Canadian Trials End With Hilary Caldwell Back on 2:07.96 & Ryan Cochrane on Hunt

Ryan Cochrane - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Hilary Caldwell moved to No. 4 in the world in the 200 backstroke with a mark of 2:07.96 as the Canadian Olympic Trials came to a close.

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Hilary Caldwell moved to No. 4 in the world in the 200 backstroke with a mark of 2:07.96 as the Canadian Olympic Trials came to a close.



If the report of Ruck injury is true and if her crazy certified insane schedule in the trials actually impeded her to swim her best, we can expect Ruck to split at least 53mid and 1:57flat in 4×100 and 4×200 in Rio, if she doesn’t improve from last year. But if she improves, then 53low and 1:56 splits are possible.

If that is the case, Oleksiak-Ruck-Van Landeghem-Williams/Mainville will be dangerous for silver.


I meant dangerous for 4×100 silver.


Silver only? Jeje


Please don’t let Commonwombat know about this. He’ll make me say Canadians for gold favorites and Australians for outside medal threat at best.

Stefano Morini

clarification: Gabriele Detti 21 years
born 29 agosto 1994
in the 1500 season standings add Henrik Christiansen 1996 14.53.77 swim open STOCKHOLM 30 march 2016


On what grounds would I make them favourites, do pray tell ? In the future, the likes of Oleksiek/Ruck may perform miracles put as yet CAN hasn’t even got a proven sub53.

Barring the (admittedly fragile) C1 & C2 being taken out by illness or injury; they are a double strike force no other team can match. If we have a raft of 53s from the support cast at AUS Trials then it looks solid.

NED still looks 2nd money. Heemskerk may not be in the form of last year but Ranomi looks ominously on the job.

Realistically its a rugby scrum for 3rd money. USA has a raft of 53mid high but no regular sub53 split. IF they suddenly find a couple then they potentially threaten NED for 2nd. Otherwise CAN & SWE are scorching their tailfeathers.

Dan smith

I don’t see any team touching Australia in the w4x100 relay. Brittany elmslie seems to be back on business.
The Campbell sisters, McKeon and elmslie are in their own universe.
And McKeon can go sub 53.

The battle for silver, Canada, the Dutch and the US
sweden don’t have the depth.


I agree with Dan Smith.

Sweden won’t be a factor in medal threats. After Sjostrom and Coleman it’s a huge cliff and drop off.


I am sure that AUS, barring things such as illness and injury – will have the gold wrapped up. Regardless of whether C2 is injured or not.

That is what happens when you have depth. But lets also remember that relays bring out the best and worst in people.
2011: Femke anchoring 52.4
2013: USA beats a team of C1, C2, Emma and Coutts – Megan Romano dropping 52.6 as the anchor
2015: Femke and C2 dropping 51’s.

Dont write off Sweden just yet. Michelle Coleman was 53.5 this morning in AUS,

They too only need 1 more player, as they turn to Sarah and Louise Hansson for their relay. LH was 53.8 in Kazan.


LH’s Kazan split was practically a huge PB. She needs to swim another huge PB for Sweden to be in medal conversation.
I think bronze will be won in 3:33 high. Sweden was 3:35 high. This means Coleman will have to swim 1 second faster (realistic, even if it’s another PB) AND LH or Ida Marko Varga/Kuras to make another one second drop.

Possible, although unlikely.
You see, if I created this extremely optimistic scenario for commonwombat, he would think I am out my mind 🙂


You see, if I created this extremely optimistic scenario for Australian swimmers, commonwombat would think I am out my mind 🙂



Feel confident in Sweden, there is just something about smaller nationals. Underdog syndrome. I would love to see it. Don’t get me wrong, i do not think that they are medal contenders on paper, all I believe is that they have the potential to be in the mix.

Dan smith

Aswimfan let be create my own absurd optimistic scenario for commonwombat,s amusement.

Is Cameron McEvoy swimming the 100 fly at the trials?

If so I predict a (50.80-51.21) 100 fly for him?



I share your sentiment regarding smaller nations. If they have one or two very fast swimmers and if all their swimmers hit it big, they can surprise everyone. Case in point: South Africa men 4×100 free in 2004 Athens and Sweden’s women 4×100 medley in 2015 Kazan.

But the problem with smaller nations are that they often lacking depth. So when one of their swimmers underperform or just misfire, they’ll lose. It’s boom or bust for these smaller nations. That’s why in 2012 before the Olympics I had predicted in another swim website speedendurance, that Australia would win the women 4×100 free instead of the Netherlands, which was the pick of most people and experts.

The thing with Sweden’s free relays is that they are so uneven. There is a huge gap between Sjostrom/Coleman with the third and fourth swimmers.

Yes, it is possible that Sweden can win medal, but right now based on latest results I have to rank Canada, USA and The Netherlands ahead of Sweden. I think the added best times of Chinese sprinters is also faster than Sweden, that’s why I mentioned China as well.


Au contraire, Dan. I ‘d merely be politely enquiring as to where you procured such a high grade strain of “weed” … or whether, perchance, whether all your recent meals have been liquid ones ? LOL

Dan smith

Have faith commonwombat.

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