Emily Seebohm Riding Golden wave To Rio With A 1:59 Australian 200 Back S/C Record

Emily Seebohm - double world champion in August and queen of World Cup backstroke and Commonwealth s/c record breaker after that - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Sizzling speed at Australian s/c nationals as Emily Seebohm goes 1:59 in the 200 back; Cate Campbell takes 100 free in 51.3; Aussie records et by Ellen Fullerton in the 400IM (4:28) and Mitch Larkin in the 50 back (22.9) – and Cameron McEvoy goes 46.3 100m and then a 3:41 in the 400m final won by Tom Fraser-Holmes ahead of David McKeon; titles for Chris Wright, Georgia Bohl and Emma McKeon, too

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Sizzling speed at Australian s/c nationals as Emily Seebohm goes 1:59 in the 200 back; Cate Campbell takes 100 free in 51.3; Aussie records et by Ellen Fullerton in the 400IM (4:28) and Mitch Larkin in the 50 back (22.9) – and Cameron McEvoy goes 46.3 100m and then a 3:41 in the 400m final won by Tom Fraser-Holmes ahead of David McKeon; titles for Chris Wright, Georgia Bohl and Emma McKeon, too



Quite interesting, not just the performances from the “usual suspects”.

McKeonE matching paces with C1&2 is interesting. Looking through 4X100 glasses, Seebohm’s 52.67 in prelims is also worth noting.

Hocking’s 200back showing is nice to see. The race for the 2nd spot behind Seebohm could be quite tasty if Hocking can return to anywhere near her previous levels. Wilson will think she made a mess of her 200back final at 2015 Trials; methinks she will be a major contender and a major time drop would not surprise.

Mens 100free – McEvoy – daylight – the rest. I still remain sceptical of the 4×100 prospects. Looking at this final and its the same old faces that have been there for years ……. and the baggage some of them bring with them. Where are any new faces (outside of the absent Chalmers) ? Not even good enough to make the final.

TFH not only winning the 400free but swimming a fast time is pleasing. He’s been a misfiring engine all 2015 so if this is a positive omen for the forthcoming season; all the better. It will be interesting to see whether he seriously pursues selection in this event (maybe dropping 400IM); his comprehensive defeat of a certain “tourist” certainly gives some hope.

Patrick S

Isn´t Sarah Sjöström´s 51.24 (from the opening leg in the 4x100m at the swedish sc championships earlier this month) the global textile best in the 100m freestyle?

paolo rubbiani

Some good news for Aussie breaststroke (a relative weakness in recent years).
Among women, in the 100 breast good time (1.04.65) for 18 years old Georgia Bohl, among men in the 50 breast Sprenger at 26.87, but above all 16 years old Matthew Wilson (the real aussie prospect) at 27.32, nice time considering his characteristics.
After the 100 free, interesting effort for McEvoy in 400 free (3.41.66) in which Fraser-Holmes won with a very good time (PB for him).
Two nice performances and two PBs also for Emma McKeon in 50 fly and 100 fly (second 50 quickest in the field for her).
The quality of Aussie women backstrokers is sensational: what a great trials to come..


Emma McKeon has a 100m free best of 51.69, so she was just off her best in that race.

Craig Lord

Yes, from world cup 2 years ago, Gheko

Craig Lord

Yes, indeed, Patrick, noted and link placed to our report on the relay 51.2 and the solo 51.4.


Paolo, with due respect I’m a long way from breaking out the champagne regarding the breaststroke situation.

Georgia Bohl has been on the scene for a few years now but whilst still in the promising category; has yet to really push for those top 2 selection positions. It will be interesting to see how she tracks through the LCM season and whether she’s threatening to break the 1.07 barrier. The other “up and comer”, Hansen, was well back as was McKeown who froze badly in Kazan and it was notable that the 2nd place finisher was 30yo Sally Foster. Looks like the same old faces we’ve got used to for some years.

