Emma McKeon Takes A Brace Of Victories At Queensland State Titles; Cam McEvoy On 1:46

Emma McKeon by Patrick B. Kraemer

Emma McKeon took a brace of wins at the Queensland State Swimming Championships opener in the Sleeman Aquatic Centre in Brisbane; first a 1:56 in the 200 free, then a 58 flat in the 100 ‘fly

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Emma McKeon took a brace of wins at the Queensland State Swimming Championships opener in the Sleeman Aquatic Centre in Brisbane; first a 1:56 in the 200 free, then a 58 flat in the 100 ‘fly



Whilst no times are utterly earth shattering, there are certainly some pleasing showings at the start of the AUS LCM season.

McKeonE’s 200free time is very pleasing and comparable to her best from last season; is it a sign of potential progress or not ? Barratt at 1.56 is a step up on her 2015 level but she remains a perpetual enigma; one never knows if we’ll get “good Bronte” or “god awful Bronte” sometimes at the same meet !

McKeown’s 200brs has been “off” from her 2014 highs so its pleasing to see a 2.23 at this early juncture.

Packard is far better known as a 100brs man but his 2.12.09 would appear to be a significant PB. The AUS QT for this event looks well out of reach but it may be interesting to see if Packard is looking to extend his range.


Monday heats:

W100back: Wilson 59.74, Seebohm 1.00.29, Atherton 1.00.60

M100back: Larkin 53.26, no one else within 2sec.

W400free: Boyle (NZL) 4.10.39, Ashwood 4.10.41, Barratt 4.12.01

M400free: no one below 3.51

W100brs: Johannsson (SWE) 1.08.09, Bohl 1.08.54, Pickett 1.08.81, Tonks 1.09.40, McKeown 1.10.03, Hunter 1.10.05

M100brs: Packard 1.00.55, no one else within 2sec

W100free: C1 54.51, Elmslie 54.65, Wilson 54.88, Wright 54.99, McKeonE 55.30

M100free: McEvoy 48.71, Tommy the tourist 49.76, Chalmers 50.03, Roberts 50.08


What’s Georgia Bohl’s 200 PB?
That 2:25 sounds like close to get PB if not outright PB

Craig Lord

It is, by 0.06, aswimfan

Craig Lord

Thanks wombat… long-haul travelling, so tardy updates ahead 🙂


Not a problem, Craig. I’ll behave myself (for once) and refrain from posting anything about Monday’s nights finals to allow you to put out your article.


It’s a bit too harsh to call D’Orsogna a tourist only because he is not the top sprinter in the world.

Personal Best

Obviously it’s too early to call it, but I think the women’s 200 breast is shaping up to be the more impressive of the breaststrokes for women in Oz.

Georgia Bohl getting a slight PB, with a few others under 2:25/2:24 and pushing will make it the more competitive of the two distances.

Though I think Bohl could be the one to surprise/upset next year in the 100.

Craig Lord

No problem, C Wombat 🙂 … landed and updated now


Therea, the “tourist” tag is one that originated with AUS Swimming and Olympic officials to describe those who swim excellent times at Trials to make national teams ……. then never replicate them internationally.

D’Orsogna has earned this tag on two fronts. Ever since his commendable 4×100 heat swim; his international record has been that of unblemished sub-standard performance.

For some inexplicable reason he has been handed lead-off responsibilities for the M4X100 relay. His 2014 efforts were 49second efforts at both CG & PP where the competition was shallow enough that this didn’t torpedo the relay. He repeated this in Kazan where it DID count and his team failed to qualify for Rio.

He has also made the team for individual swims. Here again, he fails to replicate domestic times in international waters.

He’s been swimming internationally since 2010. Apart from one swim, his record fits the definition of a “tourist”. Same with Hadler who’s been around since 2009; same with McKeonD who’s been around for a full Olympic cycle. You don’t “hit” someone with the tag after just one bad outing but when its three or more years and there is a clear pattern …….


Commonwombat, thanks for the explanation but it still sounds a derogatory term to me.
These guys don’t underperform on purpose. They do their best, then maybe something happens in their mind on race day that prevents them from being their own best. I am sure they are the first to be disappointed.
Then again, if someone is willing to take his spot, he is free to come forward and race faster at Trials …


Totally agree Therea. The “tourist” tag is definitely derogatory and very unsportsmanlike ! Regardless of common’s explanation the swimmers he is labelling are all trying to do their best. They are on the team because their performance at trials has earned them that place. Not because they have bought a ticket as inferred by “common”. I enjoy reading most of the commentary on swimvortex that is those comments that contain interesting facts, opinions on performance and improvement but not childish name calling!

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