Emily Seebohm’s Three Diamonds Polished For Olympic Season As Arena Renews Deal

Emily Seebohm - by Paul Seiser/SPA Images, courtesy of Arena

Emily Seebohm, backstroke queen of 2015 with world titles in the 100 and 200m backstroke and a record series of sub-59sec swims over 100m, has polished her Three Diamonds deal with Arena for Olympic season.

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Emily Seebohm, backstroke queen of 2015 with world titles in the 100 and 200m backstroke and a record series of sub-59sec swims over 100m, has polished her Three Diamonds deal with Arena for Olympic season.



her beau?

So, is Seebohm and Larkin an item now?


Been known for some time, especially to those on Twitter and Instagram.

They ARE at different clubs and have different coaches which is most likely a positive. At this point, it hasn’t seemed to have had any negative impacts and if they’re happy ……

The latter IS one of the key aspects to Seebohm’s rise from being one of the best to the best. She is so much more “together” mentally and emotionally and not only is her in-pool work far more disciplined and better structured but so is her dry land work.

By no means does this make her invincible but most certainly, this is a far more mature, focused and better prepared Em Seebohm than the 2012 vintage. Fit and healthy in Rio, its hard not to see her flying home with a nice collection of coin and at least one individual gold amongst them.

Bad Anon

Reminds me of Rice ~ Sullivan together ahead of Beijing and their much publicized breakup. Rice went on to win treble gold. Can Seebohm sweep the backstrokes and get one or two relay golds? She did in Kazan, a repeat perfomance in Rio will been a dream come true for Emily ; Missy won’t give up her titles without a fight ; Hosszu hungry form Olympic gold medals, Maddie Wilson, even Kirsty Coventry looking for one more podium finish. It’ll be very interesting

Craig Lord

The Olympics usually is, BA πŸ™‚

Bad Anon



Will Seebohm swim 4×100 fs again? So far there is no data to make any guess about her this year form and prospective at 100 freestyle.

Craig Lord

I would imagine she will have a go, Yozhik – it’s one of the oct certain gold medals at the meet, al things going to form and being equal…


Yes, Craig. It is like a free ride for the Olympic gold. Would it be any tension or controversy regarding this fourth spot in Australian relay team. Or whoever swims prelim event also gets gold, so everything will be fine and nobody’s feelings will be hurt. Just get qualified at trials to make the team.


No 100freeLCM times so far this season from Seebohm although she did pop out a 52mid PB time at SC Nats. Fairly likely that she will put down a time at either NSW titles or Trials. I would not be overly surprised if she does sneak out a PB at some stage.

By no means does Seebohm have her name engraved on any Rio medal let alone gold but she certainty has to be seen as number one obstacle for her competitors to overcome.

Hosszu – obviously has to be greatly respected but until we know what her schedule will be, its hard to accurately assess her prospects.

Franklin – foolish to disregard her however one feels the 200 to a much better prospect given (1) her starts and underwaters are still rather problematic (2) the somewhat shallower field of real contenders

Coventry – sadly I feel its a case of one Olympic cycle too long. She just hasn’t the competitive times in recent years. It would be a pleasant surprise if she makes a final

Wilson – nothing like having one of your major competitors as domestic competition. Her form this years suggests that 2015 was no aberration and having missed qualifying for Kazan over 200; her PBs are nudging her very close to “contender” status.

Re comparison Larkin/Seebohm to Rice/Sullivan; the latter was “scuppered” by lo ng distance/living and training in different states. We have no real idea as to the depth of this L/S relationship; only what they have said … or posted. Their decisions, their careers, their lives.

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