On the men’s side, even through these shoulder worries, Sprenger has been able to put out some good 50’s so this showing was nothing new. On all showings to date, the 200 is where Wilson shows up well and whilst he’s close to the FINA A mark, he’s unlikely to make the 2.09 AUS standard. He’s a 1.01 100 man and not likely to drop 2sec between now and April. Packard looks the only likely candidate to make the QT with Sprenger still a question mark; Sucipto at 1.00 is an outside chance.


Glass half full.
Great news in regards to Breaststroke, Georgia Bhol building nicely, only 18 years old.
Christian Sprenger, still a long from Peety, but I thought good signs today. See more in the 100 Breatstroke. Looking forward to Packard v Sprenger going into Rio trials.
4X100 no depth, but a potential relay team of McEvoy (improving all the time), Chalmers (looking for even bigger improvement at trials, Maggie (back to his best after surgery), To (also looking great after horror injury 2015).


Robbos, not glass half full but seeing things as they are rather than through rose coloured or green and gold tinted lenses.

Re Sprenger, the facts are that over this shoulder worry period, he’s still been able to swim OK 50’s (medal at CG, 17TH in Kazan). Tonight is a nice time but tells us nothing new with regards to his Rio prospects. Lets wait for the 100 before we can make any kind or read either way.

Georgia Bohl is only 18 but has been around senior finals for the past couple of years. Long course, she’s still 1.07mid. This is a nice enough time but to put it in perspective; Hunter was also 1.04 and has been there before SCM ….. but has never threatened to break 1.07.

I’d be waiting to see how people are tracking over the LCM State Championships season before ordering in the Moet & Chandon …… or the razorblades with regards to these events.

Re the M4X100, I think I’d still prefer Abood to To. Abood at least has a record of reliable performance internationally when it comes to relays. Re Magnussen, newspaper headlines are one thing, actually delivering is another matter. Lets see what he actually does in the water first; hopefully it will be positive.

What was mildly pleasing was Chris Wright’s 200fly. Post London, he’s attempted to specialise in the 100fly without ever quite “making the grade” internationally. This event still remains very shallow in AUS so the selection door is still open for him; albeit requiring a 0,5 – 1sec PB.

Fullerton equalling her NR was pleasing given the “long time between drinks” however she does come with a disclaimer “better SC performer than LC”. Evans performance also pleasing given her time out with injury.


Nice to hear of the very good performance by Thomas Fraser Holmes in the 400m free. His 2015 was not satisfying, but hopefully he’s on a rebound. His times in the medley races have been somewhat stale, and he’s not shown much improvement in the backstroke and breaststroke legs. His best times are about 2-3 seconds slower than the times of Mr. Seto and Mr. Hagino in the 400m medley, and about the same compared with Mr. Lochte and Mr. Hagino in the 200m medley. Although easier to qualify than in the 200m and 400m free style races, his times in the medley races show that perhaps there is already too large a difference in favor of the international leaders. In any case, for quite a few years Mr. Fraser Holmes has demonstrated to be one of the most robust and reliable swimmers in the Australian team, particularly so in the 4x200m relay.


Commonwombat, about the relay while a Team of magnussen (But his form is to be know and his relays where usually subpar), Mcevoy and Chalmers + Someone else can be good, now there is the fina rule that all relay only swimmers must swim at least once.. so if you bring To, Abbord and and Dorsogna/Delaney they must swim.. at least prelims.. Or Australia must not bring anyone out of the top 4.
Imagine a team of Delaney Abbod Chalmers and To.. is it safe?

France, Russia, Brazil and Italy will probably go sub 3:14 already on prelims to make sure.. or 3:14 low.. US will probably take a safer approach and I doubt Feigen/Ervin will be part of the 4×100 free relay.

