FINA Snubs Adam Peaty: Grants Sun Yang, Doping Ban & No Show In Tow, ‘Best Male’

Adam Peaty caught the wave just in time for gold, teammate Ross Murdoch (inset) sharing the podium - by Patrick B. Kraemer

FINA poured poison in its own pool at the end of the World Championships in Kazan after the curtain-closing session of finals by snubbing Adam Peaty, of Great Britain, and awarding Sun Yang the male swimmer of the championships award, the Chinese swimmer who failed a doping test last year and served in secret a ban backdated to nothing last year, the male swimmer of the championships award.

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FINA poured poison in its own pool at the end of the World Championships in Kazan after the curtain-closing session of finals by snubbing Adam Peaty, of Great Britain, and awarding Sun Yang the male swimmer of the championships award, the Chinese swimmer who failed a doping test last year and served in secret a ban backdated to nothing last year, the male swimmer of the championships award.


Chris Dolan

No way would I have picked Sun Yung a total political decision. It would have been a hard choice between Peaty, Larkin or Manaudou all three worthy. But Sun Yang is an awful role model outside of the Drug ban, crashing cars etc. Also most importantly his performances were not worthy of this award.
Ledecky yes with honourable mentions to Hosszu and Sjostrom for their wins and word records

Bad Anon

For best swimmer, FINA use a points system based on individual events; 5points gold, 3pts silver, 1point bronze, Sun eith 2gold 1silvet individually to Peaty’s 2golds. I recall in 2005 Kirsty Coventry was voted best swimmer (2gold 2silver) ahead of Katie Hoff who had 3golds because Hoff’s 3rd gold was a relay medal. Perhaps you can inquire on criteria used but that maybe the logical explanation

Nicolas Jamart

Aus topping the olympic medal count for the first time in a loooooong while =) Great job by Jacco !! now he just needs to wake up some of the serial tourists in relays !!


What an absolute disgrace!
The heart pain stuff is rubbish. Theatrics to try and “prove” the doping was medically necessary. Angina for Viral Myocarditis (so he says he had) puts you on a wait list for a heart transplant. What garbage.

Once again FINA show their true (corrupt) colours. At least the swimming community know the true male swimmer of the meet was Peaty.

Felix Sanchez

While this is an unfortunate outcome, if the award is based on an objective system, and this is the result, that’s just the way it is.

In general terms it is better that it is objective, and not like the above mentioned swimmer of the year award. And I strongly agree with basing the result solely on individual events.


Are there points for world records? Also, the system takes no account for the quality of a swim or possible circumstances around it. Perhaps, for example, someone wins a title soon after a tough race, adding to its merit. A voting system would be better, and preferably chosen by the swimmers themselves.

Craig Lord

There’s certainly some d sep complexity in the mix, Roy

Craig Lord

It isn’t based on an objective system, Felix… it stinks to high heaven.

Craig Lord

It has ebbed and flowed, Roy … cat recall precise years and when 1 systems or another was used without checking back… included media votes, then nation votes and then points for swims – on Nick Thierry’s superior table and then the poorly updated one they have now that takes little or account of spread through ranks – and then the thing you mention … which must surely take into account WRs – and if not its a badger’s bottom, without wishing to be unfair to badgers

Craig Lord

What they use is not worth its salt, Ban Anon… no logic in that at all… how can WRs not count towards a swimmer of a meet? Pure nonsense.


I’m poking around the FINA Team Leaders Manual and in amongst the requirements for athletes to cover logos on headphones with tape so they are not visible, there is a note that a no-show shall be fined 100 Swiss francs for individual races and 200 Swiss francs for relay races. (Swiss franc is currently roughly at par to the US dollar)

Why do I suspect that the Chinese federation won’t even to bother with that and that FINA says ‘nevermind- you’re good’?

Have now found the FINA Individual trophies rules buried in the ‘summons’ document-

1st- 5 points
2nd- 3 points
3rd- 2 points
4th 1 point

2 bonus points for each individual world record broken

Tiebreak- FINA points table ‘shall’ be used to break the tie and a decision made by swimming commission- so no discretion until you get to the tiebreak it seems since ‘shall’ can have a rather squishy definition with the current organization heads


My vote would be:
male – Mocheta Makara (his tremendous 1:55 in 100 breaststroke reminded me of great Eric the Eel from Sydney’s Olympics);
female – Alzain Tareq (that feeling when you are only 10 and already the best swimmer of your country… damn, I couldn’t even swim 25, when I was 10!)

