records and countless near WR swims in the past.

John, I assume MIssy will swim in Santa Clara?
What about Ledecky? where is going to swim?

kevin roose

Santa Clara will be great viewing particulary with some of the Australian team flexing there power at the meet ..
Larkin , Seebohm , Emma Mckeon , Kyle Chalmers , Maddie Wilson to name a few.
Possible mouth watering match ups Larkin v Murphy , Seebohm v Frankiln . Chalmers v Adrian ….


James Magnussen is also scheduled to compete in Santa Clara after his Japan open trip


Efimova listed to compete at Santa Clara. Interesting. If indeed she does, I wonder what the other swimmers will think.
Psych sheet:


We don’t know for sure what the other swimmers will think, but we know for sure what Efimova will think: She doesn’t give a hoot.

kevin roose

A time will come when some swimmers with strong personality may voice there disaproval to doping cheats at meets and who can blame them ….

kevin roose

Comments made by Missy Franklin in a interview with the official Rio Olympic Website .The American trials are so hard it makes the actual olympic games a piece of cake .


Psych sheet for the meeting in Austin 3-5 June:

Looks like Ledecky is skipping this weekends events. Missy Franklin will swim in Austin.


@Ger: Thanks for the link. Sounds like an attractive competition at women 100 free ( Franklin, Geer, Scamitt) and women 200 free ( Schmitt, Franklin). For all of them it is about time to show the intention. If to get on 400 relay may require to go under 54 in a month then they should be ready to swim 54 low at this meet. The 200 will be probably slow. No incentives to state who is who now. Interesting to check Schmitt’s 400. This is the area where she declined most after unbelievable 4:01 in London. If she gets better 4:06 I will know she is back. If it is something nothing to look at then we still have to wait with the predictions of her 200 for one more month.

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