Its Seebohm & Wilson In 5-Go-Sub-Minute Thriller; McEvoy, Fraser-Holmes Share Gold

Emily Seebohm celebrates a 14th entry in the top 20 all-time textile - all 58sec plus swim - Photo by Steve Christo - courtesy of Swimming Australia Ltd

The air over the Adelaide pool doubtless crackling with tension, World champion Emily Seebohm clawed back a first-lap deficit to Madison Wilson and prevailed 58.7 to 59.2, Minna Atherton, 15, on 52.5; and Belinda Hocking, Sian Whittaker on 59s, too, 14-year-old Kaylee McKeown on the minute

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The air over the Adelaide pool doubtless crackling with tension, World champion Emily Seebohm clawed back a first-lap deficit to Madison Wilson and prevailed 58.7 to 59.2, Minna Atherton, 15, on 52.5; and Belinda Hocking, Sian Whittaker on 59s, too, 14-year-old Kaylee McKeown on the minute


Personal Best

A fine final indeed; the men’s 200m freestyle lived up to my expectations at least.
I was hoping for impressive times from both McEvoy and TFH, and they both delivered.

It was nice to see TFH contest this again, and do well. I was expecting McEvoy to be faster given his fresh PB in the 100, but still fine on the day.


Everyone who has qualified so far has done the job, this is cut throat stuff finish one two and under the QT you are in, some say this is the toughest test


I thought horton would of been quicker, he was going 1.47 in 2013 when he was on 3.47 for 400 free.

Craig Lord

More fish to fry and a tiny touch of ‘caution’ mode, I’d imagine, keno


Georgia Bohl went 1.06.12 Craig


M100back: Larkin did what he needed to do; all the huffing from some quarters about WRs is meaningless. They happen … when they happen and they don’t hand out Olympic golds for swimming WRs at Trials. As expected, no 2nd qualifier but 2nd place man, Beaver, may get to swim this event in Rio should he place 2nd in the 200 where the QT is inside his PB.

M200free: Pleasantly surprised by TFH’s performance after his abysmal past 16 months. Hard to gain the overall read on where he and McEvoy truly stand until we see the wider pan-out of Trials season. IF this continues to be a slow event internationally then they are potential outside factors. IF we are seeing faster times, then final would be their likely ceiling. Likely relay squad: TFH, McEvoy, McKeonD, Smith (R/O) & Horton.

W100back: Similar syndrome for Seebohm to what Larkin faced. Her time is essentially on par with her time from last year’s Nats. Wilson probably went out a little too hot and paid a bit coming home but she always had Atherton covered. Credits to Hocking (4th) for swimming sub minute coming back from burns and shoulder surgery and Whittaker (5th) a debut sub minute.

W100brs: Bohl’s inexorable progress continues. Whilst predictions of 1.05 from some quarters are premature; 1.06.12 suggests that if this progress continues through Rio then she may find herself contending for a finals berth. McKeown 2nd at 1.06.68 a slight surprise given her recent injury concerns. Her 200, along with Bohl’s may be interesting.

M200fly: Miracles required, end of story

W200free: Qualification appears cut and dried. McKeonE then Barratt then dial for pizza delivery whilst waiting for the rest to arrive. Winning time most likely in the 1.55mid-high that appears to be McKeon’s range; anything better would be a pleasant surprise. Will leave comments re W4X200 until after the final.

W200IM: Coutts completely shut down the final 50 so qualification looks fairly certain. Evans & Ngawati are within a second of the QT but will have to go some.

Craig Lord

Thanks gheko, after travelling from China, via myriad translations, Japan, Australia, having an eye on Eindhoven and handling the ranks on Canadian swims, too, a 2 looks very much like a 4 🙂


Horton doesn’t seem to have fourth gear. It’s constantly third gear, which admittedly he can maintain for 1,500.

Georgia Bohl impressed me with her constant constant improvements – albeit not big – in every swims. That’s whats needed at the Olympics.

Coach Michael Bohl must be over the moon.

Dan smith

the Dutch women suddenly have a women,s 4×200 free relay. The more the merrier I guess.
Feemke heemskerk on 1:55
Marrit steenbergen on 1:57
These 2 were already known

Then 2 girls, one 18 years old and another 19 years old on 1:57. At least they have something to work with.


While she’s not swimming it here (most likely due to the clash with the 200IM), Coutts must be seen as a factor in the 4×2 given the current lack of Aussie swimmers behind McKeon and Barratt.


Maybe, Iain; whether she is actually any advance on what else is available is open to speculation. The final may tell us more, as will Coutts outings over 100free which will at least give us a read on whether her free is “on” or “off”.


Coutts, Groves, Schlanger or anyone else in the team who’s on form can swim 4×200 relays.
I’m shocked that Elmslie is not even in the final.
She still has chance for relay alternate in 100 free though


ASF, not going on her times this season which have been borne out at this meet.

The 4X100 is, perhaps, looking rather different to last year. C2 is injury compromised but it is uncertain how this will impact her top-side at this meet.

If it’s minimal then her qualification seem assured but if she’s restricted to 53.2/3 then there is potential for McKeon to spring a surprise.

Wright did drop in a sub54 at a World Cup later last year but she, too, is somewhat injury compromised. Due to this rib injury, she has ruled out the 200free so take her off the 4×200 list.

Wilson has set out a few 54low markers during the season and is clearly after a piece of this relay action but we have no times to speak of from Seebohm, Coutts.