Ledecky, Sun, Peaty… too predictible and overrated!

nigel walker

FINA has this point based system for picking MVPs of the game.

Unfortunately, Peaty’s relay gold doesn’t count.
He got 10 points for 2 gold, 2 more for WR, altogether 12, losing by 1 point to Sun’s 2 gold and 1 silver.

One can argue that FINA’s point based rule being not fair, but it is the rule of the game now. The appeal should be placed way before.


LOL @Sun as the male swimmer of the meet.

Everyone who follows swimming knows this is a big joke.

Male swimmer of the meet who was too scared to swim for whatever reason??????????????

FINA and Juilo, you are digusting!

nigel walker

Just to clarify some facts.

What Sun suffers is Angina Pectoris, cause by Myocardial Ischemia which is very common for endurance sports athletes. It is way different from “Angina for Viral Myocarditis” that you claimed, and neither is necessarily fatal like you hinted.

I understand the doubt and disbelief towards FINA and Chinese authorities, but Sun’s explanation of misuse of medicine (together with his 7 years of medical records) was impeccable, at least from pure sports med pov.


This political decision is even worse than last year’s pick of Hosszu over Ledecky.

A swimmer who refused to swim last minute because he is too afraid to lose has been coronated as male swimmer of the meet, just when the who media spotlight is on them???


Robert Traynor

Yep, Peaty should have got it. Outstanding swimmer and a good looking bloke, to boot. The Brits couldn’t have asked for a better poster boy for the sport. I’m sure that in years to come, there will be more than a few up and coming stars of British swimming who will name him as their inspiration for chasing the black line.


The swimmer of Sun troubles was Larissa Martins Oliveira(she is 1,68):

For me, Larkin(gold in two Olympic events) or Peaty(a WR and a CR) for best male and Sjostrom for female.Ledecky is from Mars, she is hors-concours.


I guess was for Larkin (over Peaty or Manaudou) because of Larkin’s two Olympics events, no diss to 50s strokes though. But either Peaty or Larkin is MUCH BETTER choice than Yang.



Thank you for the news link, So, this was not the first time Sun Yang decking other swimmers, girls to boot!
In the news article, he has been reported as getting into altercation with swimmers from South Africa, Chile, Argentina.

So Yang pulled out of 1500 final just because he complained having chest pain, but there was NO medical intervention whatsoever? not a single doctor in a world championships? no check up? nothing.
And then no alternate replacement? in a world championship final where swimmer would have killed to have the opportunity?

I find the whole thing rather distasteful.


My personal awards:

Swimmer of the meet: Ledecky
Swim of the Meet: Ledecky’s 800 free final
Female swimmer of the meet: Ledecky
Honorable mentions: Sjostrom and Hosszu
Male swimmer of the meet: Larkin slightly edging Peaty due to 2 olympic events and a fourth place
Honorable mentions: Peaty, Manadou

Best overall team: Australia (winning most golds in olympic events ) slightly ahead of USA
Honorable mentions: USA, GBR
Best improved team: Singapore. no question. Sergio Lopez worked his magic.
Worst performing team: Russia. home town advantage. momentum leading to Kazan. inexplicably flopped.
Most surprising gold medalist: Johanssen. It was all about Ruta vs. Efimova, and somehow Johanssen stole the show. Larkin is a close second as no one picked him to win one let alone two golds.

Best entertainer: A tie between Shane Tusup and Bert le Clos, thus a re-match will have to be made in 2016 Rio.
Best entertainment: Hong Kong for USA lanes in women 4×100 free prelims and Iceland for Russia lanes in mixed medley relay.

Chicken and pig award: Sun Yang for a 1,500 final no show and for decking a girl.
clown and shameless award: FINA blazerattis

And watching those high diving gave me vertigo already.
Now I can have normal sleep again.

Craig Lord

aswim fan, nice list but you can’t apply Olympic rules at a world championship – you have to count all swims at a world champs, otherwise you might as well cancel all those events you’re not counting (which I may well think a good idea… but if they are there you must count them as just as valid as all the rest, particularly when it comes to deciding official honours.)


Craig Lord, fair enuff.

