Campbell Sisters Sizzle As Australia Defends Crown In 400 Free Relay With WR 3:30.65

Bronte Campbell, Cate Campbell, Brittany Elmslie and Emma McKeon - WR for Australia - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Bronte Campbell and Cate Campbell, the Sisters of Speed, Carried Australia to another Olympic title and world record in the 400 freestyle relay.

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Bronte Campbell and Cate Campbell, the Sisters of Speed, Carried Australia to another Olympic title and world record in the 400 freestyle relay.



Not a bad time to be a Canadian – I predict a strong meet for their team spearheaded by 16 year old Oleksiak. 56.7 and 52.6(?) in the same session at her first Olympic Games.

The race itself going to the form book. As an insight into what may come later in the week, it appears the Campbell’s are both arriving on form and both look dead set to climb the podium in the individual.

Sjostroem not as impressive… focus perhaps on her own dead set in the butterfly.


I think it was you who coined the term C1 and C2, and now even Canadian commentators use the term! 🙂


as per Craig’s usuals words, the complete term is “sizzling sisters of speed” 🙂


Speaking about USA girls, they did tremendous job, and the coaches too.
That was the absolute best they could have done. Every single one of Manuel/Weitzeil/Vollmer/Ledecky did their best.
They just had to contend with the might of Aussie sprinters, who admittedly didn’t even swim their best. If the Aussie girls had done their best swims, they should have swum at least 1.5 seconds faster.

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, but i think Weir/Manuel/Weitzeil/Ledecky better choice.
Two races in evening too much for Vollmer.


But Vollmer’s split of 53.10 is at least as fast as Weir’s 53.60 flat start. Using Weir’s instead of Vollmer wouldn’t have made USA relay gone any faster.

Eugene Chc

aswimfan, it also about Vollmer 100 fly, It can cost medal.

in next years theoretical best relay Franklin/Manuel/Weitzeil/Ledecky, but for Franklin Rio can be last big meet.


Why would it affect Vollmer’s 100 fly? The final is still tomorrow.
Also, in the 4×100 final there were several other 100 fly girls:
Mckeon, Oleksiak, Sjostrom and Ikee.

There was also no guarantee that Weir would have been able to repeat her 53.6 swim, eg. Ledecky went a tenth slower in the final. In hindsight, I think the coaches’ decision was vindicated.

If that doesn’t convince you, Vollmer now has already won an Olympics silver medal. Not swimming in 4×100 final is not a guarantee she will medal tomorrow, anyway.


ASF, NBC were actually using my little shorthand in their swimmer bios on their Olympic website. I really should start claiming my royalties !!LOL

Actually, the genesis for that shorthand actually goes back to AFL. A relative of mine played for Collingwood in the AFL (and his surname started with C) and it came to pass that over a 4 year period, his 3 sons were signed by the club under the father-son rule. On fan sites, the boys were inevitably shortened to C1, C2 & C3.

The Americans basically swam to what is their current “ceiling” for this squad and deserve all due commendation. Manuel swam 0.2 better than her Trials time & Weitzell’s split was essentially on part with hers.

AUS didn’t swim to their optimum capacity ….. but that wasn’t required for them to win comfortably. AUS’ no3 (McKeon) essentially negated USA’s no2 (Manuel). Their weakest link (Elsmlie) still swam the equivalent of sub54 flat and only gave up 0.5sec to USA’s gun (Weitzell). That was never going to be enough to combat C1 & C2

Jay Jenkins

The last green quote is Dana’s not Katie’s


As for other split times, the 4th place of the Netherlands was certainly not due to Kromowidjojo: her 52.20 was in the range of C2, and faster than Sjostrom, so it seems silver and bronze are not yet decided. Heemskerk has rather abandoned the 100 for some years now, and was the negative difference with Canada. This for me also means she is out of the 200m contenders, if she ever was really in.

kevin roose

Job done by the Aussies gold medal and world record as predicted……Mckeon, Elmslie, Bronte to Cate order also predicted……
Its not easy when the win is expected can bring extra pressure particulary on the world stage …

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