Emma McKeon Tests Best With Sub-58 100 ‘Fly; Guy, Watanabe, Larkin, Seebohm Solid

Emma McKeon, of Australia, soaks up her victory over 200m at the 2014 Commonwealth Games - with Bronte Barratt in the background [Photo: Ian MacNicol]

Emma McKeon, most highly decorated of her gender at Commonwealth Games last year, became the first woman this year to crack 58sec over 100m butterfly when she hit the helm of the fledgling season world rankings with a 57.76 victory at NSW state titles in Sydney

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Emma McKeon, most highly decorated of her gender at Commonwealth Games last year, became the first woman this year to crack 58sec over 100m butterfly when she hit the helm of the fledgling season world rankings with a 57.76 victory at NSW state titles in Sydney



Great to see Madison Wilson make her maiden sub 1 minute swim with a decent time of 59.76!


An interesting Ashwood fact – swims near similar times in 2014 and 2015.
200m free: 2:00.67 (2014 prelims) ?? (2015 – can she go better? Maybe a 1:58)
400m free: 4:05.01 (2014) 4:05.30(2015)
800m free: 8:19.76 (2014) 8:21.33 (2015)

Let’s hope 2015 won’t be a repeat of 2014! Ashwood’s performances at the 2014 NSW Championships would be her best for the year.


Fingers crossed onwards and upwards with Aussie Trials in a month’s time!

Threat from England in the mid distance events heading into Rio with James Guy posing a threat.. This to add to their strengths in men’s back, breast and fly stocks… Cmon Aussie boys!


Verram, I totally agree with you about British boys, especially the strength they’re building up in the medley relay. Walker Hebborn only needs to make minor improvements, Peaty looks to be strong enough, Barratt continues to improve in the fly, Brown or Proud only need to lift their game in the 100m free.
Personally, I’d rather Australia not select a team for the 400m medley relay if our 100m fly swimmer can’t meet the selection criteria. It has been our fly swimmers who have let us down in the past – D’Orsogna, Wright, Hadler etc.

Viva la Bang

We need at least a 51.4 100m flyer, and the breastroke looks shaky, although Packard has a 1.00.5 this year need a 59 mid!


Totally agree.. Not really sure what is happening to our once bullet proof men’s fly stocks.. Even Targett didn’t really do so well…

Any news on Chris Sprenger’s return to competition?

Ps> I am definitely pleased about Madi Wilson.. Seebohm needs some good domestic competition to keep her going…

Craig Lord

petriasfan: Adam Brown has retired.. so GBR looks to Ben P and others for the last two laps of the medley relay ahead…

Viva la Bang

Yes Madi Wilson on 59.76 is a great move forward, The women’s sprints look good, and would it be some kind of record if Emma McKeon gets the 200m tomorrow? She already has the 50/100m titles!


My bad about Brown – oops. Thanks for the reminder Craig Lord.
From what I’ve read in articles, Sprenger is still looking towards Rio 2016. It would’ve been good to see him compete at these championships – just to see what kind of form he is in.
I forgot to mention the potential selection of the women’s 400m medley relay in an earlier post too.
Even though we won the 400m medley relay at both major events for Australia in 2014, the retirement of Jones in 2012 has continued to be a massive loss for us. Most definitely, we have lost at least 1.5 sec over the 100m breast leg. Let’s look back at 2014!
Seebohm was able to give a lead to Tonks ahead of the English and US girls at the Comm Games and Pan Pacs respectively. Tonks however was unable to maintain or build on that lead.
Luckily we have strong flyers – McKeon and Coutts! Both swimmers were able to significantly cut back at the least (McKeon) if not hand us into the lead (Coutts) before Cate Campbell took the anchor leg.


I must say I was disappointed in Georgia Bohl’s performance at these championships. Yes, she may be in the middle of heavy training, but at the EOY QLD championships, Bohl gave us great hope for our future in the 100m breast. Hansen continues to improve and impress. Hopefully a sub 1:07 from her at trials. It is a big ask, I know.
No sign of Pickett – is there any future for her in the sport? I doubt it!
My top 3 tip for Aussie trials, and in no particular order – Bohl, Hansen, McKeown.