Forgot some other awards:

Most disappointing male swimmer: Morozov. not one single individual medal in all of 50 free/fly /back and 100 free. Horton is a close second for failing to final despite ranked #1 and #2 in two events.
Most disappointing female swimmer: Femke Heemskerk. no individual medal despite ranked #1 in 100/200 free.

Craig Lord

Nigel, the Viral version was the one that Chinese media reported was the case – the source of the problem. They reported that severity as explaining why a panel of leading dot ors, not Dr Ba Zhen alone, had been conveened to decide how to treat him. The explanations have been far from impeccable: there has been obfuscation at every level from everyone involved, Sun included. The story has changed to take account of each passing question and criticism.

Craig Lord

Yes, Nigel, we know all that – changes nothing… clear 3 gold and 2 world records top 2 gold and a silver well away from best.


Sun deserves the award based on the system they use to determine it. That said, I agree it is a stupid system. I would have given the award to Peaty if, for no other reason, he is the only breaststroker who wins by following the rules.

Felix Sanchez


You may disagree with the mechanism for deciding the award, but if it’s points system that was known before the start of competition, of course it’s objective.


The system is obviously flawed and subjective.
World record should be given extra points instead of just 2.
CMIIW, FINA used to employ FINA points system (Thierry’s points) to determine swimmer of the meet that gives weight to the quality of the swims.
3:42.5 and 7:40 is just pedestrian compared to Peaty or Larkin or Manaudou’s swims.

without weighting quality of the swims, hypothetically Larkin could swim 51.00 and 1:52.00 and yet would still lose the title to Yang.

The system is seriously flawed.

Personal Best

Well, there’s no fool proof way to measure success.

If a swimmer breaks the world record leading a relay, but their team finishes 5th, what points do they get?

It’s a relay and it’s a non place. So 1 for the WR?

Felix Sanchez


Flawed perhaps, but not subjective. The mechanism is spelt out clearly.

Robert Traynor

I can’t recall there being so many dead heats in a major swimming meet. There was even a three-way tie for a bronze medal. Was this just an incredible coincidence or a technical stuff up?

Felix Sanchez


The crowd in Kazan – like sports crowds generally – gave the home athletes much more support than others. However, they were very fair, and there was cheering for other athletes. Sports crowds can sometimes react to politic tensions, but the American stars got a very good reaction.


Roy, as someone who’s been to every Summer Olympics from LA to London (except Seoul); it has varied. I sound that British & Australian crowds in particular have given all due acknowledgement to class performances no matter where they’re from.

Barcelona & Athens crowds were very fair but as to the make-up local v visitor may have been open to speculation. American crowds DO tend to be very jingoistic; generally not crossing the line too far but occasionally distinctly unpleasant.

Having said that, would an AUS crowd of today be quite as accommodating as those of Sydney 2000 given the growth of nasty cheap nationalism ?

Los Feliz

@roy I think you need to differentiate the news for general public consumption vs. news for swimmers. Same is here in U.S.

Most of Ning Zetao’s female fans do not even know what FINA is. They could care less about the actual significance of Ning’s medal. Believe me, these bandwagon fans will leave Ning as quickly as they come.

Amit Indap

If the punching incident is confirmed, SY should be stripped of the award. If not, what kind of message is FINA sending. Poor sportsmanship cannot be tolerated!

Lennart van Haaften

I think it’s a good thing that relays don’t count toward the swimmer of the meet award, which is an individual award. Otherwise swimmers with strong teammates are heavily favored, rather than only individual skills. Perhaps a relatively low score (1 point or so) could be given for relay achievements because the swimmer still had to race which in theory could harm their individual results. Then still, someone Sjostrom had an excellent 200 free in her relay but it wouldn’t count for anything since her team didn’t medal.

As for world records, you could argue that they should be worth more points, but such arguments would carry more value if made before the tournament, not after the results are known and emotions come into play.

Finally, should swimmers having received a dpoing ban in the past be excluded from this award for the rest of their life as some argue? Does that really make sense? The ban is supposed to be the punishment, and of course you could disagree whether any ban is long enough, but that is a separate issue.

Lennart van Haaften

aswimfan, I would be scared too to swim at that level if I had pain if my heart. Unless you think the official statement is not true and he was afraid to lose, but that’s speculation. I don’t think a withdrawal like this would affect who receives the award. If anything, if Sun would have been able to swim the 1500, he’d almost certainly have won another medal.

