Digital Dolphins: Watch Aussie Nationals Live On Your Phone But Not On Your Telly

Cameron McEvoy by Patrick B. Kraemer

Selecting the 2015 world-titles Dolphins shoal is going digital, Network Ten’s tenplay set to bring the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships to every phone and tablet, i and otherwise, that wants it – psyche sheets are set … needs to know links and schedule

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Selecting the 2015 world-titles Dolphins shoal is going digital, Network Ten’s tenplay set to bring the Hancock Prospecting Australian Swimming Championships to every phone and tablet, i and otherwise, that wants it – psyche sheets are set … needs to know links and schedule


Colin Reid

Is this available outside Australia?

Viva la Bang

Obviously Gina was not happy with the money from ten to televise them live, as if she needs it!

Craig Lord

Colin, I think not – but I have asked them to clarify. Much of their content is visible but not playable beyond AUS



That’s how you get rich, you don’t give away anything for free!


You can try to circumvent the country restriction by turning on one of those VPN tunnel services and set the location to Australia.
That’s what I normally do, and that’s how I get to subscribe to and watch Netflix, despite not available in my country.

Personal Best

It might make sense… might… as the champs are held over the Easter long weekend, and running through the beginning of the school holidays.
A lot of families are typically away from home at this time.

Not a high ratings period, so perhaps this makes it accessible to people not stuck at home watching their TVs.

I’m not sure that’s the reasoning behind it, but it does help make it more accessible (more accessible even, had it also been shown on TV at the same time, but oh well).


The gobsmacking fact is Ten initially agreed to a $25m contract for 8 years to broadcast swimming. The contract has since changed (Ten ownership change meant they were able to renegotiate). But Ten paid a motza for it, it was a great deal for swimming until Ten decided to put it on the digital only channel of ONE HD before most Aust homes were switched across from analog. So they cut their audience, nobody knew where to find it, they never promoted it properly on the main channel and voila ratings nose-dived. Now ONE HD can’t even be bothered screening it live, putting it on 3 HOUR DELAY. Shows such as Gold Coast Cops and other ridiculous reality program re-runs are taking priority. Perhaps Ten is hoping the crowd/athletes go home to watch the replay. Sad really, the athletes deserve much better. People will blame the media saying we constantly write negative about swimming so no wonder everyone turns off – I challenge them to do some research on the sheer volume of positive stories about athletes v the negative ones.

Craig Lord

Thanks Todd for that much welcome clarification and to Aussie media colleagues who note that the 8-year deal ends after Olympic trials next year (so hopefully SAL will negotiate a better deal). On your last point, no question, the media database leaves no doubt – the positive stories on hard-working athletes, coaches and their achievements far outweigh coverage of the nonsense that unfolds off the back of poor management, governance and decision-making by some on the periphery of swimmers’ lives.

Robert Traynor

I hate watching anything on a computer. Nothing beats a telecast on an actual television.

Clearly Oz swimming’s cachet, in the eyes of the home-based media, has slipped and fallen off the diving board. But it’s Channel Ten that deserves a zero for this sloppy effort.

Robert Traynor

Just had a look at the electronic TV guide on my television, and the swimming will be broadcast, albeit in delay, on Channel One in the evening at 9:30 this Friday. You beauty!

Robert Traynor


I now see that mention was made of the event being telecast in the body of the article.

Memo to self: read, don’t skim!


Another decision that’s come back to bite Swimming Australia right smack bang in it’s hindquarters. Ten’s financial situation is precarious enough that if another buyer cannot be persuaded to sink in a goodly sum of $$$, the network may well go under. Mind you, swimming isn’t the only major Olympic sport to be bitten on the rear end with poor choice of rights ownership. Road cycling coverage of Road Nats & Tour Down Under (a UCI World Tour race) had long been with the public broadcaster SBS (which still shows major intl races like Tour De France) but were outbid by Nine network who immediately shunted coverage to their 2nd string Gem channel.

Whilst they are, undoubtedly, thankful for the major $$$ infusion from Madame Rinehart-Hancock; this may still not prove a smooth or trouble-free relationship. Outside her core mining interests, she has proved a problematic figure with her investments in other businesses. SA may find themselves having to engage in extensive “kissing _ss” to keep her & her $$$ onside.

Lawrie Cox

That last para has had me in stitches thinking of the current SAL board members on their knees performing to keep this arrangement in place. Couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people in my view.
Todd is right that there are far more positive articles than negative but i suggest there be some more in depth questioning rather than just repeating the release as issued. You might find some real problem stories exist rather than the fluff and spin.

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