Emily Seebohm’s Triple Triumph Topped By 2:06.69 No1 Rank; Hayley Baker A Dolphin

Emily Seebohm - courtesy of arena

The scoreboard at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships at the Sydney 2000 Olympic pool screamed back 2:06.69 to announce that Seebohm had not only claimed the crown but the backstroke triple, too, after victories in the 50 and 100m; and Hayley Baker pips Madison Wilson to become a Dolphin

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The scoreboard at the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships at the Sydney 2000 Olympic pool screamed back 2:06.69 to announce that Seebohm had not only claimed the crown but the backstroke triple, too, after victories in the 50 and 100m; and Hayley Baker pips Madison Wilson to become a Dolphin


Personal Best

I have a feeling Seebohm’s time in the 50 free is a pb.

I think she was sitting at 25.6 previously.

That’s crazy given her significant pb in the 200 back minutes earlier. She’s having a great meet.

Italian fan

My opinion (of course).
In general, ups and downs in these Australian Champs.
Australia remains a great swimming nation, for sure, with some real strenghts (above all the women depth in 100 free, but also 400 free men, the two women after 59″ in 100 back, and the 48.69 of Kyle Chambers, at not yet 17), but, one year after Jacco Verhaeren’s arrive, there isn’t that great, total increase that could really make Australia the world swimming nation leader, i.e. John Leonard’s target for 2020.
Between 16 yers old Chambers and 35 years old Hackett (with Mack Horton the best notes of these Champs for now), a lot of work to do for Verhaeren in the next years.


Not quite a PB for Seebohm in 50m free. At the BHP Billiton swim series back in Jan, Seebohm swam the 1st 50m of a 4x50m free relay and swam a 25.05.
I love how Seebohm swims a 200m back – she sprints home in the last 50m! It is usually one of her best splits from the race.

Craig Lord

Italian fan: that wouldn’t be John Leonard’s target… his would be for the USA to remain at No1 🙂


Must be a relief for commentators everywhere that Lia Neal and Leah Neale are unlikely to ever be in the same race…


I just realized that David Morgan has made enormous progress since last year. In the 200m butterfly at last year’s nationals he was about last in the final, at 2:00 minutes. And this year he’s on a par with Grant Irvine, just sub 1:56. And now he was in close contention for the 100m butterfly. Could he be the next butterfly male swimmer for Australia? How old is he? And on a related note: what happened with Mitchell Pratt? I don’t recall him being mentioned in the 200m butterfly final.

Italian fan

@Craig Lord: I agree.
Sorry, I meant John Bertrand of course..

Bad Anon

My goodness,Emily is on fire, 2.06.69 is a touch slower than the legendary Egerzegi ‘s 2.06.62 historic effort. She’ll be around medals surely in the 200back . she is now officially Missy’s rival in both backstroke events

Bad Anon

Of note in this meet is that Seebohm has shown a lot of maturity, going faster from heats to semis to finals each time . She had a nasty Olympics experience of overswimming the prelims which cost her gold. She has 2.05 potential this summer 200back. Exciting duels ahead



David Morgan is 21,same age as Jayden Hadler. Not exactly young, but he could be a late bloomer.


Did anyone get to see the 200m back race? What happened to Wilson over the last 50m? There is no logical reason to explain why such an outstanding swimmer, who is having her best meet ever, can split 2secs slower than she should be. Did something happen during the race? I had her pegged as a 2:06 low going into the race.

Bad Anon

1. Seebohm 30.03 1.02.62(32.59) 1.35.49(32.87) 2.06.69(31.20)

2.Baker 30.72 1.03.24(32.52) 1.36.32(33.08) 2.08.21(31.89)

3.,Wilson 30.37 1.02.53(32.16) 1.35.41(32.88) 2.08.57(33.16)

Bad Anon

She faded over the last 50 and was touched out by Baker despite being almost even with Seebohm at the last turn.


He appears to be faster in the 400 than Grant when they swim similar 1500’s. I don’t think Grant was swimming 3:44.6 when he was 14:48 in the 1500. But a reasonable goal for him is 14:40.

Thorpe is also backing Magnussen over his peers in Kazan


Craig Lord

John26: In the same 12-monh period Grant had a best of 3:45.59 down to 3:44.88 when he went 14:45 to 14:48 range 1500s.


Did Seebohm split faster in the last 50 of the 200bk than the 200IM?

Craig Lord

Yes DT … worth noting: she had a solid advantage on rest in 200IM and ended ‘easing off’ and a fair bit away from her best early in a meet of many events where managing energy is part of the game…

Bad Anon

Her splitting of the 200back is impressive and her last 50 is faster than Missy Franklin when she set the world record, ofcourse different pacing strategies ,the other elite 200backstroke swimmers keep the last three 50’s close together after a strong opening split


LOL. Franklin has a lot work to do. I think her swimming the 500 free in the NCAA would benefit her backstroke, right Teri?


Craig: Women’s 800 Freestyle, the bronze went to Tamsin Cook in 8:34.31

Craig Lord

Thanks Ausboet… the trials of rushing through several nations and trials. apologies


Aussie backstroke swimming just got stronger with three world class swims in the 200. After years of taking a back seat to veteran Belinda Hocking, Emily Seebohm has now stamped herself on the event with a world best for this year. “Bomber” and runners up Hayley Baker and Maddie Wilson now hold the top three world spots. By the way. Where is Hocking. Retired?

Personal Best

Injured I believe… and taking a little time off.

She’ll most likely be back for next year but she has serious competition.

Where as previously her main competition was Megan Nay, you now have Seebohm at an elite level with two ‘younger’ swimmers rising fast up the ranks. Don’t think Nay has retired.

It’s great for that event.

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