Craig Lord

I think, Lennart, that those who test positive should indeed be excluded from all major awards. Sends totally the wrong message



the excuse that he scratched last minute due to heart problem is problematic. If he thought it was serious enough to preclude him from swimming in a final of world championships in his strongest event, then why, he did not seek medical help at all?
Apparently he initially also did not notify chinese officials because they too didn’t know and was looking for him.

The story is very sketchy, in my opinion.

Los Feliz

Roy I am sure the athlete makes the decision for himself and takes full responsibility for it. He is under no obligation to make it dramatic to prove it to the viewers. There is no point to argue if Yang will/will not die if he actually swam. No one is stupid enough to bet their life just to satisfy the curiosity of the spectators or to silence the online discussion boards.

Los Feliz

If the accusation is that Yang is faking the injury for whatever reason, you need to have some proof to back you up.

Otherwise, there are many other discussion forums in which people talk about conspiracy theories such as moon landing.

Chris Dolan

Without Sun Yang there would not have been any real stories from the last day, solid swims but no World Records. Nothing else matched the drama of one of the real big names of the sport pulling out of a race and then FINA making him male swimmer of the meet if anything it was probably the biggest thing that happened on the male side.
I’m sure secretly FINA loved it because it got the championships masses of attention and got people talking about swimming for sadly the wrong reasons.

Personal Best

And yet, valid or not valid, whatever happened with Yang, whether a real medical condition or not, the reserve was not called and someone, the federation, the athlete or FINA are complete and utter *****.
Or all three.

It doesn’t matter.

Understandable though given this swimmer’s history that questions are asked.
When so much has not been fair play, it’s easier to assume, and probably may well be, that something not right is going on.

Los Feliz

You have your rights to speak up. However without proof to back up your opinion, your words just make you look silly, ignorant, and arrogant.

Personal Best

My opinion is that one of the reserves should have been given the opportunity to swim.

The proof is that reserves are named and allocated for the purpose of swimming the final should someone pull out of the event.

The proof is that neither one of the two reserves swam in the final.

That’s an opinion backed up by proof.

It does not make me look silly, ignorant or arrogant.
The blame lies with one of the three parties, or both or all.

It is obvious that someone dropped the ball, isn’t it?


FINA chose as male swimmer of the meet a swimmer who has been reported as decking girls half his size.

FINA chose as male swimmer of the meet who pulled out last minute of his race without any medical examination or explanation, and accepted what the swimmer said 100%

beyond a joke.


Loz feliz, what I wrote the above is not my opinion, they are FACTS.

Rossanna Palmer

Craig, your disgust with Sun Yang even swimming so close to a doping ban, let alone being awarded a debatable ‘Best’ in meet, is shared by all (except probably the Chinese). And the debate over whether Peaty should have been awarded ‘Best” will continue to rage.

However, the “no-show” in the 1500m final was outrageous. And I actually put the blame squarely on the Meet Director and the FINA Technical Committee who are responsible for the meet. For goodness sake, there were enough blazers there.

It is normal protocol for the reserves to not only be present and join in the warm-up process, but also to be present and checked off at the call-room. It is also normal protocol (and every swimmer knows this) that if they do not turn up on time in the call-room, they will be replaced by a reserve.

To replace a no-show and make the changes in the control room is a relatively simple procedure. Insuring that all the officials are aware as well as media for their TV graphics takes a bit more time, but a few more minutes, max.

The 1500m Final was at the end of the session. If Sun Yang, as has been suggested, was not feeling well during warm-up, there would have been more than sufficient time to make the necessary replacement. There are normally two call-rooms at international meets such as World Champs, and normally you must be present at least 20 minutes at the first call-room and then escorted into the 2nd call room just before the race.

If Sun Yang literally just didn’t turn up in the call-room without telling anyone (outrageous, but not beyond possibility), and if the normal protocols around reserves was followed, there would have been two reserves checking in at the call-room and available.

If there weren’t the reserves available, then that is the fault of the Meet Director and the FINA Technical Committee for not enforcing the protocols.

