Every Moment An Olympic Height: Katinka Hosszu Cracks 400IM s/c WR With 4:19.46 Heat

Katinka Hosszu by Gian Mattia D'Alberto / La Presse

The warning sign was posted early on the first morning of action: Katinka Hosszu, of Hungary, intends to dominate the European short-course Championships in Netanya, Israel. The double world medley champion started her campain with a world record in heats of the 400m medley: a 4:19.46

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The warning sign was posted early on the first morning of action: Katinka Hosszu, of Hungary, intends to dominate the European short-course Championships in Netanya, Israel. The double world medley champion started her campain with a world record in heats of the 400m medley: a 4:19.46



It seems like Hosszu is targeting 100 back WR tonight and will swim 400 IM to just get the gold having broken the WR in the morning.

Very smart and savvy girl! She’ll get more cash that way.


I’m really hoping for a great performance from Ms. Miley in the final.


A WR in heats. I know this is not KH’s first WR in heats but it is still astonishing. No even the GOAT has ever done this. And in 2hrs she is back in action and will possibly attack another WR.
I should take my 2 WR prediction back. It seems KH alone could easily set 3-4 new WR.
If she leaves Rio w/out a gold medal it will be a surprise. I know, a lot can and will happen between now and Rio.


@aswimfan – I hope you are right. Then again, it would be a pity to see a mediocre (relatively) swim on the 400 IM this evening. I do believe that the 100 back WR, although it is hers, will be difficult.

I would much rather see a 400 im venture into 4:18 waters, and then a solid 100 back SF.


Interesting comments from Hosszu – “legs & turns” are the key to success.


@Craig Lord.
For sure there were some Hosszu team’s considerations to file a low chance lawsuit against SW – emotional, practical, busyness, whatever. Good it or not but it makes public publications more careful about something left unexplained. I don’t mind if the following will be edited.
There are several observations that draw my attention to the Hosszu phenomena.
1. The time when it started – after average performance at London OG, having most likely only one more Olympics left.
2. New coach that I cannot google any history of his coaching career and success besides Katinka Hosszu.
3. The absence of any hint of existence of the asymptote that her last four year progress in personal bests are tending to approach. And it is not just PERSONAL bests. They are the bests at global standard level. That in its turn means that it is about some general limitations of elite swimmers’ abilities at the moment.
If first two points can be coincidental and circumstantial then the last one is of a real concern. Look at the chart ( https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/109797241/Hosszu.JPG ) that demonstrates the steepness of the progress without any indication of slowing down. Whoever looks at this progress curve will come to the conclusion that it cannot be done just by increasing a “hard work”. It helps to utilizes whatever hasn’t been taken yet from the existing source. But such kind of progress is very limited if someone is already at elite level. Her lines of progress indicates clearly to whoever believes in the Laws of Nature that new resource is in use. The resource that is far from being exhausted yet. I would rather not to speculate about the nature of this resource and will not follow the shortcut of simple possible explanations undertaken by Mr. Barrett. But I will say with confidence that something is happening within that body. The body of the woman that is supposed to be completely formed and stable at this period of life. And only pregnancy and aging process can do the changes.
A few years ago she was just another good swimmer. Now with such unstoppable progress she threatens to win about five personal medals in Rio surpassing the great Krisztina Egerszegi who has retired (what a stupidity from Hosszu’s point of view) at age when Hosszu’s career has not been even started to warm up yet.
As many I was painfully hurt by Amstrong’s deceit. People sacrificed vacations and day-offs to watch his wins at Tour de France. He made a difference for many. This cheater will never be forgiven.
I don’t want to be in such situation again. I am skeptical. I doubt.


I think another interesting data point is to look at Hosszu’s results post-2009. She was clearly a swimmer who benefited strongly from the suits, and while she made a decent showing for the home crowd in Budapest in 2010, her less than stellar results in 2011 to me looked like a disheartened swimmer going through the motions, at least mentally. A defending champion only making 15th place in the 400IM – that’s got to hurt. It’s clear that her mindset has completely changed since then, but the rumour mill seems to think something else has changed as well, which would be a huge disappointment for the sport and my enjoyment of it. I find myself desperately hoping that a change in mental attitude (in both training and racing) could account for such an improvement curve, but unfortunately it just doesn’t seem plausible.

Craig Lord

It is fair comment and the right of us all, in general, to doubt, Yozhik, and sadly, it is something that will accompany any outstanding curve in world sport, all the more so when that curve is unique and no peers nor their guides appear to even be contemplating any attempt to match the model.

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