I have a good feeling with Groves being part of the 4×200 in Rio. She swam 1:57 flat start last year, and she has shown quite significant improvement in 100 fly, so her 200 free may get an upgrade too.

Dan smith

injury compromised bronte has been fast even with the injury. she swam a very low 24 with the injury in the 50 free. Can’t remember her time range in the 100 free with the injury. I stll think she,ll get the ticket ahead of McKeon as both Campbell sisters have shown they can go sub 53 even without entering fourth gear. Remember the times cate Campbell was swimming when she had her shoulder injury?
Her sister Bronte is very similar.

Dan smith

aswimfan yes I was thinking the same about groves however I expected Brittany elmslie to be in the mix. Looks like Jessica ashwood will have a place in the 4×200 relay but she doesn’t seem to be a knock down 200 free swimmer. Whats her pb in the 200 free?
I think it,s going to be

Emma McKeon
Bronte Barrat
Madeline groves and
Jessica ashwood

Brittany elmslie could get a place in the 4×100 free relay bit I have a feeling Emily seebohm could relegate her there. The 4×100 free is likely going to be
Cate Campbell.
Bronte Campbell
Emma McKeon and
Melanie wright nee schlanger

Emily seebohm.
Brittany elmslie
Madison Wilson if she swims it

What’s up with shayna Jack. I was expecting her to be the next sprint phenom coming out of Australia.


Shayna Jack seems to be following Kukla’s path. Her body shape is also a bit “stocky” similar to Kukla.

As for Ashwood being in Rio 4×200, I don’t see it happening. Australia had to use her last year because they had to. But Ashwood seems to be in Horton’s swim pattern: no higher gear than third but can keep third gear going on and on for 400 and up. Ashwood is not going to suddenly swim 1:56.

This what I think is an ideal lineup for Australia 4×200:
Bronte Barrat – Madeline Groves – Alicia Coutts (or another in form swimmer) – Emma mcKeon


Dan, Jack has remained anchored at 54high/55s. The injury is less likely to impact C2 in the 50free where she and big sister have a virtual mortgage on qualification.

Given that selectors will be seeking to minimise “relay only” selections”, Wright would be my only such selection as I cannot see Elmslie swimming sub54 and they can co-opt others already on the team for heats.

C1 has the knack of being able to roll-out sub53s at nearly every time but C2 has not as yet attained that “regularity” with 53.3-4 being more her regular “non big meet” fare. She clearly should be favoured but the injury does add that small element of doubt which would not otherwise exist.

Ashwood is a 1.58low; the other possible co-optee is Cook who anchored the gold medal 4X200 at last years World Juniors.

ASF, I wish I could share your confidence in Groves; her international record just doesn’t give me any real grounds to do so. I sincerely hope she CAN turn that around in Rio.

Dan smith

aswimfan shayna Jack and kukla are both stocky but shayna Jack has had a growth spurt and her body changed so she changed her stroke. Also shayna Jack,s growth spurt has brought her to a height of 5,11 ( the last time I checked) last year,So she could be taller by now. Kukla is just 5,6 so they don’t have exactly the same physical parameters.

I was thinking the same about Jessica ashwood, that,s why I asked what her pb in the 200 free was. She doesn’t seem to have a fourth gear and I don’t see her swimming a 1:56. She,s like Mack Horton.

Dan smith

commonwombat yeah I forgot tamsin cook. She seems to have a stroke more suitable for the 200 than ashwood. I don’t know if that,s an accurate observation.


I agree with both of you re:Cook. She’s still young too, so hoping she’ll get that “Elmslie ca.London” moment in Rio and helped Australia to win 4×200 medal.

Personal Best

Re: the women’s 100 breast – this is the best result in Australian champs action since the days of Leisel Jones. It was only a matter of time (and hope) that an Aussie would get down to the low 1:06s in textile. I just can’t believe it took this long.

Blair Evans may be another name to throw in the mix for relay selection in the 4×200. She’s obviously in great shape, and has been low 1:57s in the 200 free (many years ago – but she’s in the bust my PBs kinda mode this year).


Yes, Evans crossed my mind but its hard to lodge a powerful case for her when she’s not swimming the freestyle events (therefore no current reference points).

With regards to the M4X200, you could also co-opt Chalmers into the squad given his recent 1.47low. Given he’s likely to qualify in either the 100 or 50, the coaches will have that freedom with him that they wouldn’t have by selecting another “relay only” other than Smith.

Personal Best

Now I will make a slight counter prediction (to CW) and say that McKeon will win in a time in the low 1:55s (maaaaaybe close to 1:54 – that’s just optimism though – mixed with observation of her current performance).

Craig Lord

That would be my instinct, too – we’ll see soon enough 🙂


Whilst I’d like to see that, she tends to be “incremental” with regards to her PBs and just because her fly has taken a significant leap forward; its doesn’t necessarily read that her free will follow suit.

IF we’re to see a PB from McKeon tonight, its more likely to be a case of her going a tic below 1.55.5; 1.55.3 would be my top-side.


Aus mens 4/200 will place higher than the over-rated 4/100.


VERY happy to be proven wrong by McKeon; that sort of time should certainly see her in/around the final in Rio.

Times behind top two, as expected, incredibly slow. Whilst a W4X200 will be fielded, it will most likely be “de-prioritised” given its likely uncompetitiveness.

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