So we could say, at least 5 spots on final are guaranteed..
Japan can go sub 3:15, same for Canada and Poland.. Australia must take the race seriously.

paolo rubbiani

@gheko: thanks for correction.
@Commonwombat: I wrote “some good news for Aussie breaststroke”, not some exceptional news.
I try to read all swimming (and not-swimming) things in perspective, so I really think that today’s results, especially from Wilson and Bohl, are interesting, thus “good news” for Australian Swimming.
On the men’s side, Wilson is far the most promising prospect. He swam nicely at Worlds Junior in Singapore (particularly in the 200 breast) and today he improved a lot in the 50 breast (around 8 tenths of a second): good sign..; and if Rio2016 is going to be too early for him, the importance of counting on a promising breaststroke for the next four years, I think is a great news for Aussie national team.
On the women’s side, the aussie mixed relay has a fantastic first and fourth leg, a fairly good third (Emma McKeon may just improve as regards her performances at Worlds2015) and a clear trouble in the second leg. Today’s performance by Bohl is clearly a good news, and it isn’t unusual, particularly in the breaststroke, that a youngster has difficulties (i.e no improvements or ups and downs), for a certain period and, then, almost suddenly, improves a lot. This could be the case of Bohl.
In economics this is an option, and an option is always a positive asset, so a good news..


Rafael, methinks that AUS will play it very very conservative with “relay only” selections on the male side ….. and maybe with the W4X200.

Realistically there is nobody trustworthy beyond the quartet of Maggie, McEvoy, Chalmers & Abood. Assuming this relay DOES qualify for Rio, if this quartet doesn’t swim the heats then they won’t make the final ….. end of story.

Rafael, I was by no means being ‘prophet of doom’ but merely viewing what you classified as “good news” through the wider contenxt. With regards to Bohl, I think we’ll need to watch how she tracks leading into Trials. McKeown swam very well internationally in 2014 then started off with a decent 100 heat swim in Kazan. ……. then got progressively more “tighter and tenser” as the meet progressed.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Wilson with regards to Rio. On his World Juniors 200, he should be a candidate to better the FINA A time but the AUS QT (2.09.64) is not a realistic proposition. His 100 is a long way off being internationally competitive so he has little relay alternate utility. From what I’ve seen of him, he has a great deal of physical maturing to go so I’m not sure what way the selectors may go should he post a FINA A mark.

The AUS W4XMED most certainly have the best “bookends” of any nation but the middle legs are very uncertain. Both McKeown & McKeonE “froze” in Kazan and conceded too much ground for any anchor to close down.

At this point, the BRS leg is still more a case of “could be’s and maybe’s” rather than any clear solutions at hand. Fly is marginally better but still potentially problematic. Unless Coutts can get back to sub57s or McKeon can do so (still 0.3-4sec away), there doesn’t look to be an internationally competitive AUS around. Groves has yet to prove she can replicate domestic performance internationally. Whilst she’s not yet qualifying for “tourist class”, her 2014 and 2015 outings haven’t exactly sent out the right signals.

Sjostrom aside, the w100fly was slow this year; unlikely to be so 2 years running. McKeon’s 4th at Worlds is highly unlikely to cut it next year. Whilst a 56mid leg looks possible, we thought that was going to be a “given” in Kazan and what did we see instead ?


Hi Craig,

As far as I understand we should find the results of the last races in the world ranking section SC 2016. Is there a problem with my account / computer or is it still to be completed. Just to know. Thank you

Craig Lord

Hi Pierre, the s/c ranks 2015-16 season will be switched on tomorrow when the digital team are back in their office. With world cups l/c this year, the rankings were a bit ‘soft’ until this month and I delayed making them live until the main season kicked in – they’re certainly not soft now 🙂


Tomorrow’s menu:

W400FS: Would think it would be Ashwood but both McKeonE & Throssell have faster entry times. The question is will they start ?

W100FLY: McKeonE with by far the fastest entry time. Will be interesting to see what she swims. Other interest will be with Elmslie, Coutts and Groves

W100BACK: Will Seebohm take down Hosszu’s WR ? Wilson looks clear 2nd money. Her time and those of the other potential Olympic candidates (Hocking, Atherton, Baker) will also bear watching.