Tony McKinnon

On another note if you only take Olympic events the medal table looks very interesting.
Aus. 7. 3. 4
USA 6 8. 4
Chn 3 1. 4
GBr. 3 1 3
Hun 3. 2. 3
Jpn 3. 1. –
Fra. 2. 1. 1
Swe. 1. 2. 1
Ita. 1. 2. 1
RSA. 1. 2. –
Rus 1 1 1
Then if you look at total finalist even more interesting:
USA 38, Chn 24, GBr 23, Aus 22, Rus 15, Jpn 15, Can 14, Hun 13, Ger 11
Outstanding progress for the UK and steady progress back to past glory for Can and Ger.
Aus lacking depth of past WCs but outstanding progress at the top end medal count.
USA must be regretting selecting a team 12 months out from the WCs.
This WCs must be close to the widest spread of medalist and finalist on a nation basis yet.
It would be good to have a review on a nationals basis as per above on your web site.

Los Feliz

aswinmfan, next time Phelps …[edited out – see reply Los Feliz ] I suggest he find the courage to admit it on the record, instead of you imagining things other people did or did not do, without real proof.

Los Feliz

Okey, here is the Chinese team side of story. They just get off the airplane and had a brief news conference.

1. The Brazilian female swimmer was wearing flippers. She kicked more than one Chinese swimmers and continued to kick everyone swimming in the same lane in a rude manner. Sun Yang asked her to stop.

2. The Chinese team filed a complaint to FINA immediately. They sent people over. The FINA agent told the Chinese team that Brazil will host the next Olympics, so you better not to make it a big deal.

3. The Chinese side was confused why the Brazilian swimmers much warm-up with flippers on. Their excuse of warming up for national meet does not make sense, since they will have a 20 hour flight half way across the planet, and adjust for jet lag before their national meet.

There are plenty of news agencies starting to report on this side of story. We should know the full truth soon

Craig Lord

Los Feliz – – there is no evidence that he ever did any such thing – please do not repeat – that is libellous.


On Rossanna’s comment – is it really true that reserves are expected to warm up and be present in the call room? That seems unnecessary given how rarely they would be called upon? I guess if those swimmers don’t have other events to prepare for they might. Any further info?


Because the warm-up pool at the arena was the only pool open at the time for teams competing in the meet. The other training pools returned to normal use by locals several days earlier. The Team Leader Manuals (done only with lightly less details than Russia’s recent planned invasion of Crimea) specify that Sunday morning the arena was warm up pool was open use for warm up open training swimming so the Brazilians were using it according to the rules of the meet.


I need some help here. I’ve been trying to read through the comments and news reports, but I’m just getting more confused. Can somebody help me…

1. Does the fact that he didn’t swim due to complaints of chest pain validate his use of a banned heart medication?

2. Is it possible that he didn’t swim because he was avoiding a post-race drug test?

3. If Sun is indeed having chest pain, are there any rules in place to ensure that he is fit enough to be training/competing? I don’t want to log into SwimVortex and read that Sun has been hospitalized or, God forbid, died from a heart attack!

Los Feliz

The entire Sun Yang video interview, in case Craig Lord is wondering, is accessible from here:

A few takeaways

4. Sun Yang fell ill after the 200m final.

5. Yang said 200/400 is much harder for him than 1500. To him, 1500 is the easiest and he is most comfortable with

6. Yang still continued with 800 final. And he said from the 800 final he can read that he can easily beat Paltrinieri in 1500 if he can swim.

7. Yang decided to drop off from 1500 final only 30 minutes before the final starts. He had been treated by the team doctor the entire day but he decided he won’t go

8. Yang describe the heart problem more like premature heart-beat.

Los Feliz

9. Yang said if the heart problem is no longer bothering him, he can easily defend the 1500 title in 2016 Rio and 2017 Worlds.

10. The incident at warm-up: he was most angry since flippers are not allowed in the pool. These equipment is not allowed by FINA because they can cause injuries.

11. The female swimmer kicked many chinese swimmers with her flippers. Sun Yang is the only person stand up to her. She told him to fuck off.

12. Sun Yang said the hands/feet hitting each other during warm-up is most common in any swim meet.

13. Sun Yang said the Brazilian spokesperson is lying.

Los Feliz

14. Rio is the biggest test to the entire Chinese swimming team. Kazan is a good step but Sun will most likely swim more relays in Rio

15. The entire Chinese swimming team is in good status with many youngsters emerging.

16. Sun is learning to work with the media. He wants to be more forthcoming in the future

Craig Lord

If 4 is correct, Los Feliz, then it is a real disgrace that doctors and officials and politicians took so long to diagnose ‘heart issue’ and that Pal Joensen did not get to race…

6. pure blah blah

7. 30 minutes is outside the timeframe for Pal to have taken up his place … but no-one told him… disgraceful

9. There must be a proper medical diagnosis and there should be an intl check system for such cases to determine whether a swimmer is fit to compete.

