Cameron McEvoy 48.0 Defends; Magnussen 48.1; D’Orsogna 48.5; Chalmers, 16, 48.6

Same Order as last year, Cameron McEvoy, the champion, left, with james Magnussen - courtesy of Swimming Australia

Day 5 at Australian nationals in Sydney and Cameron McEvoy has done it again: having upset World Champion James Magnussen by taking the Australian 100m freestyle crown a year ago, the 20-year-old star-gazer, sped to the helm of the season world rankings with a 48.06 to keep his crown ahead of Magnussen’s 48.18; Tommaso D’Orsogna 48.54; Kyle Chalmers, 16, 48.69

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Day 5 at Australian nationals in Sydney and Cameron McEvoy has done it again: having upset World Champion James Magnussen by taking the Australian 100m freestyle crown a year ago, the 20-year-old star-gazer, sped to the helm of the season world rankings with a 48.06 to keep his crown ahead of Magnussen’s 48.18; Tommaso D’Orsogna 48.54; Kyle Chalmers, 16, 48.69



This kid is crazy. So he made the team with this swim for the 4×100 free relay, is that right? How does his stroke look like? Is there any recent video of him?


Amazing performance by Chalmers – how low can he go this summer?

I have to say that I am disappointed with Mag’s time. First year in a very long time that he hasn’t been able to break 48 seconds. Also, his splits seem to show pacing that is not what Mag is known for – closing half speed. Not being able to break 25s on the return lap is not encouraging given that he should be tapered and shaved for this meet.


I am with you hkswimmer. Perhaps Mags needs more time to make his new training regime work. But I would not bet any money on him matching his 47,10 from 2012.

Concerning Kyle Chalmers. After this performance I would expect him to focus only on swimming but I do not have any inside info. Anyone with more details on this? Does he still split his training between swimming and football?


Either there has been a decision to change his traditional ‘closing speed’ race strategy … or he’s been panicked into it. International observers will probably look at McEvoy & Magnussen performances and say ‘very respectable’ but certainly not sending tremors down the spine of their peak competition.

Looking relay-wise; and looking past the initial ‘ain’t that wonderful’ re Chalmers and it’s actually looking distinctly brittle. Your two guns, McEvoy & Magnussen, have very erratic relay form-lines internationally. D’Orsogna may’ve swam 48mid here but his 2014 relay efforts were mediocre at best …. and Chalmers will be a national team rookie. No one else was sub49 and the alternates were swimming 49.3 … bit of a fall away.


A 16 yo swimming 48.6 is just….. Obscene


Tommy Fraser-Holmes is not showing his spark at this meet. Wondering if something is wrong? Magnussen needs to sit down with Jacco to work out how to progress from here.


The results of the men 200m medley are somewhat alarming. Maybe it’s too short a time for Mr. Tranter’s training in the US to yield improved results. And Mr. Fraser-Holmes seems a bit off in this meeting. I’m still hoping that he’ll be sub 4:10 in the 400m medley. While the times were not sub-48 in the 100m freestyle, with Mr. Chalmers’ on the team the Australian 4x100m quartet seems as solid as France. Consistency, however, might be a challenge for them. Disappointing performance of Mr. Abood.


Looking beyond M100FS.

Larkin looks v good; will be interesting to see if he can drop below 1.55. Beaver the only other possible 200BK qualifier.

McKeown looks like a comfortable qualifier. Wallace some chance of 2nd spot; Foster – dicey.

Zero chance of a M200BRS qualifier.

Fraser- Holmes continues to look well “off his game”. Which will prove the “aberration; his 2014 or his 2015 ? 400IM his “last chance saloon” for an individual swim.

In contrast to the M4x100; Jaco may be raising and savouring a Heineken (or an Amstel Gold) looking at the W100FS times. Five sub 53.75s in semis and Wilson scaring the life out of 54 flat is relay depth that will NOT be good news to those nations hoping to cut AUS current gap in 4X100. Will be interesting to see (1) whether C1&2 push each other well under 53secor race against each other and NOT swim as fast as hoped; (2) will Wilson drop below 54sec and/or will any of the others drop below 53mid.

Personal Best

The highlight definitely the women’s 100 free.

I believe this is the first time Elmslie has been 53 secs. A pb by around 0.3 and not a huge surprise given her progress in the 200 free and 100 fly this year.

After what Wilson did in the 100 back again I wasn’t really surprised she knocked time off her 100 free… but by that margin? Very impressive.

I think McKeon might have been reserving some for the final but the battle will be between Wright and Elmslie for spot 4… however the top 6 all likely to gain selection. Wilson and Seebohm already on the team anyway, and acting as alternates (nice to see Seebohm dip below 54.5 again).

Personal Best

Actually, it’s difficult to discount the women’s 200 fly or Seebohm’s record swim… the 200 fly result very welcome given Australia’s history in the event; and a long time coming.

Groves and Throssell are two huge talents who are getting better in their events.


Definitely some good points made above. Extremely impressed with the women’s 100fr – just looking forward to seeing what happens in the final tomorrow.

Dan Tranter – he seems to be enjoying his time training in the US, but it is worrying that Bob Bowman’s group once again (reminiscent of Agnel, Dwyer, Mellouli, Luchsinger etc.) have produced less than stellar times. Of course MP and Schmitty did well in yards recently but as a whole NBAC seems to be troubled. Any thoughts/news on this in general from anyone?