W200BRS: 30yo Hunter the clear fastest entry time. Both McKeown & Wallace had disappointing Kazans. Of the newer faces, Hansen currently has the best pedigree over this distance.

W50FS: C1 vs C2 … raffle off third

M200BACK: The other real potential WR show of the night. Whether he breaks it or not, Larkin has a massive gap on the rest.

M100BRS: This race will be interesting on a number of fronts. Firstly, how well is Packard tracking after a break-out at Worlds ? Secondly, this distance will be a far more meaningful illustration of Sprenger’s current “state of affairs”. Finally, will we see signs of progression from someone like Sucipto (a current 1.00 LCM man) ?

M200FS: Irrespective of times, which WILL be interesting in themselves, this has the potential of being a very interesting race in three. TFH’s 400 was a promising omen that he may be on the way back after a forgettable 2015; McEvoy has had an excellent year in the 100 but remains enigmatic over 200 and Smith has had some excellent performances on the World Cup circuit.

M200IM: An event with no AUS entrant in Kazan and one where the quality still remains somewhat questionable. Looks to be between James, To and Mahoney but I would be surprised to see any real internationally significant time.


Thank you Craig!


To & Bohl both have potential. To coming back from injury & focusing on the 100 Free, (already has a best of 48.5) I think he will replace Abood as our 4th swimmer. Australia still short of 6th swimmer.
Bohl is maturing nicely, not a world beater, but someone to help improve our 4X 100 med team.
Lets see how Sprenger goes today.


Blair Evans return from 2 yrs out with injury was great to see, she is training with Bud McAllister in Perth, hope she gets back to her best!


Roy, I think Cate Campbell is a pure sprinter, no chance her going the 200, even in the 100, she said if the the race was 101 metres, she would have sunk to bottom of the pool.


Cam is a 100/200m sprinter Roy!


Roy Roy Roy, McEvoy races plenty of 400s. Not even answering your silly Campbell comments of course they can swim those events. As for Wilson he is a very solid stocky build, quite short though maybe 5″9 probably not much more growing there going by how physically developed he is. I can see him breaking 60 lc next year maybe 2:10.


Roy, the new ruling with “relay only” swimmers (as against those who have already qualified for individual events) is that if they are nominated for a specific relay then they must at least swim the heats of that event. If any R/O swimmer nominated for that relay fails to swim then that relay team is disqualified.

How AUS may manage their W4X100 is that they may only nominate 2 relay only swimmers (likely to be Wright and Elmslie). C1 & C2 look to be the 2 individual 100 qualifiers and they will most likely co-opt McKeonE (likely to qualify in 200FS), Seebohm (backstroke qualifier) and potentially Wilson (backstroke qualifier).

Roy, with regards to C1 &C2 swimming other events; I am not going to venture any form opinion about the 200free other than to suggest they may treat it as a training exercise. However, with C2 and the 50back; she did swim this at the recent Singapore World Cup and put down a 28.39. Not a world beating time but one that would almost certainly make the final at AUS Nationals. It will be interesting to see if she swims it here or elsewhere.

Felix, my comment re Wilson’s “physical development’ was less with regards to his height but more with regards to physique. At World Juniors, he looked a lot less physically matured and “cut” than a number of others. Seeing as he has yet to break 1.01, I’m sceptical that he’ll go sub minute in the next 12 months …. 1.00 quite likely. A 2.10 for the 200 looks a likely progression but making the 2.09.64 AUS QT looks a major long-shot.

Rob, To has only really been sub49 over the 100 once or twice. Abood does have a record of solid performance in this relay. Its likely to be an issue of who swims well at Trials and who doesn’t ….. but then we have the eternal conundrum of me old mate Tommaso who swims the lights out domestically but melts in international competition.

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