Los Feliz

17. Sun is content with Kazan. A good but not perfect ending of one year’s effort. Just like most swimmers, he starts training each day at 3am.

Craig Lord

Los Feliz, thanks for all this, very interesting…
9.. no longer bothering him but the official reason why he did not race 1500m at world titles? really?! come off it…

10. not entirely true… lots of people use them in training sessions, and the warmup pool in Kazan was for both w-up and training..

11 – 13 – we should hear both sides of the story, so good that he has gone on true record with that

Los Feliz

Craig, send your outrages to FINA through proper channels. Yelling on a discussion forum does not serve you good. A toddler can not get all he/she wants just by crying out loud.

Los Feliz

You sounds as if Sun Yang or Chinese swimming team is the organizer of Kazan. They are not! They can tell FINA their status and what they will do. And I am sure both Sun Yang and the chinese team take full responsibility of their actions.

And, I am providing information. You said I was fabricating but now you have the video for yourself. How you read into this interview is up to you. I will try to be objective.

Los Feliz

The original article seems to suggest that Sun Yang somehow got the award illegally, or there is some sort of under-the-table deals made between FINA and the Chinese team. In fact, I don’t think they have that type of power. The way they describe the warmup incident almost as if FINA agent threatened them to apologize to the Brazilians. If there is any inner connections, I would suggest someone investigate the Brazilian coaches first!

Los Feliz

Craig Lord, I have been to many many swim meets of all levels, as a swimmer, as volunteer/timer etc. I have never seen anyone using flippers, tubes, or paddles in warm up. Usually the lanes were very busy and crowded. Someone using flippers and paddles is hard to imagine. Maybe you are right they allow that in Worlds. Just very hard for me to imagine.


Not much sense has come out of all this, if Sun Yang has a heart condition why is he even allowed to swim? Maybe thats why he got the award for risking his life by swimming, He is a true hero isnt he?

Rossanna Palmer

Craig, this makes me even more angry.
Los Felix suggests as quoted presumably by the Chinese media that:

“Yang decided to drop off from 1500 final only 30 minutes before the final starts. He had been treated by the team doctor the entire day but he decided he won’t go.”

Oh, so that’s OK then? Just not tell anyone and not turn up.

As I said above, if there is a no-show in the call-room 20 minutes before a race, then the reserve is substituted. Which means that if normal protocols are followed, the reserves should have been checking in at the call-room with everyone else. With a no-show, the decision should have been made INSTANTLY to make a substitution. At the very least, if the reserve swimmer was not there then their Team Manager should have been called down into the Control Room and told to get their swimmer into the call-room. If the first reserve wasn’t there, then the second reserve Team Manager should have been notified.

What I do not know, stabilo, is whether those protocols are followed in Kazan, and maybe someone else may enlighten us. But swim meets all around the world require reserves to check-in to call-rooms or marshalling areas. And yes, substitutions of reserves for no-shows does happen.

It is my guess that several scenarios, or a combination, happened.

1. The Chinese Team Manager didn’t bother informing the officials;


2. The officials were not prepared to make a brave substitution call in enough time when Sun Yang just didn’t turn up 20 mins before in the call-room;


3. The reserves don’t bother checking in and were not in the arena with their gear.

Whatever transpired, it is an extremely poor show to have an empty lane in the sport’s pinnacle event.

Chris Dolan

Point Number 16 is LOL funny Sun Yung is learning to work with the media and be more forecoming in future!!
That’s really worked this meet!


What is even more alarming he had chest pains during the 200m but was allowed to swim the 1500m heats! Anyway moving on, great performances from Adam,3 golds 2 WRs, Bronte 3 golds 1 bronze, Emily 3 golds 1 bronze, and Mitch 2 gold 1 silver Florent 3 golds! Katinka 2 golds 1 bronze, all individual! Could go on, but Katie stole the show with her amazing performances!


Oh ok Roy serious enough to skip the 1500m but not any of his other races!

Los Feliz

@roy, I apologize for that translation inaccuracy. Thank you for the correction.

It seems Yang is the final decision maker for himself, not his mangers or coaches, which is generally a good thing. However, the team doctor and manager should stop him, or any athletes in similar situations. Sometimes these athletes are very competitive in nature; hiding injury/sickness may be bad for them.


