Door Opens For Jimmy Feigen to Battle for Another World Champs Medal in 100 Free

Jimmy Feigen by Patrick B. Kraemer

With Ryan Lochte opting out of the 100 freestyle for the World Championships, Jimmy Feigen was added to the American roster, USA Swimming has announced

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With Ryan Lochte opting out of the 100 freestyle for the World Championships, Jimmy Feigen was added to the American roster, USA Swimming has announced



I think most US fans were surprised by Feigen’s difficulty qualifying for Kazan last year, are happy he’s getting a second chance, and are hoping for the best. At least now he can focus on one meet instead of swimming the individual 100 at Pan Am’s and the relay at World Champ’s.

Lochte swimming the 100 free would have been ridiculous because of the short time between the 200 IM and 100 free in the schedule! I suppose he wouldn’t have made the final anyway, so it’s a moot point.

Losing McLean from the 4×200 relay is a further blow to the US’s medal chances. Many non-US fans may not be aware that it was his anchor leg that won the Pan Pac title for us last summer. I hope his shoulder injury heals well!


This is a good news for USA men 4×100 free, not so good news for their 4×200


Without Phelps and Mclean, USA’s chances of defending their 4×200 title is minuscule, to say the least.

I think the m4x200 medals will be distributed between Australia, Russia and France in no particular order, with China, GBR or USA as a potential spoiler.

Bad Anon

The problem of having trials too far out , Phelps now Mclean off. looking at the recent Mesa grand prix, someone like Coughlin could have been an asset for the 400free relay just like she was in Barcelona and Coughlin ‘s 100back seasons best this year would have won her a bronze medal at pan pacs making the team for 100back individual medley relay etc which is such a “loss” for team US


The 4 x 200m freestyle relay promises to be one of the most interesting races in the coming World championships. It’s regrettable that the US cannot count on Mr. Phelps and Mr. Mclean. However Mr. Klueh, I believe, is not a very different swimmer from Mclean in the 200m distance. Hopefully this time Australia will be able to perform optimally, now that their quartet includes the very experienced Grant Hackett. Mr. Fraser-Holmes was not entirely in good form for the Australian Nationals, however. I also really look forward to a phenomenal performance from Japan in this race: a silver or gold medal for them would be awesome!


I don’t know if Klueh not very different than McLean, but here’s the differences:

Klueh swam only once sub 1:48 in his life, and that was 1:47.66 two years ago.
McLean swam sub 1:48 ten times, four of them sub 1:47.

Bad Anon

Klueh would have to have the race of his life on that relay to ensure USA maintain their title. Pretty much reminds me of the women’s 800free relay in Beijing which ended up in bronze after the Aussie girls really stepped up. If Aussie men, Japan, Russia really step up, USA men relay will be in serious trouble


@Bad Anon: Good analogy! I only hope the US won’t get knocked off the podium in BOTH freestyle relays! 🙁


@Danjohnrob.. That is the “bad side” of Phelps/Locthe dominance.. it seems like they were so damn good.. that a lot of people stopped focusing on 200 free, and know there is this situation.

But still can´t find out a reason WHY US got so weak on overall freestyle, specially sprints.. We hear a lot of the new guys coming.. but they turn 18 19 20 21 and they are still the “next big thing”.


It is curious with regards to the current American men freestyle, especially their sprint.
You would think that the NCAA system with huge huge emphasis on sprint (4×50 relays, SCY formats that should sharpen start and streamline) would have produced endless supply of great sprinters and freestylers in general.
On the other hand, there’s an argument that since they practice too much for SCY, they’re not doing too well in LCM when they’re still swimming college.


@Rafael and aswimfan:
My theory on why we’re not seeing more sprint freestylers in the US is the current emphasis on the SECOND fastest stroke: underwater dolphin kicking! If you become great at that you are King of the NCAA in freestyle IN SHORT COURSE (not to mention backstroke, butterfly and IM). However, I don’t think it helps freestylers AS MUCH in long course. Before Phelps and Lochte the emphasis in NCAA, as you both astutely suggested, was on sprint freestyle like you see in Brazil and France, who look like they might beat us in the 4×100 in Kazan. Of note, neither Feigen or Adrian are particularly good at underwaters, which may be why they are the only competitive young 100 sprinters from the US right now.


By the way, I left Australia out on purpose because I think their program is more well-rounded. If anything they seem to target middle-distance freestyle, which then creates athletes like Mcoy and Magnussen who finish their 100 free great as well as Horton who can do the longer distances so well. I would call that the “Thackett Effect”, and the emphasis on underwaters in the US the “Phlochte Ephect”! 😉



Thanks for the answer.. but what about Long Distance? I would also put some blame on NCAA.. On Longer distance SCY hurts a lot because it is totally different a 1650 to a 1500 free… While Jaeger and Mcbroom were focusing on turns and underwater to be good for NCAA and then try to translate if for LCM guys like Horton and Paltrinieri just passed right through them on World Stage.


@Rafael: I would say you’ve got it right! So much SC racing in the NCAA helps the US men in many races, but the 1500 isn’t generally one of them. I would suggest the situation for our women (Evans, Bennett, Ziegler, Ledecky) is different because women distance swimmers hit the international level BEFORE college, while with the men it’s usually much later.


It’s May in a non-Olympic year: time to discuss why the US is “in trouble”. Guys: we haven’t even seen one taper meet yet for the US, let’s give it some time here.

The SCY format of the NCAA is completely ridiculous at this point. I swam Div III (small colleges that don’t offer athletic scholarships, for those not from the states) and even in that hardly world class environment, each and every team we swam against had a 50M indoor pool. There are local high schools around here with 50M pools. My town (in the cold northern climes) has two 50M public pools. There are plenty of facilities. NCAA track moved to meters in 1975, USS meets in the summer are all LCM. Imagine the NCAA conveyor belt featuring swimmers who had grown up, trained and raced LCM exclusively. Yikes.


“Imagine the NCAA conveyor belt featuring swimmers who had grown up, trained and raced LCM exclusively. Yikes.”

Yikes indeed. I am sure the rest of the world prays that NCAA continues to be in SCY for eternity.


Because lately on NCAA on freestyle sprint we have seem that the guys who trained exclusively SCY went very well against guys who never swam SCY before College…


it seems like they were so damn good.. that a lot of people stopped focusing on 200 free, and know there is this situation.


IMO, Ricky Berens and Peter Vanderkay were really excellent middle distance guys who often got overlooked by were frequently keys to relay glory. With VDK, the USA was able to knock off the Thorpe-Hackett 1-2 punch in 2004, and VDK also won individual bronze and relay gold for his 200 efforts in 2008.

Berens was a pretty reliable 1:45-1:46 relay split for them in recent years as well.

With those two gone, even with Phelps and Lochte fully fit, the Americans need the 3-5 guys in the event to step it up.

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