I am starting to think Australia needs to have a dedicated breastroke centre for training, as men’s and women’s breastroke seems to be lacking in depth at the moment, the men’s more so an issue than the women’s…


Wilson’s sub minute was no surprise, she’s been getting ever closer for the past 12 months. She’s also been making some positive moves on FS so she may, in time, be a factor for those relays. Her 200 back still probably needs to drop 1.5 – 2 sec to be an intl factor but that may take time.

The W100FLY times are OK but nothing more. To be finalling at Worlds, they’d realistically be needing 57 very low. McKeon may get there but at this point, her FS seems a higher priority. Whether Coutts can get back there … open to speculation. Elmslie threatens to break 58 but never seems to manage it.

PF, re the AUS W4XMED. The AUS fly legs at Glasgow (McKeon 56.9) & Pan Pacs (Coutts 56.78) were sound enough but made look better by the weakness of the lead competition (US having no competitive 100flyer & O’Connor “out of gas” at end of meet).

AUS W100BRS seems to have a bank-up of 1.07 swimmers but no-one as yet threatening to break that barrier atm. If anything, I’d look to Hansen or McKeown to do it; can’t see the likes of Pickett, Tonks or Hunter getting there.

Not enter a M4XMED at Worlds if there’s no M100 BRS or FLY qualifier ? Happy to go with that.


Re: men’s 4×100 medley – I am happy to support the notion the event unless we can get a competitive breastroker and flyer to do the legs… It will serve as a wake up call for the guys to improve instead of allowing subpar performances to make the team just for the sake of this relay, and then we don’t medal anyway…


Not enter a men’s medley relay haha you guys are talking utter nonsense. Larkin is turning into one of the top 3 backstrokers in the world & you have 2 legitimate contenders for the 100fs title. Solid legs in between, we all know they aren’t outstanding but they will absolutely have a team & they haven’t even had trials yet, they will be in the final. There will be plenty of swimmers on that team that don’t make finals…….Australia has serious breaststroke issues because many coaches & program’s completely ignore the stroke. Plenty have no idea how to coach it & train it which leaves very few that can. Even many of the top 10 have major technical flaws. Japan could’ve sent 10 men out & there would’ve been 10 Japanese men in the final last night that’s how bad the Aussies look. As for the girls I agree with petria the young girls will dominate, the older girls/women aren’t going anywhere. As for Ashwood she swam slower in the 4 & 8 than last year so she isn’t going 1.58 today. As for her over the year I think she will be another who always performs better at low key domestic meets than internationally where she isn’t setting the pace like many other Aussie freestylers over the 200. Emma looks fantastic. 100fly could be her best chance leading into Rio. She ain’t beating Cate, Bronte or Ledecky.


Felix; whilst I can concur with you that Larkin looks a potential elite backstroker and our FS leg looks safe enough; the facts are that on current form this relay may not even be a certainty to make a World or Olympic final. Sprenger returning swimming 59s should at least fix that but that is no certainty. The Rio QT for M100fly is quite soft at 52.36 but our current flyers are no certs to swim that !

Whilst I have some similar suspicions as you re Ashwood, I’d like to give another year’s opportunities (should she qualify) before “marking her card”.

Whilst McKeon’s path to gold in FS may be blocked; the fact is that her FS is currently at a considerably higher level than her fly. This may even up over her career, as was the case w Lenton, but I’m thinking Rio may be a little early for her. I’d be very surprised to see her swimming 57low this year; let alone breaking 57 which is what it will take to medal.


As poor as the AUS mens relay maybe, Kazan is an Olympic qualifier I think, so a good performance must be recorded to ensure qualification.

Craig Lord

I can’t imagine they would not qualify for the Olympics, torchbearer… they have enough strength to beat most and even in a year with Christian Sprenger well away from best and the team slipping outside the world top 3 for the first time since 2005 they easily made the world top 10 (with a 2sec comfort zone) – Rio 2016 is also down to the national selection criteria for relays, of course.


I was just referring to some that suggested Australia shouldn’t even enter a mens medley relay in Kazan!.. It’s Olympic time already!

Craig Lord

Got you, torchbearer – thanks & quite right – they should definitely enter a team for worlds 🙂

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