They also have a responsibility to the swimmer, although Sun seems to be a law unto himself, If he died next week from a heart attack who is accountable?

Los Feliz

gheko, I think Craig Lord misunderstood the reason I post these. This is the other side of the story but not my opinion or impression. According to the video, Sun Yang said he felt discomfort in heart after 200 final. On that day he worked very hard, first the 800 prelim then the 200 final (which he said is much harder for him than 1500m).

He said the next day his energy level is low. Right before 1500 prelim he told the team doctor about the heart discomfort, but not the team manager or coaches. (does this mean he never told anyone before that?) But on the day of 1500 final he continue to feel bad. The team doctor helped him since then. In the afternoon he informed the manager that he may or may not compete. In then end, even though he went through the warm-up process and dressed for the final, he still made the last-minute decision. That is as much detail as I can read from the video. Make your judgement.


Not judging just concerned that the team doctor gave him the green light to contest the final, quite frankly that scares me!


I go through times when I watch a lot of CCTV-9 because their news coverage can actually be quite good when they’re a neutral third party in whatever they’re covering. (example- they do really good ebola coverage out of Africa)

But Chinese media covering China news often results in so much being hit with the reality distortion field, and if they’re talking about something in Beijing or Hong Kong or other Chinese issues proper, I will cross check with BBC, Al Jazeera, France 24, or Arirang in order to figure if CCTV has come relatively close to the truth target on that issue.

Los Feliz

beachmouse, if you are referring to the video interview I posted, it is not a news story, it is not written by a news reporter, it is not even news program.

It is an interview in which Sun Yang answered some questions. If you are questioning Chinese TV’s integrity, fine, try find Al Jazeera’s interview of Sun Yang and compare.

Los Feliz

And if you are trying to question Sun Yang’s integrity, how is your past TV news experience even relevant?


FINA is not the only entity that doles out awards. I’m more interested in the awards given by the respected media in the swimming community including this one. Even before this FINA’s awards haven’t carried much weight with me and honestly their gongs aren’t that illustrious or notable even within the swimming community. It would have been nice though for the organization overseeing the sport to have a better system in place. It might be “objective” but it’s objectively bad. It’s like the ostensibly objective BCS computer generated rankings…garbage in and garbage out.

bkkang Kang

The Brazilian swimming ‘troupe’ were doing their ‘samba dance’in the warm up pool with training foot flippers ignoring they are world class swimmers and champions warming up for the finale.
Remember Cielo was doing ‘slit eyes” gestures in public during the competition arena in Shanghai 2011. I think the Brazilian swimming federation should apologize to FINA and Chinese counterpart for the unwarranted incident and insult to normal intelligent beings. Ironically, they are hosting the Games next year, then again nastier incidences might ‘induced’ for medias and political limelight.

Craig Lord

bkkang – the incident happened in morning training session, not the warm-up. There were set times for type of pool use. It sounds to me as though there was intolerance on both sides – and ultimately but men don’t hit girls or swim over the top of them, regardless of what may have happened.

Craig Lord

Los Feliz – answered some questions put by whom?

Craig Lord

Los Feliz, i misunderstood nothing. I realise what you were doing. I am merely telling the reader my interpretation of Sun’s take on things. Informing a doctor who does not inform coach and team manager is totally irresponsible. The coach has an absolute right to know if his charge is sick in any way; and has a right to know what a doctor is recommending, especially in the case of an athlete who has tested positive, supposedly because of a mistake. I believe all close parties should have been informed and that a decision could have been taken after the 800m. Out of respect for other competitors, Sun and team, with half an hour to go, could and should have informed all who needed to know – and Pal Joensen, a hero his small country could have raced.

Craig Lord

I agree with that, Los felix – somethings are too serious for the athlete to be allowed to have the final say.

bkkang Kang

So the warm up area in the world class competitions can be a ‘training’ pool for ‘clowns’ with all kinds swimming accessories like float, foot flippers @#!etc-. Well, I rest my case! They are not supposed to be there in the first place ..more ever they were 30 to 40 swimmers in the warm up pool at any times so accidental contacts are common (understood) but not when someone ( male or female) is having foot flippers whacked on your face!.

Craig Lord

It is far from ideal, bkkang

Los Feliz

Craig Lord, Sun Yang answered questions we all want to ask.