Fraser-Holmes – must be a disappointing meet for him so far. Hopefully he makes it in the 400IM, but in that event unless he drops a 4:08 he’s not going to be competitive internationally. I’m not sure whether it’s him or his training regime, because Hackett definitely seems to be thriving back with Denis Cotterell.

With nothing special in either the mens 100fr or 200fr, I’m going to call it now, medals for the 200fr will be between Agnel, Hagino and Sun (if he’s back) in the summer, in that order.


4 guys swimming sub 48.70 in the 100 free !! The oldest in the quartet is 24 and the youngest a 16 year old kid! That’s a reason to get excited. Never been one to look back just forward otherwise most swimmers would have given up long ago! Give them a break Wombat rather than speculating about their downfall in Kazan.


Groves’ PB IS very creditable and deserving of congratulations. However, she is yet to replicate excellent domestic form in international competition so there remains an element of “the jury’s still out”. She certainly WON’T be able to get away with the heats and semis swims she served up here. Nice to see a 2nd qualifier in Throssell but there shouldn’t be any real expectations heading her way.


I wouldn’t blame NBAC for Tranter he basically retired and has only done a couple of months of work. He had a massive pb in the 100 breast.

Men’s 100 free there are a number of young guys outside of Chalmers in the 49 -50 range would be great if one or two of those stepped up next year into the 48 range. By the way what happened to James Roberts? Retired?

I think Matt Wilson 200 breast is very impressive he has shown he takes chunks of time off in the “big meets” he has attended in the past 2 years (Japan junior champs in 2013 and junior pan pacs 2014). Hopefully a 2:12 tomorrow and then a 2:10/11 at junior worlds. Given his improvement curve I believe he will be on the Olympic team next year and sub 2:10


What happened with James Roberts?? He swam sub 48’s several years ago.

Craig Lord

Steven, he was diagnosed with a serious back problem last year:


Alice will no doubt hate me raising this but most of this 100 field will be fronting up Wed/Thurs over 50FS facing a QT of 21.74. On form of 2014 & 2015; Magnussen & McEvoy will really have to “go some” to make/break that time. Everyone else is, essentially, 22 plus. Re Chalmers, he’ll need to drop the best part of a second which is certainly possible … but I wouldn’t be betting ye olde family homestead on it ! Qualification looks far from a “done deal”; one hopes at least someone can meet the challenge.


A lot of criticism in recent times of Australians producing better times in the national championships then the int’l meets, maybe for some a change of tactics. Don’t peak in the nationals.

Viva la Bang

They took the eight fastest time from the 2013 worlds as the AUS qualifying time, so they have to peak here to get on the team, The men’s 200m breast time is 2.10, looking less than certain, semis won in 2.13!


If the team is soooo small, I think they may choose the event winners despite not swimming the qualifying time .. Otherwise we will just have a bunch of relay swimmers in our team for Kazan because the national titleholdera don’t meet the qualifying standards..

Viva la Bang

That’s true, but they obviously want finalists, which is good in one way but there are youngsters out there who would benefit from the experience, who may have just missed the qualifying time, and there are no guarantees that these people will go faster in Russia.


The qualification times are arbitrarily too hard now for Australia, as the rest of the world (especially Europe and Asia) have lifted their game in the last 10 years. These hard qualification times are distorting the racing year, and forcing the swimmers to peak for the nationals, and then causing them to understandably relax a bit towards the main events.


torchbearer, maybe relax is not the right word, running out steam/momentum?


The crazy thing is you have other countries who have qualified swimmers into their Worlds team who have swum much slower times than the Aussies, and yet they booked a plane ticket to Kazan…


Run out of steam is a good way to put it…


I’ve had the thought that maybe in the past couple of years magnussen has gotten to big and dense to be a back half 100 freestyler as he’s really gotten into the age where men fill out. Maybe he’s just not as effective for this reason, easy speed might be off or something just a thought. I think he looks more like a 50 swimmer than anything, I would say the same about Nathan Adrian as well, since London he looks a lot more muscular and his hundred has been off as well

Craig Lord

Maybe, sprintsw’mr but the times on the dash don’t match that thought and don’t add up to Manaudou, at least not so far…


True, its just when I think back half 100 freestyler I think Phelps and van den hoogenband who were built so different from magnussen, who at one point thought he could even contend in a 200 free with the best. Just a theory but I don’t think his speed is as easy anymore.


Speaking of back half 100 FS swimmers, the kid Chalmers has it in spades. In all his races he was easily the fastest in the second 50. That is something when you consider McEvoy was in there who is a world class 200 swimmer.


Very disappointed with Magnussen’s swim. His last 50 being >25s is bad for his standard. I think he rushed it (22.6). he must have forgotten how to swim the way he used to. He should look at PvdH because that’s how he used to swim. He’s no longer dominant and i doubt he will get back to where he was….sorry for being pessimistic.


Love it when someone wipes the smug grin from Magnussen’s dial. Well done Cameron”the professor” McEvoy for doing just that in the final of the blue riband 100m free last nite. I tipped him to once again come over the top of the Missile. McEvoy is now making a habit of this. Will do it in the worlds too.


Without seeing who the USA put up against us in Kazan. I am tipping the Aussie men to be the team to beat in the 100m free relay. I am also tipping new sentation Kyle Chalmers to be part of the squad and for “the professor” to anchor the team.

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