Cameron McEvoy Follows 47.5 With 1:46.7 In 200 & 21.7 Career Best Dash At Super Series

Cameron McEvoy - by Patrick B. Kraemer

Aquatic Super Series, Perth, Day 2: Hosts Australia set the pace on the first day at the three nation meet with China and Japan, the highlight of the day a 47.56 from Cameron McEvoy in the 100m freestyle. He started day 2 with a 1:46.71 win in the 200m free

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Aquatic Super Series, Perth, Day 2: Hosts Australia set the pace on the first day at the three nation meet with China and Japan, the highlight of the day a 47.56 from Cameron McEvoy in the 100m freestyle. He started day 2 with a 1:46.71 win in the 200m free



McEvoy is now faster than Hoogie in both 50 and 100.
Next is 200.

And I didn’t know mcKeon has 2:07 200 fly in her.


Craig, whilst I don’t know the reason for McMaster’s DQ but I think you’ve misread her entry time of 4.37.56 as what she swam. Her actual time was a 4.41. Shimizu had a deadly back half and it was essentially all over at 300 with a 3sec lead.

McKeonE 200fly time a distinct surprise. Her fast start at one point had me thinking that she may’ve been targeting a quick 100 time. It will be interesting to see whether she does swim this at Trials/seek selection in this event.

Horton incrementally quicker at this meet over both 400 & 1500 than at Vic titles. AUS QT of 12.57.82 should be achievable but neither is it a “gimme”.

Kaneto’s W200BRS probably the female swim of the meet. Bohl incrementally quicker than at Vics. Still 1.5sec from AUS QT but it looks achievable.

How to read McEvoy at this meet ? It has been thought that he was a 100/200 man rather than 50/100. This 21.73 blows somewhat of a hole in that one. Whilst he’s still some way from the very sharpest end of this event, he’s certainly got the AUS QT of 22.02 covered. 200 …. still somewhat of an enigma.

It would be interesting to ask whether Seebohm & her coach have been working primarily on her back end of races after watching her at this meet. 59dead “in work” is pretty damned scary in any case. Everyone else bar Wilson was completely burned off on the back 50.

Going on his Vic titles AND this meet, Larkin was considerably slower today to 150 but finished considerably quicker. Whether this is indicative of “work” or some tinkering with pacings is unknown.

C1’s 100 essentially on par with Sjostrom’s recent swim at Austin; C2 an excellent “in season” time. Ashwood over 2sec quicker than her time at Vic and only a tickle outside the AUS QT of 4.05.76.

Li would be pleased with a sub52 100fly; less said of AUS contributions the better. Packard looking distinctly better than his abortive Vics outings but as yet lacking staying power getting home against Koseki & Yan Zibei.

In the splash & giggle 4x50s, AUS A men were left considerable work to do due to sluggish efforts from Magnussen & Delaney (hopefully writing his own ticket out of selection) before Mahoney put them on terms for McEvoy to ice it.

AUS A women were marginally quicker this year than in 2015. Was never a race after Bohl blew it open on 2nd leg. AUS B taken from 4th to 2nd by C2.


Both Emma McKeon (24.67) and Cate Campbell (23.77) splits in the w4x50medley are very fast.

Australia doesn’t need mckeon to swim 200 fly, as I doubt she’ll be good enough to medal, but Australia definitely need her to swim super fast in all three relays, which are all strong medal potentials.


Would tend to agree with you re 200FLY & McKeonE. Whilst the path to selection IS open in that event; the medals will be 2.05 minimum and I doubt she’s going to be anywhere near that country.

With due respect, its the 100fly where they really want her times to “head south” in a significant way. I’m still somewhat sceptical of the W4X200 at this point; whilst McKeonE & Barratt have looked good so far you would probably need to send out a search party to locate any others.

The W4X50 showing was heartening in that Bohl showed very well in her maiden international relay showing and McKeon looked good. C1 &C2 …… were their customary selves. If the latter has been operating under some injury cloud, then it currently seems to be no major impairment.


Mcevoy is in great form even though I still hold strong doubts about his ability to swim 200m.

I think it speaks wonder’s of how amazing and consistent c1 and seebohm are, that they can be dropping 53 and 59s swims untapered and I’m almost disappointed because I’m so used to them swimming 52s and 58s

Craig Lord

Thanks CW. No info from meet or on result sheet (in days of yore the DQ was explained on the result sheet but then swimming is a sport travelling backwards in the realms of organisation… )


Agree Anon, 53.0 and 59.0 would win trials at most other country’s by a wide margin, scary to think that these swims are training swims!


Minna Atherton swam a 27.49 50 back today after 27.73 prelim at a local meet today in Brisbane. Both bettered the current world junior record.

The 100 back at trials seems like it could be a 3 way tussle with high chance all are under 59 secs.


The W100back at AUS Trials certainly does have the makings of a very interesting battle. Atherton’s PB of 59.37 still has a way to go before breaking 59sec but that is certainly NOT out of the question at Trials.

Atherton is probably quite unfortunate with her nationality at this point as she would almost certainly qualify in this event for almost every other nation in the world but she’s up against nos 1 & 2 in the world.

Furthermore, both Seebohm & Wilson are looking in similar form to 2015 and she will need to pull out something extraordinary to get past either one.

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