Why did you pull out of the 1500 final

Tell us about your heart condition

What happened during the warm-up

etc etc.

I failed to see how this is a biased list of questions as you are implying.

Los Feliz

bkkang, I do not know where they got the information from. But FINA specifically forbid the use of paddles and flippers in warm-up pool.

Pull-buoys, kick boards, fins, hand paddles and other training aids consider
inappropriate are not allowed in the competition pool or warm-up pool, as well as
watches and heavy jewellery.

Craig, now it is your turn to try to justify what the Brazilian swimmer did.


(If you could indulge me Craig, to repeat my comment below from your related post):

Listen, this altercation in the warm-up pool (or not) is a red-herring.

To not turn up to a final or not tell anyone that you are not going to swim in enough time to get the reserve to fill the lane, is plain disgraceful. This is nothing short of arrogance in the extreme, and to fill the media up with all sorts of excuses, and not one mention of an apology to Pal Joensen, let alone the world swimming community at large, is breathtaking. This disgraceful behaviour alone should have stripped him of any award and slapped a huge fine on the Chinese Federation.

But if there was any doubt what power brokers FINA really answers to, then the extraordinary obsequious display by Maglione when awarding Sun Yang with the top male award raised more than one eyebrow, I am sure – the fawning over this swimmer who FINA thinks is untouchable and can serve a doping ban in secret.

This whole debacle is nothing more than the proverbial two fingers up to anyone that believes in fair play, good sportmanship, and even just plan good manners.


to roy and loz feliz who kept saying there’s no brazilian swimming in the warm up pool on the final day,

If only you guys read the comments here instead of blah blah you would have seen comment by Ddiaz in the above with the link to the news article about Sun Yang decking a Brazilian girl half her size:

Just use google translate.

And apparently it was not the first time Sun Yang decking a girl in this competition, because swimmers/coaches from other countries (Chile, Argentina) also reported that Yang caused the same problem to their swimmers.

The claim that Yang decided to drop off 30 mins before the race started is bullshit.
If it had been 30 mins, no one in the call room was frantically trying to find him. Eurosport was also immediately asking chinese officials, and the officials claimed the didn’t know.

The more you ask question about this chicken yang, the more bullshit came up.


In US Swimming events, I was under the impression that if swimmers do not show for an event they are scheduled to swim without scratching they are withdrawn from the rest of the meet.

I remember an incident in which Josh Schneider DNS for an event and as a result lost his spot on the US Team for the 50 free because of it; USS eventually softened their stance by allowing him to have a swim-off at a later date to determine if Schneider or Cullen Jones should make the World Team that year, which Schneider lost.

My take-away from this Sun situation is that he does, indeed, have some kind of hear condition. Are there any safeguards in place to prevent him from going into cardiac arrest at a meet?

Craig Lord

You are indulged, h2tk, and in general I agree that the whole thing sent completely the wrong message on many fronts – and represented the poor side and bad culture of FINA in a nutshell

Craig Lord

Los Feliz, again, it was morning, not evening warm-up… it was during the competition hours…The Brazilians and others were using training devices, which they can when the pool is designated for training not only warm-up. When the pool is in pure warm-up mode, set hours, no flippers etc…

Craig Lord

I’m implying nothing, Los Feliz. He has answered some questions and some answers are wholly unacceptable and demand further questions.I have not commented on the nature of the questions, I simply asked ‘who put them’


In US Swimming events, I was under the impression that if swimmers do not show for an event they are scheduled to swim without scratching they are withdrawn from the rest of the meet.


In the land of the brave and home of meets where you can get 213 entries in a girls 11-12 100M free, the mandatory scratch rule is a necessary tool in order to keep an event vaguely splashing along in a timely manner. IIRC, Schneider wasn’t the first to have issues with the rule as it got phased in- you’d get coaches who would enter a swimmer in a bunch of events and then not communicate the full schedule to them properly.

Even in the sprint freestyles where the universality entries often increase the number of heats, I’m not sure that type of pretty harsh rule is necessary at a WCs or Olympics because they’ve got a smaller total athlete count than, say, Midwestern Sectionals. But it would be nice if there was more than a relatively modest fine that’s less than what a FINA official expenses for a bottle of wine.


Ithink it is disgraceful that Sun Yang is taking all the attention here when the Italian boy swam his heart out in 14.39 to win the gold medal, great swim!

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